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Israeli Fighter Jets Deployed in S. Arabia to Prevent Coup

June 22nd, 2017


FARS NEWS – 18 Israeli fighter jets along with two Gulfstream aircraft landed in Saudi Arabia on Thursday to prevent any hostile or military moves by former Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz who was replaced with Saudi King Salman’s son. CONTINUE READING

US Gov’t Proves Love for ISIS as Bill to ‘Stop Arming Terrorists’ Gets Only 13 Supporters

June 22nd, 2017

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THE FREE THOUGHT PROJECT – Nearly 5 months since its introduction, only 13 of the 535 members of Congress have signed on as co-sponsors. What this lack of support for the bill shows is that the federal government is addicted to funding terror and has no intention of ever stopping it. To add insult to treason and murder, Senator Rand Paul [R-KY] introduced this same legislation in the Senate. He currently has zero cosponsors. CONTINUE READING

How Greece Became A Guinea Pig For A Cashless And Controlled Society

June 22nd, 2017

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MINT PRESS – Greece is being used as a guinea pig not just for a grand neoliberal experiment in both austerity, but de-cashing as well. The examples are many, and they have found fertile ground in a country whose populace remains shell-shocked by eight years of economic depression. A new law that came into effect on January 1 incentivizes going cashless by setting a minimum threshold of spending at least 10 percent of one’s income via credit, debit, or prepaid card in order to attain a somewhat higher tax-free threshold. CONTINUE READING

UN appoints Russian diplomat Vladimir Voronkov as first UN Counterterrorism Chief

June 22nd, 2017


RT – Voronkov “will provide strategic leadership to UN counterterrorism efforts, participate in the decision-making process of the UN and ensure that the cross-cutting origins and impact of terrorism are reflected in [its] work,” Guterres’ deputy spokesman Farhan Haq said while announcing the appointment. CONTINUE READING

Germany to Send Fighter Jets to Train in Israel – ‘It’s an emotional event’

June 22nd, 2017


HAARETZ – Representatives of a number of foreign air forces met in recent days at the Ovda Airbase in southern Israel as part of the planning for the biennial Blue Flag exercise, which will be held in November. Almost 70 foreign planes from nine countries, along with hundreds of pilots, will take part. This is the first time such a large number of foreign planes and air forces will participate in a training exercise in Israel.

Germany, one of the participating countries, will for the first time send fighter jets to the exercise, alongside an aerial refueling plane, pilots and senior officials from its army and air force.

The Israel Air Force is aware of the historical significance of German military aircraft visiting Israel. “They are coming to Ovda to train with us and learn from us,” a senior air force officer told Haaretz. “When a German combat aircraft and refueling plane arrive, it is an emotional event.”

In addition to Germany, India will send combat planes, France will send its Rafale fighter aircraft, and Greece, Italy, Poland and the United States will also participate by sending planes and crews.

The demand to take part in the exercise was so great that the air force had to limit the number of foreign planes participating because of a lack of space on the base, according to a senior air force officer.

As part of the exercise, foreign crews will practice handling the threat of advanced surface-to-air antiaircraft missiles, with the Israel Air Force’s so-called Red Squadron playing the role of the enemy. The exercise will include flights in formation with planes from different countries, with no countries opposing each other, said the senior officer.

Haaretz has previously reported that the air force will outsource the management of the exercise to a private company, and the same company may also help run similar exercises in the future as well.

Israel and Germany enjoy close security cooperation ties, including joint exercises and visits by senior officers and officials. In 2015, the German Army conducted joint exercises at the Tze’elim base with the IDF as part of its urban warfare training. More than 100 German soldiers with five heavy military vehicles came for the training, which was the largest joint exercise between the two militaries so far.
Germany has provided financial aid for Israeli military procurement, and helped finance the new Sa’ar 6 missile corvettes to protect Israel’s offshore gas fields, which will be purchased from the German firm ThyssenKrupp. Israel has also bought advanced submarines with German aid. These purchases are being investigated by the Israel Police over allegations of possible corruption in the procurement process.

Germany has also decided to lease the Israeli remotely piloted Heron TP vehicles (known locally as the Eitan) from the Israel Aerospace Industries. On Wednesday, however, the German parliament’s budget committee postponed a decision on a 1-billion-euro ($1.11 billion) funding package for the military, including the deal to lease the Israeli-made armed drones, sources told Reuters. 

Some lawmakers from the center-left Social Democratic Party have reservations about leasing Heron TP drones from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) which can be armed and used to protect soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Mali. 

The higher court in Duesseldorf in May dismissed a legal challenge by U.S. weapons maker General Atomics to Germany’s plans to lease the drones from rival IAI. But the court this month said it had put the deal on hold again as it considers a complaint by General Atomics against its decision. 

Some SPD lawmakers want the budget committee to delay a decision on the deal until a final court decision. 

Germany already has three earlier versions of the Heron reconnaissance drone which are deployed in Afghanistan. They are maintained by Airbus and cannot be armed.

Jewish Students Are Suing San Francisco State University for ‘Anti-semitism’

June 22nd, 2017

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HAARETZ – The atmosphere on campus at San Francisco State University is so hostile to Jewish students that they tuck Star of David necklaces inside their shirts, and some are afraid to go to the Hillel house for Shabbat dinner, alleges a recent graduate.

In his junior and senior years, Jacob Mandel, 22, served as student president of what had been “a very active and lively” Hillel chapter but has become far less so, allegedly since public attacks on Jewish and pro-Israel students went unpunished by university administrators.

Now Mandel, who graduated earlier this year, is one of six plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit filed Monday, claiming that university administrators violated their constitutional rights to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

The lawsuit against SFSU President Dr. Leslie E. Wong and senior administrators, and the California State University system board of trustees, says they have permitted anti-Israel students to threaten Jewish peers, interfere with their education and made it impossible for pro-Israel speakers to appear on campus.

According to the lawsuit, Wong and other top staffers have actively created a hostile environment for Jewish students – even at times expressing anti-Semitic views themselves.

“SFSU has fostered and sanctioned anti-Semitism from the highest levels and affirmed the actions of hostile, aggressive, and disruptive students to regularly violate the rights of Jewish students,” stated the lawsuit, filed June 19 in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. “SFSU has repeatedly denied Plaintiffs’ student groups, including Hillel and the Jewish fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi, equal access to campus events that welcome other non-Jewish student organizations at the University,” the complaint continued.

Between 1,500 and 2,000 of the university’s 29,000 students are Jewish, said Ollie Benn, San Francisco Hillel’s executive director. After directing reporters to email questions, he declined to directly answer any others.

The 76-page lawsuit details numerous incidents in which Jewish students were allegedly personally attacked, and their civil rights – and those of community members – abrogated.

A key incident took place in April 2016, when the university allowed a talk by Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat to be drowned out by anti-Israel protesters yelling at students and Barkat, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” “Intifada, intifada!” and “Get the fuck off our campus.”

“It was intimidating,” recalled Masha Merkulova, 43, one of the plaintiffs. She runs a teen Zionist group in San Francisco and brought her 18-year-old son to hear Barkat speak.

Demonstrators “achieved their goal. Not just to stop a speaker, but to send a message to the Jews,” she told Haaretz this week. “You’re an adult person and it’s humiliating that some punks are stopping you from what you are doing through bullying.”

Initially allotted space in the student center, the Barkat event was shunted to a conference center on the far edge of campus. Though space outside its doors was designated a “free speech zone” for protesters, the 30 or so demonstrators were allowed inside the room, where they broke university policy and used an amplifier to drown out Barkat’s speech. The lawsuit alleged that “the police were being directed to ignore [university] protocol, which was to remove the protesters and move them to the designated protest area.”

“SFSU allows for mob rule at the expense of civil rights, where the loudest and most aggressive group rules the day,” the lawsuit claimed, adding: “The anti-Jewish animus pervading SFSU’s campus is as ubiquitous as it is hostile. Jews are at best ignored, but more often ostracized in every corner of the university community.”
Students and Hillel staff repeatedly asked university president Wong to address campus anti-Semitism, but they said he has not taken effective action, and has perpetuated anti-Semitic tropes about Jewish power and influence.

At a June 2016 meeting with students, professors and Jewish communal leaders to address the Barkat incident, when Jewish participants recommended changes to prevent a similar future incident, Wong “complained that Jewish student concerns took up a disproportionate amount of his time” and “expressed that Jewish students had too much access to the President of the University,” according to the lawsuit.

A university spokeswoman said Wong was not available for interview.
“It certainly feels like explicit anti-Semitism,” said Amanda Berman, legal director of The Lawfare Project, which organized the lawsuit and, along with lawyers from the San Francisco law firm Winston & Strawn, is representing the plaintiffs.
“I don’t know the president personally. But I cannot imagine saying some of the things he has said in any context,” Berman told Haaretz. “What matters is that Jewish students and community members are being treated differently, which leads to an environment which is pervasively hostile to them, when they should be treated the same as any other student or community member.”

Three days before the lawsuit was filed, Wong issued a strong statement condemning recent anti-Semitic activity at SFSU. “I am committed to making San Francisco State a better, safer place for our Jewish community members,” he wrote.
In a statement issued Tuesday, the university acknowledged that disruption at the Barkat event and subsequent incidents “were ugly reminders that anti-Semitism, like all forms of discrimination, is real and our community has work to do.”

But Tuesday’s statement went on to dispute the allegations. “The University strongly disagrees with the allegations in the complaint. Lawsuits seeking to force SF State to both protect free speech and assure diversity and inclusion are unnecessary and redundant.”

The statement listed changes the university is making to address bias of all sorts, and invites “specifically our Jewish students and community to join us in these substantive and proactive measures. We will pursue these actions regardless of any legal challenge or distraction.”

If successful, the lawsuit would be the first to win on the basis of bias against Jews under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color or national origin by any federally funded program, Berman said.

Title VI doesn’t bar religious discrimination, but in 2006 the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights determined that anti-Semitic campus incidents may constitute a hostile environment and violate the statute.

Discrimination against other groups combining ethnic and religious characteristics, like Muslims and Sikhs, is also protected by the regulation.

The lawsuit seeks punitive and compensatory damages. When asked how much they hope to win, Berman said the amount isn’t important. “Any amount will serve a deterrent effect. Universities shouldn’t be spending their money on litigation costs or settlements or legal judgments,” she said. “Money is supposed to go to students and education. Instead, this university will have to spend it on a serious discrimination problem. Universities have to be a little more careful about how they treat their students.”

Merkulova, who came from Belarus to the United States in 1992, said that having grown up in a totalitarian regime, she appreciates the rights that all SFSU students should have.

She said that when she in Belarus, “We could say anything, but we would whisper in a kitchen with running water” so as not to be overheard. “Americans need to appreciate the right to free speech and assembly. In Belarus, to this day people don’t have the right to assemble. We should all be championing these rights and privileges. This is not about standing up for Israel. This is about standing up for ourselves.”

This year, Wong extended an invitation to Barkat to return and speak on campus. But he did not consult Hillel, which invited the Jerusalem mayor a year earlier, or other Jewish student or community groups. Barkat initially agreed to come as he was in the area anyway, but canceled the campus visit after learning it had not been publicized.

Mandel told Haaretz he no longer believes the university president is acting out of ignorance. “For a long time, we took the diplomatic route. When I would experience anti-Semitism on campus, and it seemed the university was allowing it to happen, I chalked it up to ignorance or incompetence,” he said. But “after the Barkat event, I realized the university was not going to do anything for Jewish students. That’s when I realized the diplomatic route was no longer the way to go.

“It is an anti-Semitic campus and a university administration that treats Jews as second-class students,” he charged. “It is intentional and conscious.”

The Barkat incident had a long-lasting effect on Jewish students at SFSU. “The number of Jewish students on campus overall began dropping,” Mandel claimed.
As many as 75 students used to attend weekly Shabbat dinners, but participation dropped by more than half, Mandel said. At the last dinner of the school year – historically, the Hillel chapter’s largest – 130 students attended (it took place before the Barkat incident). Most recently, just 30 students showed up. “I remember when our Hillel house was full on Shabbat. Post the Barkat event we’d have 20, 30, 40 [empty] chairs. Where did the Jewish students go? A lot of them were afraid to be associated with something Jewish on campus,” he said.

Mandel filed two formal complaints with the state university system shortly after the Barkat event: one was about how it was handled; and the other was about being physically threatened by a member of the General Union of Palestine Students on campus. Neither was investigated, he said.

When he saw the dean of students and asked if the behavior of anti-Israel students was being investigated, Mandel that she said, “Oh we’re handling it, don’t worry about it.”

“Every response I received was dismissive,” Mandel said. “It made me feel that I didn’t matter, and that Jewish students didn’t matter to the university. I definitely felt at times that the university wished we weren’t even there.”

Kushner Should Tell Trump: Drop the ‘Ultimate Deal’ Idea

June 22nd, 2017

bibi netanyahu peace

HAARETZ – As Jared Kushner arrives for talks in Jerusalem and Ramallah, joining President Donald Trump’s special international negotiations advisor Jason Greenblatt, amid reports that the U.S. administration is doubling down on its determination to reach an ‘ultimate’ peace deal to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it would be worth their while considering carefully what strategy is most likely to actually bring not only rhetorical declarations of success, but genuine peace and quiet.

What can we learn from experience about what actually makes a Mideast peace deal achievable – and one that sticks? And how can negotiations ensure the buy-in both of Israeli public opinion, and even of the current government?

We have to start by exposing some of the misinformation and misunderstanding surrounding previous deals signed by Israel.

The Oslo Accords, a watershed in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, now have a controversial reputation among many on Israel’s right. They have been branded as criminal by the Israeli right because of the subsequent terror wave and casualities.

But the success or failure of historic initiatives cannot be determined by casualties alone. Israel’s War of Independence saw 6,000 Israelis killed and tens of thousands wounded (out of a population of 600,000). The six years following the Six Day War saw 247 Israelis killed in terror attacks. The six years following the Oslo Accords saw 270 Israelis killed (of a population double that of 1967). The six years following the collapse of the peace process after the 2000 Camp David Summit saw 1083 Israelis killed. Which were failures? Successes?

In fact, Oslo was been the third important grand-strategic achievement of the Zionist project since the Balfour Declaration. The first was the establishment of the State of Israel, which provided the Jewish people with the agency to defend themselves for the first time in 2,000 years. The second was the peace with Egypt, which eliminated Israel’s immediate existential threat and set the stage for future pan-Arab pragmatism towards Israel. Without the peace with Egypt there is no peace process – with the Palestinians, the Jordanians, or any Arab country.
Madrid/Oslo is the third achievement. The Madrid Conference in 1991 gave birth to Oslo and Madrid/Oslo is, in effect, the same historical event. What was achieved?

1. The Soviet Union re-established diplomatic relations which eventually facilitated the aliya of over one million Russian Jews, whose engineering and scientific skills contributed to Israel becoming a high-tech powerhouse.

2. China and India established diplomatic relations, resulting in East Asia becoming Israel’s second biggest trading partner after the European Union, surpassing the United States.

3. 71 countries established diplomatic relations between 1991 – 2000. These included 30 African countries and six former Soviet Muslim states.
The Vatican established relations in 1993 – an historic political and theological about-face.

4. Israeli trade offices opened in Morocco, Oman and Qatar. The Gulf states cancelled the Arab boycott in 1994, which had cost Israel’s economy $40 billion ($80 billion in today’s money).

5. Peace with Jordan was formalized in 1994. This had a supplemental impact. Many countries decided to establish relations on the basis of “Well, if another member of the Arab League has established relations, why shouldn’t we?” The Egyptian case might have been an anomaly, but peace with Jordan was decisive for many.

6. Oslo upgraded Israel’s free trade agreement with the European Union, improving Israel’s competitiveness in EU markets.

7. The Madrid/Oslo decade saw Israel’s population increase by 35% from 4.7 million to 6.3 million.

8. A trickle before the 1990s, foreign investments became a flood. Foreign exchange reserves increased appreciably. The foreign debt ratio declined from 25% of GDP to 9%.

9. The “Zionism is Racism” UN resolution was revoked and Israeli sports teams were accepted into European associations.

Many countries were already looking for an excuse to establish relations – Madrid/Oslo provided that excuse. It “motivated” Jordan to formalize their relations with Israel in order to neutralize the “Jordan is Palestine” meme that had been resurrected in Israel. The Gulf states were more concerned with the Ayatollahs’ Iran than with the plight of the Palestinians (not much has changed).

The Iranian threat, has primed many additional Arab League countries to consider formalizing diplomatic relations with Israel. The Saudi peace initiative and increasing de facto security cooperation vis-à-vis Iran supports this view. But there must be some movement in the peace process in order to enable these countries to justify such a step to the Arab street.

A policy of conflict mitigation (rather than resolution) should replace the present futile search for a final status deal.

The Palestinian rejection of Ehud Barak’s offers at Camp David in 2000 and their subsequent rejection of even more generous offers by Ehud Olmert indicate that the “ultimate deal” that President Trump dreams about is unrealistic. A policy that strives for peace and quiet rather than peace would have a better chance of success.

The comprehensive “land for peace” ambition would be replaced by an incremental “a little land for a little peace” – a positive mission creep. This would include redesignating the West Bank’s present divisions.

Israel could expand Area A, under full civil and security control of the Palestinian Authority, and with no Jewish population, from 22% to 30% in exchange for formal diplomatic relations with several Gulf countries, and then to 40% for several more. Recent reports of a document drafted by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates indicates this is possible. For a simple freeze on settlement construction and easing trade with Gaza the Gulf states would enable direct telecommunications, trade relations and opening airspace as well as grant visas to Israeli businessmen and athletes, even without any West Bank redesignation.

The aim would be to make Area A as contiguous as possible and dramatically reduce the number of Palestinians Israeli security forces interact with daily. Israel would achieve:

1. Diplomatic relations with 7 or 8 additional Arab countries

2. Liberation from managing a resentful population, lessening tensions as well as negative PR (something we should strive for unilaterally in any case)

3. Additional foreign investments from Gulf state businesses and sovereign wealth funds

This would facilitate the strategic upgrading of Israel’s ability to deal with the last threat to its very existence – Iran. It is clear that the Arab motivation for this initiative is their existential fear of Iran and the realization that the only reliable long-term security partner they have is Israel. This is an historic window of opportunity.

There would be substantial security challenges for the IDF inherent in such a policy. No question. But strategic and grand-strategic benefits must always supersede tactical challenges. Unlike Oslo there should be no naïve enthusiasms of the kind that made Israel unprepared for the terrorist onslaught that ensued. If this incremental method is successful we might move onto an additional phase. We must not nullify any option for a final settlement. We must only seek to make the interim period as manageable as possible; to enable the parties to get used to the mutual benefits of peace and quiet.

Israel enjoyed a PR honeymoon during the Madrid/Oslo decade. Israel’s status in international organizations improved. The number of UN debates and resolutions pertaining to Israel and the Middle East declined. Israelis were elected to senior positions in various United Nations agencies. This honeymoon ended following the Second Intifada. But it is an instructive example of how a peace process – any peace process – becomes a grand-strategic asset for Israel.

Tsvi Bisk

Tsvi Bisk is an Israeli/American futurist, social researcher and strategy planning consultant. He is Director of the Center for Strategic Futurist Thinking. His most recent book is The Suicide of the Jews: A Cautionary Tale (2015).



Israel furious as UN set to host ’50 years of Israeli occupation’ event

June 22nd, 2017


YNET – Minister Gilad Erdan appeals to UN Secretary-General Guterres to stop hostile conference scheduled to take place at the UN headquarters this month; writing to Guterres and telling him the groups participating are entirely dedicated to defaming and ‘delegitimizing Israel’ Erdan also reaches out to US Senator Marco Rubio, urging him to ‘continue to speak out against use of UN funds to promote the BDS campaign.

Israel is gearing up to push back against a conference being hosted next week by the UN in the organization’s New York headquarters to mark what it describes as the “anniversary of the Israeli occupation.”

According to a report by the Ministry for Strategic Affairs, headed by Minister Gilad Erdan, several BDS and anti-Israel organizations will be taking part in the conference, which in the past has undertaken efforts to implement a series of hostile measures against Israeli officials.

These include, inter alia, issuing arrest warrants and prosecuting IDF officers and other officials for war crimes, openly calling for the boycotting of Israeli goods, promoting draft dodging in Israel and calling for Israelis to be tried in the International Criminal Court in The Hague for war crimes.

The conference—titled “UN Forum to mark the 50th anniversary of the Israeli occupation”—is being organized by the UN Committee on Palestinian Rights, and will be held at the UN headquarters in New York from June 29-30.

Minister Erdan appealed to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to prevent the conference from being held and to avoid UN funding for BDS events and UN entities whose sole purpose is to blacklist Israel.

“As Israel’s Minister of Strategic Affairs, responsible for leading Israel’s response to the international delegitimization and boycott (BDS) campaign against Israel, I write to you to protest in the strongest possible terms the use of UN funds and facilities to support an event aimed directly at promoting the delegitimization and boycott of Israel,” Erdan wrote to Guterres.

“Many of the organizations that will be given a platform by the UN at this event, including the American Friends Service Committee, Jewish Voice for Peace, Al-Haq, Al Mezan, Zochrot and others, are leaders of the anti-Israel BDS and legal warfare campaign,” he continued. “These organizations dedicate the majority of their energies to promoting economic, academic and cultural boycotts of Israel, attacking Israel in international legal and diplomatic forums, and delegitimizing Israel’s basic right to exist.

“Several have connections to designated terror groups while others publically glorify convicted terrorists.”

Erdan also sought to rally behind his cause the staunchly pro-Israel Republican senator Marco Rubio, whom he met earlier this month, discussing his fight against the efforts to delegitimize Israel and voicing his concern.

“I urge you to continue speaking out against the UN’s use of member states’ funds to promote the BDS campaign,” Erdan wrote after thanking Rubio for his “important initiatives for countering BDS,” as well as his “recent engagements with the UN Secretary-General” in his efforts to correct the “long-standing anti-Israel bias at the UN.”

In April, all 100 US senators signed a letter sent to Guterres urging him to act against discrimination against Israel in the United Nations.

Orthodox jew suspected of spraying swastikas in synagogue

June 22nd, 2017

jews swastika

YNET – Swastikas were sprayed all over a synagogue in the Nachlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem overnight Tuesday by a Haredi man suffering from mental health issues, according to suspicions following a police investigation. Worshippers discovered as they went to pray on Wednesday morning that the perpetrator had sprayed two swastikas on both sides of the ark containing the Torah scrolls and two more elsewhere inside the premises. Moreover, he also attempted to burn a number of prayer books in the attack.

The police immediately launched an investigation into the incident and in the process discovered more swastikas had been sprayed on the doors of buildings in the neighborhood.

Amid fears of a deliberate anti-Semitic attack, the police released a statement shortly after the opening of the investigation saying that the man suspected of behind the vandalism was in fact a 38-year-old Haredi man who was suffering from mental health issues.

Prior to his arrest, Minister for Religious Services David Azulai (Shas) described vandalism on the synagogue as being “extremely serious” while Israel’s Chief Rabbi David Lau expressed his shock at the incident.

“Serious incidents such as these cannot be accepted. It cannot be that worshippers go to the synagogue in the neighborhood and the heart of the holy city and have to see such difficult sites like these,” he said.

 At the beginning of the week, police said they they had arrested a 25-year-old man from Jerusalem on suspicion that he had committed a racially-motivated attack against a resident from the eastern half of the city.

Photo: Police Spokesperson's Unit

I.S.I.S blows up mosque where it declared (the jewish) ‘caliphate’

June 22nd, 2017


YNET – Islamic State (also known as ISIS) militants blew up on Wednesday the Grand al-Nuri Mosque of Mosul and its famous leaning minaret, an Iraqi military statement said. It was from this medieval mosque that the militants’ leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared a self-styled ”caliphate” rule over parts of Syria and Iraq three years ago.

Islamic State’s Amaq news agency accused American aircraft of destroying the mosque.

“The ISIS (another name for the Islamic State—ed) terror gangs committed another historical crime by blowing up the al-Nuri mosque and its historical al-Hadba minaret,” the Iraqi military statement said.

The explosions happened as Iraq’s elite Counter Terrorism Service units, which have been battling their way through Mosul’s Old City, got to within 50 meters (164 ft) of the mosque, the statement said.

Iraqi forces earlier on Wednesday said they had started a push towards the mosque. A US-led coalition is providing air and ground support to the Mosul offensive which began in October 2016.

The forces had encircled on Tuesday the jihadist group’s stronghold in the Old City, the last district under their control in Mosul.

Al-Baghdadi proclaimed himself “caliph,” or ruler of all Muslims, from the pulpit of the mosque on July 4, 2014, after the insurgents overran parts of Iraq and Syria. His black flag had been flying over its leaning minaret since June 2014.

Iraqi officials had privately expressed the hope that the mosque could be captured in time for Eid al-Fitr, the festival marking the end of Ramadan, the Muslim fasting month. The first day of the Eid falls this year on June 25 or 26 in Iraq.

Baghdadi has left the fighting in Mosul to local commanders and is believed to be hiding in the border area between Iraq and Syria, according to US and Iraqi military sources.

The fall of Mosul would, in effect, mark the end of the Iraqi half of the “caliphate” even though Islamic State would continue to control territory west and south of the city, the largest they had control of in both Iraq and Syria.

The Grand al-Nuri Mosque in Mosul


Israel has ‘unimaginable’ power to strike Hezbollah, Air Force chief tells security conference

June 22nd, 2017


RT – “What the air force was able to do quantitatively in the Lebanon war over the course of 34 days we can do today in 48-60 hours,” Israel Air Force Commander Major-General Amir Eshel boasted at the 17th annual Herzliya security conference. “This is potential power unimaginable in its scope, much different to what we have seen in the past and far greater than people estimate,” the air force chief said on the second day of the security conference, as quoted by the Times of Israel. CONTINUE READING

Was Otto Warmbier an American Student or an Israeli Spy?

June 22nd, 2017


BY GILAD ATZMON – Peculiarly, not a single MSM outlet has referred to Warmbier’s ties with Israel.  Until his last hours, Israel and the Jewish community kept silent about Warmbier’s Jewish identity, his Zionist affiliation and his visit to Israel. Maybe this silence is more revealing than anything else. CONTINUE READING

Israel’s Dirty Little Secret – How it drives US policies exploiting a spineless Congress and White House

June 21st, 2017


BY PHILIP GIRALDI – At a recent panel discussion in Washington, screenwriter, film director and producer Oliver Stone briefly addressed the issue of alleged Russian interference in the recent national election, observing that “Israel interfered in the U.S. election far more than Russia and nobody is investigating them.” A few days later, in an interview with Stephen Colbert on the Late Show, Stone returned to the theme, responding to an aggressive claim that Russia had interfered in the election by challenging Colbertwith “Israel had far more involvement in the U.S. election than Russia. Why don’t you ask me about that?” CONTINUE READING

Why Have Jewish Organizations Been Silent About Otto Warmbier’s Death?

June 21st, 2017


TABLET MAG – Otto Warmbier, an American student at the University of Virginia—who was active in Hillel and who went on Birthright, where he received a Hebrew name—died yesterday after being arrested and tortured by North Korea. You’d think that the cluster of handsomely funded Jewish organizations that fly the banner of promoting and protecting Jewish life in America and abroad would notice and acknowledge Warmbier’s murder. So far, though, American Jewish officialdom has been deafeningly silent.

The odious Anne Frank Center, whose disingenuous mission statement blathers on about a kinder and fairer world where Jewish children are safe from the death camps of tyrannical regimes, didn’t bother taking a break from bashing Donald Trump to lament a young Jew put to death by the world’s worst offender of human rights. Nor did the ADL, an organization quick to stand up with Linda Sarsour as she denied Jews their right to self-determination but not so swift when the victim was a young Jewish man whose crime was pulling a silly prank at his hotel while on a college tour of a nation that routinely starves, imprisons, and executes hundreds of thousands of its own citizens. Everywhere you turn today, you hear no one demanding justice for Otto Warmbier.

What you do hear are the howls of the social justice brigades, for whom Warmbier, being white and a man, is mostly to blame for his own murder. When the young college student was arrested last year, the regressive left’s flagships, from Salon to the blessedly defunct Nightly Show, gleefully mocked Warmbier, arguing that white privilege was the real reason for his predicament and suggesting that when it came to oppression, there was really no difference between Portland and Pyongyang. “The hopeless fear Warmbier is now experiencing,” opined a young blogger on the Huffington Post, “is my daily reality living in a country where white men like him are willfully oblivious to my suffering even as they are complicit in maintaining the power structures which ensure their supremacy at my expense.”

This sort of bigoted nonsense is toxic to all Americans, but it’s particularly hazardous to Jews, whose suffering is too often explained away these days as an acceptable byproduct of excessive power and influence. It’s precisely the kind of anti-Semitic bile Jewish organizations were founded to combat. Their silence throughout Warmbier’s ordeal and murder is shameful.

Family declines autopsy for jewish student released by North Korea

June 21st, 2017


Sabba – So for all we know, it could be either the ‘men in black’ or even his jewish own community who sacrificed him for some greater good, which, one way or another, must be connected to Israel. After all, all blood always leads to Israel. CONTINUE READING

Trump Administration Pressuring Israel to Move Ahead With Peace Deal, Senior Israeli Minister Says

June 21st, 2017

Day before Kushner visit to Israel and as Netanyahu meets Trump envoy, finance minister Moshe Kahlon says U.S. feels deal is possible, but notes ‘sides not ripe’ for peace

ed note–As we have discussed here often (unfortunately much to the disregard/rejection of so many who have already made up their minds based upon superficial and at times emotion-based criteria) this issue alone–Trump’s insistence upon bringing an end to the chaos in the Middle East as a result of Israel’s maniacal drive to conquer and control the entire region–explains better than anything else why there is/has been this 24/7/365 drive to remove him from office, and short of that, to break his legs politically so that he finds himself hobbled and paralized from doing anything substantive.

Having said that, all can expect that Judea, Inc–which welcomes Trump’s plans of reining in the mad dog known as the Jewish state as much as a vampire welcomes sunlight–will do whatever is necessary in order to prevent this process from moving forward even one millimeter. All can expect to see daily ‘terrorist’ attacks by Palestinians armed with knives, guns, whatever (stage managed of course by Shin Bet, Mossad, etc) in order to create the narrative that ‘po’ lil’ Izrul, jes’ try-n a get-along wif evruhbuda, but evruhbuda jes’ be-a haytin’ duh po’ lil’ juz’ aimed at creating constant and unrelenting political noise against any settlement of the Palestinian issue. If this–daily knife attacks, etc–fails to ‘do the trick’, then all can expect Judea, Inc to turn up the heat substantially with bombs going off in America, not done by ISIS, but rather, blamed on some ‘Palestinian’ group.


A day ahead of the arrival of U.S. President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Jared Kushner in Israel for talks in Jerusalem and Ramallah, Israel’s finance minister said that the American administration is pressuring Israel to move forward on reaching a peace deal with the Palestinians.

“There’s mounting American pressure to advance a deal,” Moshe Kahlon told a conference in central Israel on Tuesday. “Something has happened. The American government feels it can reach an agreement, maybe because the good ties with the Israeli government allow Trump more influence than was possible during Obama’s term,” he said.

Kahlon made the statements as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with U.S. special envoy Jason Greenblatt. The two-hour meeting between the two was intended to lay the groundwork for the meeting between Netanyahu and Kushner on Wednesday. Their meeting was also attended by Molcho and Israel’s ambassador to Washington Ron Dermer. Netanyhu’s office refused to divulge the content of the meeting.

Ahead of their meeting, Greenblatt met with Netanyahu’s senior aide, Isaac Molcho, and held meetings in Ramallah with top aides to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Kahlon noted that he thinks Netanyahu is interested in renewing peace talks with the Palestinians. He stressed that the solution to the conflict was two states for two people, but said he was skeptical of whether the sides were ripe for reaching a permanent agreement at this point.

“Everyone understands that in the end there will be two states, but no one wants to say that they understand that,” said Kahlon. “At the end of this process, that’s what will happen in our region. I don’t see it happening tomorrow, but at the level of vision, that’s what will happen. I think that the Palestinians aren’t ready for a political agreement. I got that impression from conversations with them. Who’s right: us or them? The truth is somewhere in the middle. They themselves say: Let’s get through these years. We have internal problems, problems with Gaza, etc. I don’t see them going now in the direction of an agreement.”

Kushner will meet Wednesday in Jerusalem with Netanyahu and in Ramallah with Palestinian President Abbas in order to hear from the two how they would like to move forward toward a renewal of the peace process.

Kushner and Greenblatt also want to hear the two leaders’ positions on various central issues, like borders, security, refugees, Jerusalem, settlements and others, in order to map out the differences between the sides on each issue. One of the ideas being considered in the White House is to formulate an American document of principals for solving these central issues on the base of renewing peace talks.

Greenblatt and Kushner’s meetings with Netanyahu come as land was prepared Tuesday for the construction of a new settlement “Amichai” for those evacuated from the illegal outpost of Amona. In the morning, Netanyahu tweeted that he is the first prime minister in decades to establish a new settlement in the West Bank. He added that “there hasn’t been, nor will there be a better government” for the settlement enterprise than that which he currently leads.

Rabbi Calls for Poisoning of Palestinian Water Supply

June 21st, 2017

ed note–again, no extended commentary other than to say that this is the source of the ‘Jewish problem’–Judaism itself and the toxic behavior that it inevitably produces–and until rational people begin to deal with this problem in a rational manner rather than letting their emotions or religious sentimentality cloud their ability to think and act in ways rooted not only in their own preservation, but as well, that of the entire human race, mankind will continue its march towards the gulag of its own extermination as a result of this diseased and radioactive mindset and the dominant role it plays in modern day human affairs.


The foreign ministry of the Palestinian Authority (PA), Sunday, demanded the arrest of a Jewish Rabbi, who called on Israeli settlers to poison water used by Palestinians in hundreds of towns and villages across the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian national office for the defense of land and resistance of settlements warned of the dangers and consequences of such calls.

In its weekly report, it explained that Rabbi Shlomo Mlmad, the chairman of the so-called Council of Rabbis in West Bank settlements, called on settlers to poison Palestinians through their water supply, which came to light by the Israeli organization ‘Breaking the Silence’.

Group member Yehuda Shaul said, according to WAFA, that the aim behind poisoning water in the West Bank is to push Palestinians out of their towns and cities in order to allow settlers to take over Palestinian lands.

The ministry of foreign affairs said, in a press release, that Palestinians have grown used to Israelis stealing from their water sources then selling it back to them. Recently, Israeli authorities cut off water supplies from the northern cities of the West Bank during the hottest days of the month of Ramadan, when Muslims fast from sunrise till sunset.

While Israel continues to pose multiple restrictions on Palestinians who try to dig water wells, this call by Rabbi Mlmad is considered a crime against humanity because it targets humans, animals, crops and all forms of life in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).

The ministry held the Israeli government fully responsible for the consequences of such calls. It demanded the arrest of the Rabbi for inciting murder, and the enforcement of necessary procedures to protect Palestinians from individuals who might attempt to poison water sources.

“What is the international community waiting for to interfere; the death of thousands of Palestinians of thirst? To meet such incident with silence and ignore the war Israel is waging against Palestinians is a cause of shame for the international community.”

I’m The Infidel Allah Warned You About T-Shirt

June 21st, 2017
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Readers of Brite-Bart, Fox Nation, InfoWars, etc., tickled as punch over London van-attack on Arabs leaving Mosque

June 20th, 2017

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How They Do It– ‘A Righteous Israel must bomb Assad’s crematoria’

June 20th, 2017

ed note–We’ll spare the reader the usual extended commentary to just a few lines which go without saying anyway–

The ‘good Rabbi’ does not care about the suffering of the Syrian people because of this Zionist-instigated/supported war. He and his co-religionists RELISH and revel in it. But he can’t come out and say, ‘We need Assad to go in order to pave the way and open the door for Greater Israel’, because that would be too obvious, and it is the Judaic way after all that ‘by way of deception we shall make war’.

So, what he does–similar to an abortionist whose business is death but who conceals his evil by pretending to ‘care about women and their suffering’, likewise the ‘good Rabbi’ conceals his bloodlust and territorial greed with the not-very-convincing veneer of pretending to care about the suffering of the Syrian people.

Perhaps it was Jesus Christ who said it best, to wit–

‘Beware of the scribes and teachers of the Law. They like to walk around in long robes and to be greeted and praised in the marketplaces, the chief seats in the synagogues, and the places of honor at banquets, yet they defraud widows of their houses, and for a show make lengthy prayers. These men surely will receive the greatest damnation…’

Schmuley Boteach, Jpost

For over six years now, Bashar Assad has waged a vicious war against his own people.

So far, nearly half a million have been killed. According to the Syrian Network for Human Rights, at least 207,000 were civilians.

Of that number, 23,000 were women and 24,000 children. Ninety-four percent of those civilians were killed by Assad’s Iranian- Russian-Syrian alliance. This, besides the 117,000 who have been detained or disappeared by the Assad regime since the start of the slaughter. They are, of course, most likely to never be seen again.

These are the grim statistics of Assad’s blood-drenched campaign of self-preservation.

The details of this slaughter are just as disturbing.

Assad has launched rockets against civilian centers, rained heavy artillery on medical centers, besieged and starved entire neighborhoods, dropped combusting kegs of gasoline on non-combatants, and deployed lethal nerve-gas against women and children.

That a man can be allowed to wreak destruction upon the very people he is meant to protect stains the reputation of our entire generation. That he can then practice the most brutal acts of barbarism while never paying more than a token price blackens that stain to the point where it will remain forever.

Nevertheless, the State of Israel has chosen to stay out of the conflict. The Jewish state has offered humanitarian assistance, providing medical care to the wounded brought to its border and aid to those beyond it, even as far as the Syrian refugees in Europe. Still, Israel has not taken steps to end the slaughter, presumably because doing so would introduce too many risks to a nation that does not lack them. Israel simply does not have the military bandwidth to end a conflict of this scope without drawing on the resources that ensure its own security.

In addition, any military action taken by Israel in Syria to end the slaughter would likely be interpreted by its enemies as hostile rather than humanitarian.

And so, Israel has stayed its hand.

Now, however, the time has come to act.

Last month, the US State Department released satellite imagery of Assad’s notorious Saydnaya Detention Center, where thousands have died of starvation, torture and summary execution. The photos, however, revealed something which, despite the towering bar of cruelty set by Assad, was shocking in the absolute. There, on the southern side of the prison complex, was a fully-functioning crematoria.

A crematoria, operating just 225 km.

from the Jewish state, in the year 2017, is an abomination.

Assad had, apparently, taken his genocidal ambitions to a whole new level. We now have concrete evidence that he has built ovens to incinerate the corpses of his victims, erasing any trace that they so much as lived.

This gruesome tactic was employed first by the Nazis in the 1940s to eradicate the remains, and even the very memory, of our uncles, aunts, grandparents and cousins whom they slaughtered by the millions.

To use ovens to systematically burn those whom you murder is the very essence of evil. And yet, the most horrific feature of these machines is their purpose. Like the Nazis before them, the murderers of the Assad regime seek to destroy evidence of mass murder and thereby evade justice.

They seem to believe that they can simply burn the evidence of our century’s greatest crime.

That crematoria could exist more than 70 years after the Holocaust is an affront to the Jewish people and a disgrace to all mankind.

More importantly, it is something we Jews cannot for a moment tolerate.

These crematoria must be destroyed. Israel should take the lead.

Israel has already risen as a global leader in business, hi-tech, agriculture, water-technologies and the arts. But the leadership Israel should truly seek is in its commitment to humankind’s most cherished values, chief among them the sacredness of human life.

Israel is the homeland of the Jewish People.

We are the People of the Book, known first and foremost for the morals and values we bequeathed mankind. It was we who taught the world The Ten Commandments.

It was we who carried God’s message, “Thou shalt not murder.” It is our Torah which proclaims, “Thou shalt not stand idly by the blood of thy neighbor.” It was we who announced that “in the image of God was mankind created.”

And then, when it was we who suffered the greatest slaughter in the history of all mankind, it is we who declared to the world, “Never Again!” How can we, then, stand idly by as innocent people are turned into ashes? How much more so when the ashes of those bodies floats in the skies over Israel.

If we do not take the lead in sanctifying human life, then how can we expect others to follow? Here, too, we have no excuse. To bomb the crematoria would not require an Israeli invasion or being drawn into a wider war.

It could be accomplished with a surgical strike – a strike that would ring with sacred symbolism and give meaning to everything we as a people hold dear.

In such a critical moment, Israel must take the global lead and destroy these blatant symbols of inhumanity.

In a speech in July, 1944, as the question of bombing the Auschwitz death camp was being debated and ultimately dismissed the allies, David Ben-Gurion posed a question to the Allies: “If instead of Jews, thousands of English, American or Russian women, children, and aged had been tortured every day, burned to death, asphyxiated in gas chambers – would you have acted in the same way?” If this is what we demanded of our allies, we must surely demand it of ourselves.

Here in the United States, Father’s Day has just passed, and the other day, I had a seminal moment of parental pride. My children, who live in Israel, organized a protest outside the Knesset demanding that Israel utilize its military might to destroy the Syrian crematoria in the name of Jewish decency and values. Another protest is planned soon. I hope you will all join a growing movement to make Israel not only a technological superpower but a light unto the nations as well.

Israeli Teenager Suspected of Abusing 13-year-old, Having Man Rape Her for a Fee in Southern Israel

June 20th, 2017

Main suspect allegedly abused girl repeatedly, forced her to have sex with man in Ashkelon park for money


A 16-year-old female suspect from the southern city of Ashkelon is to be indicted this week for allegedly brutally abusing a 13-year-old girl and forcing her to have sex with a 31-year-old man for money that she was then required to turn over to the 16-year-old.

The man is expected to be indicted for rape in the case, and criminal charges are also expected against several other juveniles for allegedly unusually cruel, violent acts directed at the victim. The main 16-year old suspect has been under house arrest for about two weeks and the adult rape suspect had been in detention for about a week.

Law enforcement officials allege that several weeks ago the 16-year-old and a female friend of 13 and a half forced the victim’s head into a hole that they dug on the beach and which was filled with sand and water. The main suspect is then alleged to have forced the victim to go with her to an apartment where Sudanese migrants were living and offered the victim to them as a prostitute. That evening it is suspected that the victim was forced to have sex with one of the residents of the apartment in an Ashkelon park.

Police allege that in another incident, a group of teens including the primary suspect abused the victim, putting lit cigarettes out on her face, kicking her, setting her hair on fire and spitting at her. A boy of about 12 is also suspected of poking her in the abdomen with a sharp branch until she bled. The following day, according to the allegations, the main suspect and two other teenage girls are said to have taken the victim to a location near Ashkelon’s rollerblading Skatepark, where they are said to have abused her again, throwing a fire extinguisher at her, stuffing a piece of cloth in her mouth and demanding that she pay them 300 shekels ($85) within a few days.

The main suspect is also accused of threatening to place explosives under the victim’s mother’s car.

The alleged abuse became known about two weeks ago when the victim asked for money from a counselor at an Asheklon youth club. Initially the victim explained away the burn on her face as an injury that she sustained while frying food. At first, she refused to cooperate with the counselor and the police, but later provided details regarding what she said she had undergone.

The adult male rape suspect denies the allegations against him but police claim they have refuted his alibi. The police said that under questioning, the main 16-year-old suspect claimed that the victim owed her money from a poker game and initially denied the allegations against her. She later admitted to acts of extortion against the victim over an extended period, to abusing the victim and forcing her into prostitution, according to the police.

The suspect’s public defender, Michael Bouskila, said that the case was in its early stages but that it was clear that his client came from what he called a “complicated” family situation, adding that she had experienced “major tragedies.” The lawyer said he would respond further once an indictment is filed.

The adult male suspect’s lawyer, Akram Hasuna, who was also appointed through the public defender’s office, said his client is cooperating with investigators and has denied all of the allegations against him.

Australia Suspends Airstrikes in Syria After Russia Threatens U.S.-led Coalition Aircraft

June 20th, 2017

Australia halts strikes ‘as a precautionary measure’ after Russia warns it would treat aircraft west of Euphrates as potential targets, following U.S. downing of Syrian military jet


Australia said on Tuesday it was suspending air strikes into Syria following the U.S. downing of a Syrian military jet on Sunday and Russia’s subsequent threat against U.S.-led coalition aircraft.

“As a precautionary measure, Australian Defence Force (ADF) strike operations into Syria have temporarily ceased,” Australia’s Department of Defence said in a statement.

Australia has six fighter jets based in the United Arab Emirates that strike targets in Syria and Iraq.

Russia said on Monday it would treat U.S.-led coalition aircraft flying west of the River Euphrates in Syria as potential targets and track them with missile systems and military aircraft, but stopped short of saying it would shoot them down.

Russia made clear it was changing its military posture in response to the U.S. downing of a Syrian military jet on Sunday, something Damascus said was the first such incident since the start of the country’s conflict in 2011.

“ADF personnel are closely monitoring the air situation in Syria and a decision on the resumption of ADF air operations in Syria will be made in due course,” Australia’s Department of Defence said, adding its operations in Iraq would continue as part of the coalition.

“Australian Defence Force protection is regularly reviewed in response to a range of potential threats,” it said.

Netanyahu rejects WSJ report revealing that Israel gives financial aid to Syrian rebels

June 20th, 2017

Times of Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday rejected a Wall Street Journal report claiming Israel provides financial aid to rebel groups in Syria.

“We do not interfere in this terribly bloody conflict. We do, however, provide humanitarian aid to young boys and girls,” Netanyahu said. “It is expensive, but we will continue to invest.”

Netanyahu was speaking on a visit to Ziv Medical Center in Safed, where a new radiotherapy department was opened Monday. Ziv has treated hundreds of victims of the Syrian civil war, and many more have been treated at a field hospital the IDF maintains at the Syrian border.

The prime minister said that more than a thousand Syrian men, women and children had been treated at Ziv. “They once saw us as enemies,” he said of these patients, “but here they realize more than ever that Israel is a moral bastion and a beacon of light in the region,” where “all are treated equally,” irrespective of their religion and origin.

Citing interviews with half a dozen rebel leaders and three persons familiar Israel’s undeclared policy, the Sunday report in the Journal claimed that Israel set up a special military unit in 2016 to oversee and coordinate the transfer of financial aid — valued at some $5,000 per month — to rebel forces opposed to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad and his Iranian, Lebanese and Russian allies.

This “secret engagement,” the report said, is aimed to help ensure that forces friendly to Israel control the Syrian side of the northern Golan border. The aid, said the Journal, helps the groups pay salaries and buy weapons and ammunition.

A separate UN report, published last month, describes a series of meetings between Israeli military representatives and Syrian rebel leaders near the Syrian border, observed by UN peacekeepers.

The May report from the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) of peacekeepers stated that “there has been a significant increase in interaction between Israel Defense Forces soldiers and individuals from the Bravo (Syrian) side.”

The UN report went on to cite 16 meetings it had observed taking place between the IDF and unknown officials on the Syrian side of the border in the past year.

Israel has largely stayed out of the Syrian civil war, which broke out in March 2011, but has over the years acknowledged that it helps treat wounded Syrians who arrive at its border, and provides some of them with humanitarian assistance. It has also claimed a number of airstrikes in Syria it says were meant to prevent arch-foe Hezbollah from acquiring advanced weaponry from Iran via Damascus. Netanyahu has repeatedly confirmed that Israel was actively working to disrupt Hezbollah’s arms smuggling operations in Syria and build-up of capabilities on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights.

In response to the Wall Street Journal report, the IDF said Israel was “committed to securing the borders of Israel and preventing the establishment of terror cells and hostile forces… in addition to providing humanitarian aid to the Syrians living in the area.”

The rebel group Fursan al-Joulan has approximately 400 fighters in Quneitra province in the Syrian Golan Heights and is allied with at least four other rebel groups, who also receive Israeli assistance, the fighters told the newspaper. They added that roughly 800 rebel fighters in a dozen villages in the area rely on support from Israel, as do some of the thousands of civilians living there.

“Israel stood by our side in a heroic way,” a spokesman for Fursan al-Joulan, or Knights of the Golan, Moatasem al-Golani, told the Journal. “We wouldn’t have survived without Israel’s assistance.”


16 year old Israeli Girl arrested for forcing 13-year-old into prostitution

June 20th, 2017

Victim was coerced into having sex with 31-year-old man, subjected to massive physical abuse, apparently over $85 gambling debt

ed note–please note the more shocking details of the story–

‘…the victim was forced at a local beach to put her head into a hole that had been dug that was then filled with sand and water. The young victim also sustained cigarette burns to her face and body, had a fire extinguisher thrown at her, was choked with a piece of cloth and was told she would be killed if she failed to come up with the cash. The 16-year-old then threatened the victim that she would put an explosive device under her mother’s car and burn her house down if she failed to come up with the money.’

THIS is the end result of Judaic/Torah indoctrination–a violent, gangster mindset that has no qualms about engaging in whatever criminal activity is necessary if the end result–the aggressor’s demands being met–is achieved, and if teenagers in Israel are willing to engage in this, imagine what their older, more ‘mature’ members of the tribe are willing to do on an international and geo-political scale. 

Times of Israel

Police have arrested a 16-year girl in the southern city of Ashkelon on suspicion of forcing a 13-year old into prostitution and subjecting her to massive physical and emotional abuse, over a NIS 300 ($85) gambling debt.

Police on Tuesday lifted a gag order on the case, saying that the 16-year-old is suspected of involvement in a “web of abuse against a 13-year-old girl” that included “blackmailing her financially with threats, using severe violence against her at various times and pimping to provide prostitute services to a 31-year-old suspect.”

“Investigation of the complex case is continuing and it is expected that charges will be brought against additional people involved,” police said.

The main charge involves forcing the young girl to have sex with a 31-year-old Sudanese man, who was also arrested and was set to be charged later this week, Israel media reported.

After the younger girl lost NIS 300 in a poker game, the accused reportedly told her that she had to find money, suggesting that she have sex for payment.

She allegedly took the victim to an apartment rented by Sudanese nationals and ordered her to go in, ask for money and arrange to meet with them later in a park.

Later on, in the park, the 16-year-old allegedly reached agreement with one of the Sudanese men — the 31-year-old who is awaiting charges — according to which he would have sex with the victim for NIS 300.

In addition, according to testimony from another 13-year-old who is also suspected of involvement, the victim had been forced at a local beach to put her head into a hole that had been dug and was then filled with sand and water. The young victim also sustained cigarette burns to her face and body, had a fire extinguisher thrown at her, was choked with a piece of cloth and was told she would be killed if she failed to come up with the cash.

In one incident, another 12-year-old boy allegedly stabbed her in the stomach with a sharp branch, causing her to bleed, then smashed her head against a wall.

The 16-year-old allegedly threatened the victim that she would put an explosive device under her mother’s car and burn her house down if she failed to come up with the money.

Police said that as the investigation progressed, the suspect had confessed to the accusations against her.

The violent bullying emerged two weeks ago when the victim turned up at a youth club, covered in bruises.

She told a youth counselor that she had been frying schnitzels and had been burned by droplets of oil. But then she asked for several hundred shekels urgently, saying she was being blackmailed by several girls and wanted to bring the matter to a close. The counselor reported the incident to police.

A lawyer for the 16-year-old suspect told the Ynet news site, “We’re at the beginning of the process, but it’s already clear that this is a young person from a complicated family background who has experienced terrible tragedies in her life. When the charges are presented, we’ll… respond accordingly.”

US backs down as Russia targets US aircraft in Syria

June 20th, 2017

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NRATV calls London attack on Muslims a “maybe attack”

June 20th, 2017

“Well it’s interesting, it’s 180 degrees from the last one. This attack was civilians on the Muslims (Them Mooooz-Lums*).”


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Every Good Jew Hates Arabs

June 19th, 2017

Hatred of Arabs is part of the test of loyalty and identity that the state gives its Jewish citizens – a loyal Israeli will leave an Arab to die, because ‘he’s an Arab.’

Zvi Bar’el for Haaretz

The young criminals who mercilessly beat Jamal Julani and his cousins simply because they’re Arabs don’t live in settlements, haven’t occupied any cities and haven’t taken control of any terraced hills in the territories. Perhaps they participated in one of those tours the Education Ministry has been sponsoring in Hebron to deepen kids’ familiarity with their Jewish heritage and heard something there about an occupation.

The haste with which some are tying the violence perpetrated in Jerusalem last week to the corrupting influence of the occupation is superfluous. The horrifying quote from one of the teenage suspects, that Julani, nearly beaten to death, “could die for all I care – he’s an Arab,” is not the result of the occupation. It’s an inseparable part of the culture, which may have been fashioned somewhat by the occupation. But to hate Arabs and to want them dead; to stand aside, as dozens of passersby did in this case without intervening; to arrest a sick Palestinian, as one policeman has done, and leave him to die – that’s already a worldview.

It’s not necessary to read the disgusting book “The King’s Torah,” in which rabbis Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur – from the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in Yitzhar – write that “the ban on killing a gentile does not stem from the intrinsic value of his life, which is not essentially legitimate as such.” These are the rabbis of the occupation, the arbiters of Jewish law for those hooligans on the hilltops. They belong to a different country, one in which the laws of the State of Israel are deemed worthless.

It would be better to examine the shocking words of Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, the rabbi of Safed, an Israeli city, who is subordinate by law to the Israeli education system. Eliyahu has determined that “Arabs live by different codes, by violent norms that have become an ideology. Like agricultural thefts are an ideology. Like extorting protection money from farmers in the Negev is an ideology.”

And what does the Arab want? Not just to steal pipes or flocks of sheep from Jewish farmers. The Arab, as we know, always has his eyes on the daughters of Israel.

Talila Nesher, the education reporter for Haaretz, revealed in June a civics review book that helps pupils “understand” who this Arab is. The book reprints a letter issued by several rabbis’ wives that urges Jewish girls to keep away from Arabs. In the sample matriculation test included in the book, the pupils are asked to give their opinion about the letter, and, as might be expected of a book that preps teens for the matriculation exam, it also supplies correct answers.

In this case, the answer reads as follows: “The association of Jewish girls with Arabs is liable to lead to relationships and even marriage. This assimilation of Jewish girls with members of the Arab minority will harm the preservation of the Jewish majority in the State of Israel.” An additional argument is: “When Jewish girls associate with Arabs, it may put them at risk for nationalist reasons, and their right to life and security is liable to be undermined.”

While this particular book is not under the supervision of the Education Ministry, thousands of copies have been sold as study aids for the matriculation exam.

Israeli “literature” promoting hatred of Arabs predates the occupation. The children’s book series “Danidin” by Shraga Gafni is full of expressions and illustrations that laid excellent infrastructure for Arab-hatred. The “Mikraot Yisrael” (Israeli Readers ) series, which helped educate hundreds of thousands of Israeli children, is striking in terms of the “incitement” concealed within it.

Similar books published in the Palestinian Authority keep those who monitor Palestinian incitement very busy. But there isn’t really a need to list all the recipes for Arab-hatred that have been fed to us, and which we developed on our own, in order to come up with a defense for those criminals in Jerusalem, whose “only crime” was to do what Israeli pedagogy and the “Death-to-Arabs” ethos directed them to do.

This is an ethos that will continue to be an integral part of the Israeli-Jewish national identity, even if the occupation were to end tomorrow. Because “Death to the Arabs” isn’t an expression of “routine” hatred of those who are different, or the loathsome slogan of some “price tag” gang. It does not resemble the xenophobia or the fear of Muslims that characterizes European racism.

Hatred of Arabs is part of the test of loyalty and identity that the state gives its Jewish citizens. A good Jew hates Arabs. A loyal Israeli will leave an Arab to die, because “he’s an Arab.” And someone who isn’t like that, as we know, “sleeps with Arabs.”

How They Do It– Jewish groups condemn London mosque attack, express solidarity with UK Muslims

June 19th, 2017

ed note–remember, hatred of Islam and Muslims, the ‘clash of civilizations’ and the ‘war on terror’ is Judea Inc’s BABY. It conceived it, allowed it to gestate in her diseased Judaic womb, birthed it, nursed it and now has handed it off to the nanny, meaning the white Christian West, so that the blame for all the murder and mayhem will fall anywhere and everywhere except on where it should, which is with those organized Jewish interests who lit the match and set the inferno ablaze in the first place.


Several Jewish groups extended their condolences and issued condemnations on Monday after a van plowed into a group of worshippers leaving a London mosque in the early hours of the day.

At least 10 people were injured in the incident that British authorities were treating as a potential terrorist attack. If confirmed would make it the fourth since March in Britain and the third to involve a vehicle deliberately driven at pedestrians.

One man, who was already being given first aid at the scene before the vehicle was driven into pedestrians, has died but police said it was not clear whether his death was directly linked. The attack comes during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Shortly after midnight, the hired vehicle swerved into a group of people leaving prayers at the Finsbury Park Mosque, one of the biggest in the country, witnesses said.

Following the incident, the European Jewish Congress expressed its shock and condemned the attack.

“This is an unconscionable attack on Muslim worshippers during their holy month of Ramadan,” EJC President Dr. Moshe Kantor said. “We condemn this attack and its attempt to escalate tensions in the UK and we stand firmly besides our Muslim brothers and sisters in the aftermath of this attack.”

“An attack on one religion is an attack on all religions and all people and faiths must stand together against terror,” he stated.

The president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Jonathan Arkush, also released a statement condemning the attack.

“Our heartfelt sympathy, thoughts and prayers are with the victims,” he said.

He mentioned that the Jewish community has spent the past weekend together with Muslims and others participating in the Great Get Together in memory of Jo Cox – a British Labour Party politician who was murdered last year by an alleged white supremacist.

“All good people must stand together and join in rejecting hatred and violence from wherever it comes. The way forward is to strengthen the moderate majority and repudiate and marginalize extremism of every type,” Arkush stated. “Hatred of people because of their religion has no place in our society.”

An armed police officer attends to the scene after a vehicle collided with pedestrians in the Finsbury Park neighborhood of North London, Britain June 19, 2017 (Reuters)An armed police officer attends to the scene after a vehicle collided with pedestrians in the Finsbury Park neighborhood of North London, Britain June 19, 2017 (Reuters)

Meanwhile, the UK’s Jewish Leadership Council expressed its solidarity with the country’s Muslim community following the ramming attack.

“We utterly condemn the vile, terrorist attack at the Finsbury Park Mosque last night,” said the council’s chief executive, Simon Johnson. “To target those at worship or observing their faith is a betrayal of our British values of tolerance, respect and kindness, on which our society is built.”

“Our hearts go out to the victims and their families,” he added.

In addition, the Community Security Trust (CST), a Jewish security organization in Britain, tweeted its condemnation of the “likely terror-inspired attack against Muslims in Finsbury Park.”

“Our condolences to the victims & to Muslim communities UK wide,” read the communique.

Leave the Jews Out of the Trump Debate

June 19th, 2017

Why mix up the legitimate debate around the administration’s political circus with hyperbole about the ‘danger’ the president poses to American Jews?

ed note–a perfect representation depicting the ‘gang war’ taking place within OJI, and more specifically between those who adopt the strategy of ‘letting it all hang out’ vs those who recognize the dangers inherent in there being too much Judaic noise in the American political process.

Jonathan S. Tobin, Haaretz

This is a moment of unique political turmoil in America. A president who flouts every conventional notion of normal behavior is locked in a confrontation with opponents who seem to prefer “resistance” rather than normal opposition against a new administration whose legitimacy they dispute.

But, contrary to Eric Yoffie’s concerns (“Beware the Backlash: Trump in Trouble Means Insecurity for U.S. Jews”), whether or not President Donald Trump survives his mostly self-inflicted wounds, or if the arguments over both his conduct and his policies escalate into an even more ugly mess than the one we’re currently witnessing, American Jews are not in danger.

Yes, history teaches us that, as a general rule, unstable regimes are bad for the Jews. Throughout the ages, rulers seeking to divert their people’s attention from their own shortcomings, military disasters or economic downturns, used Jewish populations as scapegoats.

But while American exceptionalism has taken on a more unsavory meaning for some since Trump took office, talk of him triggering a backlash that will endanger Jews misunderstands the basic stability of the American system, even in times like these. Yoffie may think the sky is falling, but injecting the notion that Jewish security is somehow bound up in the political circus that is the Trump administration does nothing to advance the interests of the Jewish community or the nation.

Yoffie deserves credit for not succumbing to the notion that the president or his administration is anti-Semitic. That was a temptation that many on the left couldn’t resist, as they sought to blame Trump for a bump in the number of anti-Semitic incidents reported earlier this year, especially the spate of bomb threats at Jewish Community Centers.

But as we now know, those incidents weren’t the work of right wing extremists inspired by Trump’s stands on immigration. That was a blow to the thesis that Trump’s rhetoric would lead to harm for Jews. But apologies from those who sought to make that case were scarce. Other charges that seek to cast controversial, though ardent, friends of Israel currently working in the White House as anti-Semitic, are equally unpersuasive.

But the problem with blaming Trump for threats with which he had nothing to do, or even for a backlash that hasn’t yet – and probably will never – happen, was brought home to liberals recently. While his critics aren’t wrong to take him to task for over-the-top rhetoric, that’s a lesson that cuts both ways.

In recent months, the apocalyptic talk from the left about both Trump and Republicans was as extreme as anything heard on the right, and a number of threats against GOP politicians were reported. Then last week a supporter of Jewish presidential candidate Bernie Sanders tried to kill Republicans practicing for the annual Congressional charity baseball game, resulting in the wounding of Rep. Steven Scalise, the House Minority Whip, as well as others present.

That was a wake up call to liberals who have been accusing conservatives of seeking to destroy democracy, or of wanting sick people to die, about how unfair it can be when your political opponents try to connect dots between strong opinions and extremist violence. Sanders is no more responsible for the shooting of Scalise than Trump would be for attacks on Democrats, had there been any.

Just as important, Yoffie also makes the error of conflating legitimate disputes between liberals and conservatives with those about Trump’s unfitness.

The liberal social justice agenda is integral to his religious worldview. But he should be cautious about lending credence to the old joke about Reform Judaism being the Democratic Party platform with religious holidays thrown in. More to the point, the debate about Trump has nothing to do with the political arguments Democrats and Republicans would be having even if he were not president. Understanding that we can and must agree to disagree on important issues is the essence of democracy.

Interpreting the political disputes – even those involving Trump – in which Americans are currently engaged as a prelude to a surge of anti-Semitism is dangerous hyperbole.

Yoffie should have more faith in a constitutional system that has survived wars and depressions to preserve the American republic. Interjecting traditional fears that feed Jewish insecurity with those about Trump does nothing to bring Americans together or bolster a community that is in no apparent danger from the president.

What About Jewish Terrorists?

June 19th, 2017

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a bank of excuses aimed at torpedoing any effort to renew the negotiations with the Palestinians

Odeh Bisharat for Haaretz

Did Israel pay child benefits to the family of Yigal Amir, the man who murdered Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin? Will Ehud Yatom, who killed the two Bus 300 hijackers with his own hands, get an old-age allowance? Does the state pay old-age benefits to Moshe Zar, who was the driver for the Jewish underground cell that in 1980 planted a bomb that led to the amputation of the legs of Nablus Mayor Bassam Shaka?

These are just some examples of Jews who were involved in acts of terror and the killing of prisoners. There are more. The answers to the questions, of course, are clear; these and others who committed acts of terror are getting social benefits. And that’s fine, because a properly run state makes a distinction between rights and duties.

Lawbreakers must be punished, but not deprived of their social rights; otherwise, it would be a jungle here. Even criminals have the right to live in dignity, not to mention their families, who are entitled to social benefits no matter what their relatives have done.

U.S. President Donald Trump violates this fundamental principle. He claims to want to achieve peace in the Middle East, while at the same time demanding that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas halt stipends to the families of Palestinian prisoners, thus sentencing tens of thousands of people, including many children, to poverty or even starvation, which sooner or later will fuel another outburst of violence.

Defense officials, who are familiar with developments in the occupied territories, should be the first to protest this catastrophic folly. They must tell the Americans that this is not the way to make peace; this is the way to create the next explosion. People turn to violence when they are suffering, not when things are going well for them. It’s axiomatic. “They threw him bound into the sea and warned him not to get wet,” goes a line in an Arab poem. The occupation is the sea, or more accurately, the swamp, that begets despair, depression and violence. If the sea/swamp of occupation did not exist, there would be no security prisoners.

After all, what can anyone expect from a child who is born between fences and behind checkpoints, who is also prevented from earning a living? For such a child the occupation sketches out a miserable future, whose gloom threatens both the occupiers and Israeli civilians. And then they roll their eyes and wonder why the Palestinians incite against Jews. Really, now! Has such a child ever met a Jew like author David Grossman? Do you expect a child whose room is being raided in the dead of night to sing “Heveinu Shalom Aleikhem?”

On the other hand, we must say that the Palestinians are required to fight all signs of disseminating racist hatred that attacks Jews just for being Jews. After all, that’s also a guarantee of a healthy society, since racist incitement sooner or later boomerangs, targeting the society from which the racism emerges. That’s why I would certainly be pleased if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would demand from Abbas to confiscate a book called “The Jewish Minority in Israel: Open and Hidden Processes,” written by some disturbed Palestinian professor, in which he calls Jews “parasites” and calls for them to be rounded up and placed in detention camps. How low can the Palestinians go? Not only is Abbas silent, but news reports say that 400 members of the Fatah Central Committee attended the book launch, along with senior Palestinian Authority and Fatah officials.

But let’s go back to where we began. It’s clear to anyone who is keeping track of the rabbits that Netanyahu keeps pulling out of his hat when facing any chance of renewed negotiations with the Palestinians that he’s imitating the military, where they prepare a bank of targets to be pulled out when necessary. Netanyahu has a bank of excuses aimed at torpedoing any political effort. Sometimes it’s Palestinian incitement, sometimes it’s a demand to recognize the Jewish state and sometimes it’s a claim that evacuating settlements is ethnic cleansing. When the stipend rabbit fades, be prepared for the next rabbit.

How Netanyahu Planned to Target Barack Obama in 2015 Election Ad

June 19th, 2017

ed note–and keep in mind, if Netanyahu would have gone to such lengths in ‘targeting’ a US President whose term was about to expire, imagine what he would do in trying to prevent someone even more problematic from getting elected, and then, after being unsuccessful in this endeavor, to pull the strings in getting him impeached, utilizing not only the JMSM in the US, but as well the ‘alternative’ media that includes significant persons/neighborhoods making up the ‘9’11 Truth’ movement’.Note how the piece states that Facebook was chosen as the medium for this agitprop and then consider what Facebook is now in terms of the entire ‘get Trump’ agenda that plays so prominently within circles of ‘DUH MUUVMINT’.


When tensions between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and then-U.S. President Barack Obama were at their height in March 2015, the premier’s Likud party conducted various opinion polls asking Israelis their views on the American leader and his secretary of state, John Kerry, leading to the formulation of a negative election campaign ad about them that was eventually shelved.

Likud conducted a total of 18 polls on the eve of the 2015 Knesset election that month – ranging from the popularity of the prime minister to the number of times the public visited the Ynet website. But the most explosive questions concerned the Israeli public’s attitude to Obama and Kerry. Netanyahu appeared in the U.S. Senate to talk about the Iran nuclear program, without first seeking the consent of the U.S. president.

Three separate Likud polls asked questions about Obama and Kerry. In one, the question was: “Is your opinion of U.S. President Barack Obama positive, negative or very negative?” The responses were 3.9 percent very positive; 28.5 percent positive; and 54 percent negative, of which 22 percent were very negative. Incidentally, 1 percent of respondents said they had never heard of the man.

In the same poll, the same question was asked about John Kerry. The numbers this time were even lower: 26 percent had a positive opinion of the politician leading U.S. efforts to restart the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, while 53 percent had a negative opinion.

In another survey, people were asked their opinion of Obama, along with their opinion of Netanyahu, Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog, Hatnuah Chairwoman Tzipi Livni; Kulanu leader Moshe Kahlon, Habayit Hayehudi head Naftali Bennett and Yisrael Beiteinu leader Avigdor Lieberman. Obama was the least popular: 34 percent of respondents had a positive opinion, while 52 percent had a negative one. By the way, the most popular person in that poll was Kahlon: 57 percent had a positive opinion of the former Likud lawmaker, 16 percent a negative opinion and 20 percent had no opinion.

The survey about Obama even served as the basis for an election campaign, although it was ultimately scrapped. The campaign was designed for Facebook, with the tagline: “We aren’t interested who answers the phone in the United States; we’re interested only in the security concerns of the State of Israel.”

The campaign ad included an unflattering image of Obama taken in October 2012 when, on the eve of the U.S. presidential election, he was speaking by phone to his supporters. When he discovered he had a wrong number on one call, he pulled a funny face in front of the camera; this was the picture Likud had intended to use in its ad.

He ran on Tehran, but…

Netanyahu devoted the first six years of his second spell as prime minister to waging a war against the Iranian nuclear program. Only history will gauge the level of his success, but according to the 2015 polls conducted by Likud, the subject didn’t interest the electorate.

Likud asked: “From among the following, what in your opinion is the main issue the prime minister should handle as a top priority?” Only 1.4 percent of respondents replied Iran; 38 percent replied “The cost of living”; 28 percent said security; 11 percent said housing costs; 4 percent said a change in the government system; and 12 percent said the Palestinian issue.

The problem with the “cost of living” issue for Likud was that while Netanyahu led by a wide margin over his competitors on the question of “Who would better handle security/the United States, etc.?” when it came to the economy Kahlon scored a better approval rating than Netanyahu. It was because of these poll results that the cost of living became the main issue on the final days of the 2015 campaign. A day before the election, Netanyahu promised to make Kahlon finance minister no matter how many seats his Kulanu party received. Netanyahu also promised that he would personally handle the housing crisis.

Likud also examined the degree of interest, on a scale of 1-10, in various problems the country was facing. Most of the public thought Israel should be protected from Hamas missiles, preserve a united Jerusalem, and ensure that Jordan doesn’t fall into the hands of the Islamic State group.

Another question was about “canceling regulation of the supply of natural gas – in other words, canceling arrangements regarding the supply of natural gas and leaving the subject to market forces.” The answers were split relatively evenly, which seems to indicate the public was either indifferent to the question or didn’t understand it at all.

Israel Providing Direct Aid and Funding to Syrian Rebels

June 19th, 2017

It’s been known that Israeli hospitals have treated wounded Syrian fighters, but Wall Street Journal report uncovers direct support in cash, without which fighters say they ‘wouldn’t have survived’

ed note–quite a few goodies contained herein–

First, keep in mind that the ONLY reason this story is seeing the light of day o an Israeli website is because someone else broke the story and Israel needs to control the narrative, and particularly with her assertion that the aid is merely ‘humanitarian’ in nature and not military. Had the WSJ not reported on this, it would never have risen to as much as a burp in the Israeli press.

‘The support has been substantial and direct, according to the report, including cash funds, food, fuel and medical supplies’. No mention of weapons, but this is already an established fact as evidenced by the various photos showing captured rebels with Israeli military hardware, in addition to the rebels who were interviewed by the Wall Street Journal who said plainly that ‘the funds were used to pay salaries and buy munitions.’

‘Israel stood by our side in a heroic way…We wouldn’t have survived without Israel’s assistance.’


Israel has been secretly providing aid to Syrian rebels in the Golan Heights for years with the goal of maintaining a buffer zone of friendly forces to keep ISIS and forces aligned with Iran at bay, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

The support has been substantial and direct, according to the report, including cash funds, food, fuel and medical supplies, creating a reality in which several armed groups and much of the civilian population in the area are reliant on Israeli aid.

The Wall Street Journal based its findings on information provided by “half a dozen rebels and three people familiar with Israel’s thinking,” who said that Israel’s secret dealings with the rebels began as early as 2013 under former Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and that they continue to this day, with the goal of keeping pro-Iranian groups, like Hezbollah, away from the border.

These sources told the Wall Street Journal that a special unit was carved out of the Israeli army to oversee to the aid operation and that Israel considers the situation far enough in advance that it sets out a specific budget to invest in the effort.

Fighters in Syria told the Wall Street Journal that Fursan al-Joulan (Knights of the Golan) is the main group coordinating with Israel, receiving approximately $5,000 a month in funds while receiving no support from other Western nations and is unaffiliated with the Free Syrian Army.

“Israel stood by our side in a heroic way,” the group’s spokesman, Moatasem al-Golani said to the Wall Street Journal. “We wouldn’t have survived without Israel’s assistance.”

Al-Golani said cooperation began when wounded fighters from among the group’s ranks managed to reach the Israeli border where they begged for help from Israeli soldiers who spoke Arabic. The wounded were taken for medical care in Israel, opening up the secret channel.

Fusan al-Joulan is said to have some 400 fighters and maintains loose alliances with four other groups on the Syrian side of the border with Israel, all of whom reportedly receive some amount of aid from Israel. Unlike Fursan al-Joulan, some of the groups benefit from Western backing and are affiliated in some capacity with the Free Syrian Army, according to the report.

While Israel’s medical assistance to wounded Syrians who arrive at the border has been public knowledge since the beginning of the civil war, the new information detailing the depth of Israeli support for the rebels could further escalate tensions with the Syrian government and President Bashar Assad’s forces, with whom Israel has technically been in a state of war with for decades. Israeli airstrikes have targeted forces in Syria on multiple occasions, mainly taking aim at weapons shipments en route to Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

One source confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that money does cross the border into Syria but that it is used for humanitarian purposes. Rebel fighters contradicted this claim, saying the funds were used to pay salaries and buy munitions.

The Wall Street Journal said the Israeli army wouldn’t comment on the rebels’ claims, but said Israel is “committed to securing the borders of Israel and preventing the establishment of terror cells and hostile forces … in addition to providing humanitarian aid to the Syrians living in the area.”

UN Sees Spike in Meetings Between Israeli Army, Syrian Rebels, Warns of Escalation

June 19th, 2017

ed note–please note a few items sticking out like the proverbial sore thumb in all this–

‘…all followed the same pattern: Unidentified people apparently affiliated with the rebel organizations, some of them armed, arrived at the IDF outpost accompanied by mules, and were greeted by the soldiers.’

The fact that the rebels were armed and yet that the IDF allowed them enter their security zone means Israel knows the ‘rebels’ are not dangerous to the Jewish state.

Also keep in mind, the UN’s ‘concern’ that continued interactions between the 2 groups could lead to ‘conflict’ that may involve UN personnel needs to be seen in its proper context as well, namely that the UN knows that having eyes on the ground and in the area to such incriminating events puts a target on those witnessing it all, thus inviting Israel to do what she always does when someone is in a position to give 1st hand accounts of her criminal behavior, which is to kill the witnesses.


During the last seven months, the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force has noted a significant escalation in contact and interactions between Israeli armed forces and rebel organizations along Israel’s border with Syria, chiefly in the area of Mt. Hermon, says a report released in recent days by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to the members of the UN Security Council.

The report expressed Guterres’ concern, for the first time, that the interactions between the Israelis and the rebel organizations could lead to escalation, causing harm to UN observers.

Published on June 8, the United Nations report describes the activity of the UN observers from March 2 to May 16. Every few days during that time, they observed meetings and contacts between the Israel Defense Forces and the rebels in the area of the border, including by the Hermon. Altogether they listed at least 16 such meetings in that time.

The meetings took place in proximity to UN outposts in the Mt. Hermon area, in the area of Quneitra and in the central Golan Heights, near moshav Yonatan.

“Relative to the previous reporting period, there has been a significant increase in interaction between Israel Defense Forces soldiers and individuals from the Bravo side, occurring on four occasions in February, three in March, eight in April and on one occasion in May,” the report stated, referring to the Syrian side of the border.

That increase in the number of interactions between Israeli soldiers and representatives of the rebels continues a trend evident in the previous report, which had been published on March 17. That report covered the period between November 18, 2016, and March 1, 2017, and listed at least 17 interactions along the Golan border, including in the vicinity of the Hermon.

According to both reports, UN observers saw 33 interactions between Israeli and rebel representatives over the last seven months.

In comparison, only two such meetings took place from August 30 to November 16 of last year according to UN reports, and they were only by the border, not by the Hermon.

One topic addressed in the latest report was meetings that took place in the area of the Hermon in the last three months. It stated that all such meetings happened in the vicinity of one of the IDF outposts there and all followed the same pattern: Unidentified people apparently affiliated with the rebel organizations, some of them armed, arrived at the IDF outpost accompanied by mules, and were greeted by the soldiers.

“In some instances, personnel and supplies were observed to have been transferred in both directions. On all occasions, the unknown individuals and mules returned to the Bravo side,” the report stated.

The UN secretary general clarified in the report that the nature of the interactions could not be observed.

“The Israel Defense Forces have stated that the interactions were of a humanitarian and medical nature,” the report said.

Israel contends that all the interactions with rebel representatives on the Syrian side were for humanitarian reasons, but in recent months the UN has started to view these interactions askance and began to warn they could lead to escalation. The report especially noted concern about the meetings around the Hermon, which the UN secretary-general defined as an area of strategic importance.

“Interaction between the Israel Defense Forces and unidentified individuals from the Bravo side, including in the area of Mount Hermon, has the potential to lead to clashes between armed elements and the Syrian Arab Armed Forces. I reiterate my call to both parties to the Disengagement of Forces Agreement regarding the requirement to maintain stability in the area. All military activities in the area of separation conducted by any actor pose a risk to the ceasefire and to the local civilian population, in addition to the United Nations personnel on the ground,” the secretary-general wrote in the report.

The UN secretary-general’s latest report on the activities of the UN observers on the Golan Heights, as well as the three preceding reports, criticized the Syrian army for bringing heavy weapons to the area of the border, violating the disengagement agreement. The UN also criticized Israel for the same thing.

According to the last four reports, in the last year the IDF has kept one or two batteries of the Iron Dome system in the Golan, and also holds heavy 155mm cannons and rocket launchers in the area, in violation of the disengagement agreement with Syria. UNDOF has protested the violations to both sides.

On Sunday, The Wall Street Journal reported Israel has been secretly providing aid to Syrian rebels in the Golan Heights for years, with the goal of maintaining a buffer zone of friendly forces to keep ISIS and forces aligned with Iran at bay.

Trump Envoy Meets Congressmen, Jewish Groups to Shore Up Support for ‘Ultimate’ Peace Deal

June 19th, 2017

Ahead of Mideast trip, Jason Greenblatt seeks to overcome obstacles in Washington to a renewed peace process


Ahead of another visit to the region by President Donald Trump’s special envoy to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, Jason Greenblatt, the White House is making efforts to recruit support on Capitol Hill and in the American Jewish community for its peace initiative. Greenblatt met last week with members of Congress and delegations of Jewish groups affiliated with the right wing, to explain Trump’s desire to reach “the ultimate deal” between Israel and the Palestinians.

On Thursday, Greenblatt met with a group of six members of Congress – three Democrats and three Republicans – to discuss Trump’s policy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and see if there are ways to create bi-partisan support for renewing the peace process.

Two of the Republicans who participated in the meeting are considered among the more moderate members of the party on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Rep. John “Jimmy” Duncan was one of the only Republicans to recently sign a letter to Trump calling on him to express support for the two-state solution, while Rep. Jeff Fortenbery cosponsored a bill this March to create an international fund for supporting Israeli-Palestinian peace and reconciliation.

Greenblatt tried during the meeting to see how it would be possible to overcome the political obstacles that a renewed peace process could face in Washington. Republican lawmakers, who mostly support Trump these days, won’t necessarily offer him the same level of support on the Israeli-Palestinian issue, since large parts of the Republican party base have in recent years adopted more extreme positions, mirroring those of Israel’s right wing. Meanwhile, Democratic lawmakers, who should, in theory, be more supportive of the president’s peace efforts, have so far not expressed open support, at least partly because of the intense hatred for Trump among the base of the party. When Trump announced earlier this month that he will delay moving of the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem so as not to hurt the prospects for a peace agreement, no members of Congress – from either party – expressed support for his decision.

The three Democrats who participated in the meeting with Greenblatt were Peter Welch (Vermont), John Yarmuth (Kentucky) and David Price (North Carolina) — all considered strong supporters of a two-state solution. (Price initiated the bi-partisan letter to Trump in March calling on him to express public support for this long-standing U.S. policy.) Welch told Haaretz that he and his colleagues followed Trump’s recent visit to Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and were satisfied by his declarations of support for the peace process and America’s role in reaching an agreement.

“I called Greenblatt to say ‘good job over there’ and he indicated his desire to have meetings on Capitol Hill with small groups of Democrats and Republicans,” Welch explained. “Greenblatt impressed us as very serious about the effort and very committed – it was an indication of seriousness of purpose. One of the things that ultimately will be important to do is to build bipartisan support and engagement on Capitol Hill and this is constructive. There are a lot of us in Congress that want to be helpful in getting a secure peace and him getting us involved early on is a very positive thing.”

Greenblatt also held two meetings this week with Jewish organizations that are considered supportive of Israel and the current right-wing Israeli government. On Wednesday he spoke to the leadership of the “Republican Jewish Coalition,” an organization funded by billionaire Sheldon Adelson that was harshly critical of the Obama administration’s attempts to reach an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, and so far has not taken a clear position on Trump’s diplomatic efforts.

Greenblatt told the organization’s delegation to Washington that the Trump administration will stick to its promise not to force an agreement on the two sides, and that one of the purposes of his upcoming trip to Israel and the Palestinian Authority is to begin looking for formulas and understandings between the two parties. An American official who was briefed about the contents of the conversation told Haaretz that Greenblatt “reiterated that the president remains committed to advancing peace between Israel and the Palestinians and expressed that any peace agreement must be the result of direct negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians at some future date.” The official added that Greenblatt also “said that while the United States is committed to helping the parties reach an agreement, ultimately the parties must agree to the terms of the agreement and that the U.S. will not impose a deal on either party.”

The next day, Greenblatt met with the leadership of the Orthodox Union, the largest umbrella organization representing Orthodox Jews in the U.S., which is not a political organization, but is considered right-of-center on the conflict. Greenblatt repeated the message about not forcing an agreement on the parties, and said that President Trump is fully committed to Israel’s security. Greenblatt also said that Trump hasn’t lost interest in reaching a peace deal, despite all the other important issues he is currently dealing with. “He said that this is a priority for the president and that he sees it as part of his overall commitment to assist Israel and make it stronger and more secure,” said one participant at the meeting.

The most problematic political “landmine” that the administration is currently trying to defuse is the issue of payments by the Palestinian Authority to convicted terrorists and their families. The “Taylor Force Act,” which calls on the United States government to halt all financial support of the Palestinian Authority until the PA stops these payments, is gaining more and more support on Capitol Hill – in recent weeks, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia signed on as a co-sponsor, and other Democratic senators have stated that they will support the bill, which has also received the blessing of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

These developments create a challenge for the White House. On the one hand, if the legislation – originally sponsored by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham – passes as it is, it could make it harder to renew the peace process, and could also create an economic crisis in the West Bank. On the other hand, the administration will find it very hard to oppose this bill or try to stop it, especially since Trump has already let down many of his right-wing supporters in the Jewish community with his decision to sign the presidential waiver delaying the relocation of the embassy to Jerusalem.

On Thursday evening, Greenblatt met for a personal conversation with Graham, and discussed the legislation with him. The issue also came up in his conversation with the other members of Congress and with the Jewish organizations. Greenblatt said that the Trump administration is trying to solve the issue of the payments to terrorists in dialogue with the Palestinian Authority, and that he believes a solution is possible. “He was very cautious and didn’t go into much detail on what that solution would look like,” one participant said.

At the same time that the administration is working to solve the payments issue with the Palestinians, there are efforts on Capitol Hill – supported by the influential pro-Israeli lobby AIPAC – to soften the Taylor Force Act so that it could receive more Democratic support, and also not cause any damage to Trump’s efforts to restart the peace process. One option that is being discussed is to phrase the bill in a way that would not lead to a total halt of all aid to the Palestinians, but rather, deduct from it the amount going to the terrorists and their families. A vote on the bill could come as soon as August, which means that Greenblatt has a little more than a month to find a solution to this problem that would satisfy all sides, and also increase support in Washington for Trump’s diplomatic efforts.

Trump very well-positioned for Mideast peace push, former US envoy says

June 19th, 2017

Given good relations with both sides and sharp tongue on Twitter, US president ‘is at the point of maximum leverage’

ed note–That ‘maximum leverage’ described by Shapiro that Trump enjoys is evaporating by the minute as Judea, Inc and all her subsidiary corporations (including a sizable number of useful idiots within the ‘911 Truth Movement’) relentlessly chew away at Trump’s base of support and his sanity with their incessant screeching and talk of impeachment. And remember, Shapiro, Netanyahu et al can safely engage in all this talk of ‘wanting peace’ as it paints the picture of the reasonable, rational player while at the same time doing everything they can behind the scenes to scuttle the whole deal, including blowing something up and blaming it on the ‘unreasonable, irrational’ Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese, Iranians, Russians, etc.

Times of Israel

If it moves rapidly, the US administration is exceptionally well-placed to achieve substantive progress on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, former US ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro said Monday.

Given the positive relations President Donald Trump has established with all the major players in the region, it will be difficult for them to turn down any request he and his emissaries make as they try to restart bilateral negotiations, Shapiro, who served as president Barack Obama’s ambassador here from August 2011 until January 2011, said hours after the White House announced it was sending two top officials to try to jump-start talks.

“I think they should move quickly. I believe the president is at the point of his maximum leverage right now,” Shapiro said during a conference call organized by The Israel Project. “It’s very difficult for any party in the region, after those early positive interactions, to say no to him. He has established friendly relations; each sides wants to do more to deepen those positive relations with him.”

Both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas have visited Trump in the White House and subsequently hosted him during his May trip to the region. Trump, who said in Israel on May 23 that he was convinced both sides are “ready to reach for peace,” has also met with other key stakeholders, such as the leaders of Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

On Monday morning, a senior White House official said the president’s special envoy for international negotiations, Jason Greenblatt, and his senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner, would visit the region this week to advance the peace process.

Kushner and Greenblatt ‘have a real opportunity to move quickly to capitalize on the leverage the president has attained’

While Greenblatt has shuttled to Jerusalem and Ramallah a number of times since Trump took office, the addition of Kushner, considered one of the more powerful figures in the administration, raises the stakes, Shapiro posited.

“It essentially dares each party to say no. And my guess is they won’t,” he said.

If Kushner and Greenblatt were to present, on the president’s behalf, a set of principles and guidelines to guide the negotiations process, no party will want to risk being seen as the one rejecting it out of hand, the former envoy predicted.

“They may say ‘yes, but.’ They may say ‘yes’ with reservations. But I think they [Kushner and Greenblatt] have a real opportunity to move quickly to capitalize on the leverage the president has attained,” he said.

Shapiro pointed to Trump’s unpredictability, including his famous affinity for lashing out at people on Twitter, as a source of Israelis’ and Palestinians’ fears of saying no to the administration. His tweeting “is an asset in that context” and regional leaders’ concern over a possible reprisal for perceived obstinacy “gives him additional leverage,” said Shapiro, who currently serves as a distinguished visiting fellow at Tel Aviv’s Institute for National Security Studies.

Trump has made plain that he has certain concrete expectations of all sides — i.e, Israel’s limiting settlement building and the PA’s cutting of payments to terrorists’ families — and has hinted that he asked moderate Sunni Arab states to make “gestures of normalization to Israel,” Shapiro said.

“It seems to me that his preliminary conversations have led to the point where the time is coming for he and his administration to put forth their own ideas, perhaps to propose a set of principles to guide negotiations on final status and on the steps each side can take to support that effort,” said Shapiro, who was involved in the last round of failed talks, in 2013-2014.

Kushner and Greenblatt will meet with Netanyahu and Abbas separately in the coming days, to discuss “their priorities and potential next steps,” the senior White House official told The Times of Israel Monday morning.

“It is important to remember that forging an historic peace agreement will take time and to the extent that there is progress, there are likely to be many visits by both Mr. Kushner and Mr. Greenblatt, sometimes together and sometimes separately, to the region and possibly many trips by Israeli and Palestinian negotiators to Washington, DC, or other locations as they pursue substantive talks,” the senior official said.

Greenblatt is expected in the region on Monday, followed by Kushner on Wednesday.

“Even while working behind the scenes to advance direct, bilateral negotiations between the parties, we will continue to communicate with the relevant constituencies throughout the region,” the senior official said, “to remind all that peace is possible and to demonstrate the many positive benefits that would arise from a successful negotiations.”

The official said the two would “continue conversations” with Israeli and Palestinian leaders, following their trip last month to the region with the president himself. Trump met with Netanyahu and Abbas and a host of other officials in pursuit of what he has called “the ultimate deal.”

No major breakthroughs were expected this week, the official added, stressing, however that “the president has asked some of his most trusted advisers to spearhead the peace effort.”

“President Trump has made it clear that working toward achieving a lasting peace agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians is a top priority for him,” the White House official said. “He strongly believes that peace is possible.”

Russia to treat US jets in Syria as ‘targets’ after America guns down first regime warplane

June 19th, 2017

Communication channel between Washington and Moscow to be suspended immediately

ed note–There are dozens of different scenarios that provide background and possible explanation (s) as to what this is all about, but we’ll keep it simple to just 2–

1. The original US downing of the Syrian jet could have been a repeat of Trump’s pseudo-bombing of the Syrian airfield a few months back. The downing of the jet provides Russia with the pretext of upping the ante on her part, thus giving Trump some ‘wiggle room’ in de-escalating US involvement vis a vis the Syrian quagmire into which the Neo-cons (who are still firmly entrenched within the Pentagon and its semi-autonomous decision making pyramid) are obviously trying to further embroil the US. At this point, with Russia coming out with such obviously ominous warnings, anyone–whether they are within the Israeli-dominated Congress, the Pentagon or the Neo-con thinktanks trying to get a war between the US and Russia started, now have the onus on them if something goes wrong.

The other possibility, and the one that all sane persons don’t want to think about for even a millisecond, is that Judea, Inc has finally broken Trump through the obvious, no-holds-barred screeching campaign that has warn his nerves to a frazzle to the point he has finally surrendered, and if indeed this is the case, then all those ‘experts’ in DUH MUUVMINT who contributed to this wall of noise can credit themselves for acting as willfull allies in helping Israel attain what she has been trying to achieve since the moment Trump threw his hat into the presidential ring–a docile, cooperative CiC who will not stand in the way of the entire ‘Greater Israel’ project.

Either way, no one should see this latest development in any other light other than extremely serious and something which–even if it is best explained/understood as a political maneuver on Trump’s part–still represents nevertheless an extremely dangerous situation that can be exploited by Israel in getting the war started that she has been planning now since 70 A.D.


Russia has said it will treat US warplanes operating in parts of Syria where its air forces are present as “targets” amid a diplomatic row caused by the downing of a Syrian jet.

The country’s defence ministry said the change in position would apply to all aircraft, including those operating as part of the US-backed coalition.

It will also suspend a hotline between Russia and the US set up to prevent mid-air collisions.

The ministry said in a statement: “All kinds of airborne vehicles, including aircraft and UAVs of the international coalition detected to the west of the Euphrates River will be tracked by the Russian SAM systems as air targets.”

The warning followed after a US F-18 Super Hornet shot down a Syrian army SU-22 jet on Sunday in the countryside southwest of Raqqa – the first such downing of a Syrian jet by the US since the start of the country’s civil war in 2011.

Washington said the jet had dropped bombs near US-backed forces but Damascus said the plane was downed while flying a mission against Isis militants.

Russia’s Defence Ministry said the suspension of its communication channel with the Americans would begin immediately.

The US did not use its communication channel with Russia ahead of the downing of the Syrian government warplane, the ministry was quoted as saying, accusing the US of a “deliberate failure to make good on its commitments” under the de-confliction deal.

“The shooting down of a Syrian Air Force jet in Syria’s airspace is a cynical violation of Syria’s sovereignty,” the ministry said.

“The US’ repeated combat operations under the guise of ‘combating terrorism’ against the legitimate armed forces of a UN member-country are a flagrant violation of international law and an actual military aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic.”

Russia, which has been providing air cover for Syria’s President, Bashar al-Assad, since 2015, has an agreement with the US aimed at preventing incidents involving either country’s warplanes engaged in operations in Syria.

Downing the jet was akin to “helping the terrorists that the US is fighting against”, Sergei Ryabkov, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, said.

“In accordance with rules of engagement and in collective self-defence of Coalition partnered forces, it was immediately shot down by a US F/A-18E Super Hornet,” a statement released by US Central Command on Sunday said.

“The Coalition’s mission is to defeat Isis in Iraq and Syria. The Coalition does not seek to fight Syrian regime, Russian, or pro-regime forces partnered with them, but will not hesitate to defend Coalition or partner forces from any threat.

“The Coalition presence in Syria addresses the imminent threat Isis in Syria poses globally. The demonstrated hostile intent and actions of pro-regime forces toward Coalition and partner forces in Syria conducting legitimate counter-ISIS operations will not be tolerated.”

Oliver Stone: Shocked at How the CIA is Treating Trump

June 19th, 2017

Finsbury Park terror attack: Van driver shouted ‘I want to kill all Muslims’ before ploughing into Muslims

June 19th, 2017

ed note (tony)…Wonder if fox news will claim that the driver had a “Bernie” bumper sticker on his van……

Link here

Israeli Invasions Into Al-Aqsa Mosque Continue, Resulting In Injuries And Abductions

June 18th, 2017


IMEMC NEWS – Israeli soldiers, including undercover officers and groups of colonialist settlers, continued their invasions and provocative tours into the courtyards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, in occupied East Jerusalem, while the soldiers also attacked and injured many worshipers.


How is Israel spending our money?

June 18th, 2017

Netanyahu money 10000 dollars

IAK – Given that American taxpayers give Israel $10 million per day, it’s important to be well-informed about the nation that receives on average 7,000 times more US tax money per capita money than other nations around the world. CONTINUE READING