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Senator Lindsay Graham’s Solution for Unemployment in South Carolina

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Senator Lindsay Graham’s Solution for Unemployment in South Carolina

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Should young illegal immigrants be able to obtain driver’s license?

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Should beneficiaries from the Obama Deferred Action plan Childhood Arrivals be able to obtain driver’s licenses?

Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson has said earlier this month that she would deny driver’s license and identification cards to illegal immigrants who would benefit from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

About 50 West Michigan residents plan to protest Johnson’s policy on Wednesday, Oct. 24, outside a Secretary of State branch office at Rogers Plaza in Wyoming. They believe immigrants covered under Obama’s plan — those who arrived before age 16 and who were not older than 31 as of June 15, 2012 — should have the opportunity to drive legally.

Attorney Robert Alvarez, who sides with the protesters, said that this is about common sense.

“USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) is entitling them to work, saying they are not going to be deported, they are eligible for obtaining a Social Security number and go to school. If (the government) is giving them these privileges, why are they not considered legally present?” Alvarez questioned.”

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If All Black Countries In 1965

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012


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7 illegal immigrants deported to Middle East

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Seven illegal immigrants from Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq who were discovered last year in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) waters were finally deported back to their home countries on Wednesday.

Immigration officials said the seven were heading to Asmore Reef, Australia seeking asylum when police arrested them in separate locations, including Rote Ndao.

Officials used Batavia Air airplanes at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta to return the seven immigrants to where they had come from after transporting them from El Tari Airport in Kupang in an airplane that departed at 10 a.m. local time (8 a.m. Jakarta time).

According to NTT immigration detention center head Nur El Islami as quoted, the immigrants themselves had made the deportation request.

Nur said that they were tired of being held up for a year without any clear understanding of their immigration status.

In addition to these seven immigrants, Nur said that the Immigration Office would relocate some 30 other illegal immigrants to other locations in Indonesia due to overcapacity, with 138 illegal immigrants currently detained in the province.

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Young illegal immigrants coming out of the shadows

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

It began several years ago, tentatively, almost furtively, with a few small rallies and a few provocative T-shirts. In the past two years it has grown into a full-fledged movement, emboldening thousands of young people, terrifying their parents, and unsettling authorities unsure of how to respond.

From California to New York, children of families who live here illegally are “coming out” — marching behind banners that say “undocumented and unafraid,” staging sit-ins in federal offices, and getting arrested outside federal immigration courts and detention centers, even in Maricopa County, Ariz., home of the sworn enemy of illegal immigrants, Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

In “outing” their families as well as themselves, they know they risk being deported. But as states pass ever more stringent anti-illegal immigration laws — and critics denounce their parents as criminals — these young people say they have no choice. Even critics sympathetic to their cause say that it’s too costly to provide public services to non-citizens and that offering them a path to citizenship rewards their parents’ lawbreaking.

Still, more and more young people are asserting their right to stay.

“Coming out was like a weight was lifted,” says Angy Rivera, a 21-year-old New Yorker, who was born in Colombia and came here with her mother when she was 3. “I wasn’t lying about my life anymore.”

Growing up in Queens, Rivera’s mother told her to trust no one, to stay away from people in authority, to never mention her immigration status. But it wasn’t until Rivera started looking for jobs and applying to college that she fully understood how different she was. She couldn’t work without a Social Security number. And, as a non-citizen, she wasn’t eligible for financial aid, despite top grades.

She would look at her three younger siblings — all citizens because they were born here — and weep. Unlike her, they didn’t have to worry about college, jobs, driving, traveling, planning a future.

Rivera is active in the New York State Youth Leadership Council, which offers training sessions on “coming out,” lobbies lawmakers in Albany, and has an impressive website packed with information and practical advice. It is one of many such organizations that have sprung up across the country, focused on helping youth, fighting deportations, and educating the public about the kind of stateless limbo in which they feel trapped.

Recently they have begun escalating their protests, testing the Obama administration’s professed new policy of “prosecutorial discretion,” designed to focus on the deportation of known criminals, not students or immigrants with no criminal record.

“When we challenge the system, the system doesn’t know what to do with us,” says Mohammad Abdollahi, a member of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance. Abdollahi, 26, who came from Iran at the age of 3 and grew up in Ann Arbor, Mich., has a powerful personal story. As a gay man, he cannot return to a country where homosexuality is a crime punishable by imprisonment or even death — a fact he says he uses to good effect whenever he is threatened with deportation.

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Text of the Enabling Act 1933

Friday, April 27th, 2012

The Enabling Act of March 1933 was formally known as the ‘law to remedy the distress of the people and the nation’. The Enabling Act gaveHitler huge power over every aspect of life in Nazi Germany. For such an important act, it had few articles to it:


“The Reichstag has enacted the following law, which is hereby proclaimed with the assent of the Reichsrat, it having been established that the requirements for a constitutional amendment have been fulfilled.


Article 1: In addition to the procedure prescribed by the constitution, laws of the Reich may also be enacted by the government of the Reich. This includes the laws referred to by Articles 85 Paragraph 2 and Article 87 of the constitution.


Article 2: Laws enacted by the government of the Reich may deviate from the constitution as long as they do not affect the institutions of the Reichstag and the Reichsrat. The rights of the President remain undisturbed.


Article 3: Laws enacted by the Reich government shall be issued by the Chancellor and announced in the Reich Gazette. They shall take effect on the day following the announcement, unless they prescribe a different date. Articles 68 to 77 of the constitution do not apply to laws enacted by the Reich government.


Article 4: Treaties of the Reich with foreign states which affect matters of Reich legislation shall not require the approval of the bodies of the legislature. The government of the Reich shall issue the regulations required for the execution of such treaties.


Article 5: This law takes effect with the day of its proclamation. It loses force on April 1st 1937 of if the present Reich government is replaced by another.”

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Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

If loyalty is so important in the economic and social structure, it is necessary to examine it further as itself.

In the field of Psycho-politics, loyalty means simply ‘alignment. It means, more fully, alignment with the goals of the Communist State. Disloyalty means entirely miss-alignment, and more broadly, miss-alignment with the goals of the Communist State.

When we consider that the goals of the Communist State are to the best possible benefit of the masses, we can see that disloyalty, as a term. can embrace Democratic alignment. Loyalty to persons not communistically indoctrinated would be quite plainly a miss-alignment.

The cure of disloyalty is entirely contained in the principles of alignment. All that it is necessary to do, where disloyalty is encountered. is to align the purposes of the individual toward the goals of Communism, and it will be discovered that a great many circumstances hitherto distasteful in his existence will cease to exist.

The technologies of Psycho-politics adequately demonstrate the workability of this.

While it is not borne out that electric shock has any therapeutic value, so far as making the individual more sane. it is adequately brought out that its punishment value will create in the patient a grater cooperative attitude. Brain surgery has no statistical data to recommend it beyond its removal of the individual personality from amongst the paths of organs which were not permitted to co-operate. These two (Soviet) Russian developments have never pretended to alter the state of sanity. They are only effective and workable in introducing an adequate punishment mechanism to the personality to make it cease and desist from its courses and egotistical direction of the anatomy itself. It is the violence of the electric shock and the surgery which, useful in subduing the recalcitrant personality, which is all that stands in the road of the masses or the State. It is occasionally to be discovered that the removal of the preventing personality by shock and surgery then permits the re-growth and re-establishment of organs which have been rebelled against by that personality. In that a well-regulated state is composed of organisms, not personalities. the use of electric shock and brain surgery in Psycho politics is clearly demonstrated.

The changing of loyalty consists, in its primary step. of the eradication of existing loyalties. This can be done in one of two ways. First, by demonstrating that previously existing loyalties have brought about perilous physical circumstances, such as imprisonment, lack of recognition, duress, or privation, and second, by eradicating the personality itself.

The first is accomplished by a steady and continuous indoctrination of the individual in the belief that his previous loyalties have been granted to an unworthy source. One of the primary instances in this is creating circumstances which apparently derive from the target of his loyalties, so as to rebuff the individual. As part of this there is the creation of a state of mind in the individual, by actually placing him under duress, and then furnishing him with false evidence to demonstrate that the target of his previous loyalties is, itself, the course of the duress. Another portion of this same method consists of defaming or degrading the individual whose loyalties are to be changed to the target of his loyalties, i.e., superiors or government, to such a degree that this target, at length, actually does hold the individual in disrepute, and so does rebuff him and serve to convince him that his loyalties have been misplaced. These are the milder methods, but have proven extremely effective. The greatest drawback in their practice is that they require time and concentration, the manufacture of false evidence, and a psycho-political operator’s time.

In moments of expediency, of which there are many, the personality itself can be rearranged by shock, surgery, duress, privation, and in particular, that best of psycho-political techniques, implantation, with the technologies of neo-hypnotism. Such duress must have in its first part a defamation of the loyalties, and in its second, the implantation of new loyalties. A good and experienced psycho-political operator, working under the most favorable circumstances, can, by the use of psycho-political technologies, alter the loyalties of an individual so deftly that his own companions will not suspect that they have changed. This, however, requires considerably more finesse than is usually necessary to the situation. Mass neo-hypnotism can accomplish more or less the same results when guided by an experienced psycho-political operator. An end goal in such a procedure would be the alteration of the loyalties of an entire nation in a short period of time by mass neo-hypnotism, a thing which has been effectively accomplished among the less-usable states of Russia.

It is adequately demonstrated that loyalty is entirely lacking in that mythical commodity known as “spiritual quality.’ * Loyalty is entirely a thing of dependence, economic or mental, and can be changed by the crudest implementations. Observation of workers in their factories or fields demonstrates that they easily grant loyalty to a foreman or a woman. And, then as easily abandon it and substitute another individual, repulsing, at the same time, toward the person to whom loyalty was primarily granted. The queasy insecurity of the masses in Capitalistic nations finds this more common than in an enlightened State such as Russia. In Capitalistic states. dependencies are so craven, wants and privations are so exaggerated, that loyalty is entirely without ethical foundation and exists only in the realm of dependency, duress, or demand. Note: This of course is a demonstrable lie; Americans have always been known for their loyalty and patriotism.

It is fortunate that Communism so truly approaches an ideal state of mind, for this brings a certain easiness into any changing of loyalties, since all other philosophies extant and practiced on Earth today are degraded and debased, compared to Communism. It is then with a certain security that a psycho-political operator functions, for he knows that he can change the loyalty of an individual to a more ideal level by reason alone, and only expediency makes it necessary to employ the various shifts of psycho-political technology. Any man who cannot be persuaded into Communist rationale is, of course. to be regarded as somewhat less than sane and it is, therefore completely justified to use the techniques of insanity upon the non-Communist.

In order to change loyalty it is necessary to establish first the existing loyalties of the individual. The task is made very simple in view of the fact that Capitalistic and Fascistic nations have no great security in the loyalty of their subjects. And it may be found that the loyalties of the subjects, as we call any person against whom psycho-political technology is to be exerted, are already too faint to require eradication. It is generally only necessary to persuade with the rationale and overwhelming reasonability of Communism to have the person grant his loyalty to the Russian State. However, regulated only by the importance of the subject, no great amount of time should be expended upon the individual, but emotional duress, or electric shock, or brain surgery should be resorted to, should Communist propaganda persuasion fail. In a case of a very important person, it may be necessary to utilize the more delicate technologies of psycho-politics so as to place the person himself, and his associates, in ignorance of the operation. In this case a simple implantation is used, with a maximum duress and command value. Only the most skilled Psycho-political operator should be employed on such a project. as in this case of the very important person, for a bungling might disclose the tampering with his mental processes. it is much more highly recommended, if there is any doubt whatever about the success of an operation against an important person, to select out as a psycho-political target persons in his vicinity in whom he is emotionally involved. His wife or children normally furnish the best targets, and these can he operated against without restraint. In securing the loyalty of a very important person one must place at his side a constant pleader who enters a sexual or familial chord into the situation on the side of Communism. it may not be necessary to make a Communist out of the wife, or the children, or one of the children, but it might prove efficacious to do so. In most instances, however, this is not possible. By the use of various drugs, it is, in this modern age, and well within the realm of psycho-political reality, entirely too easy to bring about a state of severe neurosis or insanity in the wife or children, and thus pass them, with full consent of the important person, and the government in which he exists, or the bureau in which he is operating, into the hands of a psycho-political operator, who then in his own laboratory, without restraint or fear of investigation or censor, can, with electric shock, surgery, sexual attack, drugs, or other useful means, degrade or entirely alter the personality of a family member, and create in that person a psycho-political slave subject who, then, on command or signal, will perform outrageous actions, thus discrediting the important person, or will demand, on a more delicate level, that certain measures be taken by the important person, which measures are, of course, dictated by the Psycho-political operator. Note: Have you ever wondered when children of important people discredit their parents?

Usually when the party has no real interest in the activities or decisions of the important person, but merely wishes to remove him from effective action, the attention of the psycho-political operator need not be so intense, and the person need only be passed into the hands of some unwitting mental practitioner, who taught as he is by psycho-political operators, will bring about sufficient embarrassment.

When the loyalty of an individual cannot he swerved, and where the opinion, weight, or effectiveness of the individual stands firmly in the road of Communist goals, it is usually best to occasion a mild neurosis in the person by any available means, and then, having carefully given him a history of mental imbalance, to see to it that he disposes of himself by suicide, or by bringing about his demise in such a way as to resemble suicide. Psycho-political operators have handled such situations skillfully? Tens of thousands of times within and without Russia. Note: Bangs Paul Jensen, James Forrestal, Marilyn Monroe, Vince Foster, possibly Gen. George Patton.

It is a firm principle of Psycho-politics that the person to be destroyed must be involved at first or second hand in the stigma of insanity, and must have been placed in contact with psycho-political operators or persons trained by them, with a maximum amount of tumult and publicity. The stigma of insanity is properly placed at the door of such persons’ reputations and is held there firmly by bringing out irrational acts, either on his own part or in his vicinity. Such an activity can he classified as a partial destruction of alignment, and if this destruction is carried forward to its furthest extent the miss-alignment on the subject of all loyalties can be considered to be complete, and alignment on new loyalties can be embarked upon safely. By bringing about insanity or suicide on the part of the wife of an important political personage, a sufficient miss-alignment has been instigated to change his attitude. And this, carried forward firmly, or assisted by Psycho-political implantation can begin the rebuilding of his loyalties, but now slanted in a more proper and fitting direction.

Another reason for the alignment of psycho-political activities with the miss-alignment of insanity is that insanity, itself, is a despised and disgraced state, and anything connected with it is lightly viewed. Thus, a psycho-political operator, working in the vicinity of an insane person, can refute and disprove any accusations made against him by demonstrating that the family itself is tainted with mental imbalance. This is surprisingly effective in Capitalistic countries where insanity is so thoroughly feared that no one would dream of investigating any circumstances in its vicinity. Psycho-political propaganda works constantly and must work constantly to increase and build up this aura of mystery surrounding insanity, and must emphasize the horror and hopelessness of insanity in order to excuse non-therapeutic actions taken against the insane; particularly in capitalistic countries, an insane person has no rights under law. No person who is insane may hold property. No person who is insane may testify. Thus, we have an excellent road along which we can travel toward our certain goal and destiny.

Entirely by bringing about public conviction that the sanity of a person is in question, it is possible to discount and eradicate all of the goals and activities of that person. By demonstrating the insanity of a group, or even a government, it is possible, then, to cause its people to disavow it. By magnifying the general human reaction to insanity, through keeping the subject of insanity, itself, forever before the public eye, and then, by utilizing this reaction by causing a revulsion on the part of a populace against its leader or leaders, it is possible to stop any government or movement.

It is important to know that the entire subject of loyalty is thus as easily handled as it is. One of the first and foremost missions of the Psycho-politician is to make an attack upon Communism and insanity synonymous. It should become the definition of insanity, of the paranoid variety, that “A paranoid believes he is being attacked by Communists.” Thus, at once the support of the individual so attacking Communism will fall away and wither. Note: How anti-Communists are labeled as “right-wing extremists, paranoid, racist, anti-Semite, neo-Nazi, homophobes, etc.”

Instead of executing national leaders, suicide for them should be arranged under circumstances which question their demise. In this way we can select out all opposition to the Communist extension into the social orders of the world, and render populaces who would oppose us leaderless, and bring about a state of chaos or miss-alignment into which we can thrust, with great simplicity, the clear and forceful doctrines of Communism.

The cleverness of our attack in this field of Psycho-politics is adequate to avoid the understanding of the layman and the usual stupid official, and by operating entirely under the banner of authority, with the oft-repeated statement that the principles of psychotherapy are too devious for common understanding, an entire revolution can be effected without the suspicion of a populace until it is an accomplished fact.

As insanity is the maximum miss-alignment, it can be grasped to be the maximum weapon in severance of loyalties to leaders and old social orders. Thus, it is of the utmost importance that psycho-political operatives infiltrate the healing arts of a nation marked for conquest, and bring from that quarter continuous pressure against the population and the government until at last the conquest is affected. This is the subject and goal of Psycho-politics, itself.

In rearranging loyalties we must have a command of their values. In the animal the first loyalty is to himself. This is destroyed by demonstrating errors to him, showing him that he does not remember, cannot act or does not trust himself. The second loyalty is to his family unit, his parents and brothers and sisters. This is destroyed by making a family unit economically non-dependent, by lessening the value of marriage, by making an easiness of divorce and by raising the children wherever possible by the State. The next loyalty is to his friends and local environment. This is destroyed by lowering his trust and bringing about reporting upon him allegedly by his fellows, or the town or village authorities. The next is to the State and this, for the purposes of Communism, is the only loyalty which should exist once the state is founded as a Communist State. To destroy loyalty to the State all manner of forbidding for youth must be put into effect so as to disenfranchise them as members of the Capitalist state and, by promises of a better lot under Communism, to gain their loyalty to a Communist movement.

Denying a Capitalist country easy access to courts, bringing about and supporting propaganda to destroy the home, creating and continuous juvenile delinquency, forcing upon the state all manner of practices to divorce the child from it will in the end create the chaos necessary to Communism. Note: Current efforts to take very young children from parental care and place in govt. run day-care centers. See Feb. 1976 House Bill #2966 and Senate Bill #626.

Under the saccharine guise of assistance to them, rigorous child labor laws are the best means to deny the child any right in the society. By refusing to let him earn, by forcing him into unwanted dependence upon a grudging parent, by making certain in other channels that the parent is never in other than economic stress, the child can be driven in his teens into revolt. Delinquency will ensue.

By making readily available drugs of various kinds, by giving the teenager alcohol, by praising his wildness, by stimulating him with sex literature and advertising to him or her practices as taught at the Sexpol, * the psycho-political operator can create the necessary attitude of chaos, idleness and worthlessness into which can then be cast the solution which will give the teenager complete freedom everywhere – Communism. Note: Current efforts towards S.E.I.C.U.S. education in the public school.

Should it be possible to continue conscription beyond any reasonable time by promoting unpopular wars and other means the draft can always stand as a further barrier to the progress of youth in life, destroying any immediate hope to participate in his nation’s civil life.

By these means patriotism of youth for their Capitalistic flag can be dulled to a point where they are no longer dangerous as soldiers. While this might require many decades to effect, Capitalism’s short term view will never envision the lengths across which we can plan. If we could effectively kill the national pride and patriotism of just one generation we will have won that country. Therefore there must be continual propaganda abroad to undermine the loyalty of the citizens in general and the teenager in particular.

The role of the Psycho-political operator in this is very strong. He can, from his position as an authority on the mind, advise all manner of destructive measures. He can teach the lack of control of this child at home. He can instruct, in an optimum situation, the entire nation in how to handle children – and instruct them so that the children, given no control, given no real home, can run wildly about with no responsibility for their nation or themselves.

The miss-alignment of the loyalty of youth to a Capitalistic nation sets the proper stage for a realignment of their loyalties with Communism. Creating a greed for drugs, sexual misbehavior and uncontrolled freedom and presenting this to them as a benefit of Communism will with ease bring about our alignment.

In the case of strong leaders amongst youthful groups, a psycho-political operator can work in many ways to use or discard that leadership. If it is to be used, the character of the girl or boy must be altered carefully into criminal channels and a control by blackmail or other means must be maintained. But where the leadership is not susceptible, where it resists all persuasions and might become dangerous to our Cause, no pains must be spared to direct the attention of the authorities to that person and to harass him in one way or another until he can come into the hands of juvenile authorities. When this has been effected it can be hoped that a psycho-political operator, by reason of child advisor status, can, in the security of the jail and cloaked by processes of law, destroy the sanity of that person. Particularly brilliant scholars, athletes and youth group leaders must be handled in either one of these two ways. Note: Is this the reason for school shootings ?

In the matter of guiding the activities of juvenile courts, the psycho-political operator entertains here one of his easier tasks. A Capitalistic nation is so filled with injustice in general that a little more passes without comment. In juvenile courts there are always persons with strange appetites whether these be judges or police men or women. If such do not exist they can be created. By making available to them young girls or boys in the “security” of the jail or the detention home and by appearing with flash cameras or witnesses one becomes equipped with a whip adequate to direct all the future decisions of that person when these are needed.

The handling of youth cases by courts should be led further and further from the law, and further and further into “mental problems” until the entire nation thinks of “mental problems” instead of criminals. * This places vacancies everywhere in the courts, in the offices of district attorneys, on police staffs which could then be filled with psycho-political operators and these become then the judges of the land by their influence and into their hands comes the total control of the criminal, without whose help a revolution cannot ever be accomplished. *Note: The current drive to convince us that criminals are not responsible for their crimes.

By stressing this authority over the problems of youth and adults in courts one day the demand for psycho-political operators could become such that even the armed services will use “authorities on the mind” to work their various justices and when this occurs the armed forces of the nation then enter into our hands as solidly as if we commanded them ourselves. With the slight bonus of having thus a skilled interrogator near every technician or handler of secret war apparatus, the country, in event of revolution, as did Germany in 1918 and 1919 will find itself immobilized by its own Army and Navy fully and entirely in Communist hands.

Thus the subject of loyalties and their re-alignment is in fact the subject of non-armed conquest of an enemy.

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Anti-White Hollywood Brainwashing – The Woodsman

Sunday, April 1st, 2012
How Hollywood subtly and continuously brainwashes whites
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German Perspectives on International Diplomacy Nr. 164: 10 October 1941

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

9 October will go down in the history of this war as a date important for both military and political reasons. From the military perspective, the campaign in the East entered its final decisive phase. Bolshevism’s army, the numerically largest army in the world, is defeated or umzingelt. The Soviet Union is no longer a military opponent. Germany’s back is free and all forces can now be focused on Great Britain. Besides this military development, on the same day a new German-Turkish commercial treaty was signed, which has considerable political impact. In it, Turkey announces that it wishes to be part of the new large economic territory which is developing today in Europe under Germany’s leadership. The German-Turkish agreement is long-term and is a significant expansion of previous agreements. That  shows the confidence in the stability of the new European order on the part of a country that England has always seen as an ally.

The response to this double success on the part of the German war leadership on the enemy side is very strong.  In a striking way, the English-American press does not attempt to question the reliability of German statements on the situation on the Eastern Front.

The communiqués from Moscow certainly contribute to that. They are entirely unlike former Soviet tactics, and display a grim picture of the situation on all fronts. Even Pravda writes that the Soviets face the most powerful concentration of troops in history, and that the crisis on the Eastern Front has reached its peak. For the first time since the beginning of the war, Pravda also admires German tactics, which reject successes for reasons of prestige and prefers to destroy one Soviet army after another rather that settling for capturing large Soviet cities.

London radio’s military spokesman, Major Allan Murray, has similar thoughts. He describes the current German offensive as one whose force and strength is unequalled in any previous war. Despite almost insurmountable problems of supply and transportation, the Germans are able to organize and carry out this attack. There is nothing with which to compare it in military history. Yesterday for the first time at a press conference in Washington, the possibility of moving the American embassy from Moscow to Stalingrad was discussed.  Although one knows that Churchill foresaw this development and warned Roosevelt in good time, working out cold-bloodedly British-American policy toward Soviet Russia, it is clear that this will come as a total surprise to the broad masses in Great Britain and the United States. For too long, the British people were deceived by its government into believing that the Soviets would win the war for England, for too long the American public believed the illusion that Churchill’s plan that Germany and the Soviet Union would destroy each other was functioning like clockwork. With the collapse of the Soviet state, the last and greatest source of democratic cannon fodder is used up. For the Anglo-Saxons, this means that they must risk their own necks if they intend to continue their opposition to a new and just world order.

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USA cracks down on USSR for actions against Nazi Germany

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

The United States criticized the USSR for the actions against Nazi Germany. How is it even possible when once the two powers had fought against the common enemy? It turns out, it is. The U.S. Embassy in Estonia expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the Soviet Union bombed the enemy occupying Tallinn on March 9, 1944. Rewriting history seems to have entered a new phase.

According to the American Embassy, ​​March 9 of 1944 was the Day when Tallinn found itself in the crosshairs of Soviet bombers of long-range aircraft. According to the statement of the embassy, the U.S. ambassador intended to take part in the lighting of memorial candles in the church of St. Nicholas – one of the thousands of buildings destroyed during the air raid in 1944 in memory of the victims of the bombing.

“The attack is tragic both in its devastating loss of life and its military inefficacy,” the statement read. The statement described that as many as 300 Soviet bombers dropped 3,000 high explosive and incendiary bombs on Tallinn and wiped out one third of the city, causing devastating damage to the citizens and cultural sites. Over 500 people – the vast majority of them civilians – were killed, and 650 were injured. 20,000 people were left homeless in the midst of the Estonian winter.

The American embassy, 68 years after the events, lamented that in addition to the church of St. Nicholas, theater “Estonia”, Tallinn Synagogue and the city archives housing a collection of medieval documents were destroyed in the bombardment and subsequent fire. At the same time, according to the embassy, damage to the German military infrastructure was minimal.

“Far from breaking the spirit of the Estonian people, however, the attack strengthened the already steely resolve of the populace to struggle against foreign occupation,” the embassy stated.

For the first time since World War II, an official of the United States questioned the actions of the Soviet Union as an American ally. It is unlikely that American diplomats did not know that Tallinn was occupied by the Nazis, and that the city was raided for the very reason that it was occupied by the enemy – at that time the common enemy for the Soviet Union and the States.

A true masterpiece was the following sentence: “Far from breaking the spirit of the Estonian people, however, the attack strengthened the already steely resolve of the populace to struggle against foreign occupation.” Foreign occupation clearly implies Estonia as part of the Soviet Union. And who then fought with the Red Army? That’s right, the soldiers of the 20th Estonian SS division, the genuine war heroes.

By this statement the U.S. Embassy voids such a thing as the anti-Hitler coalition. And if so, the outcome of World War II related to the preferences of the territorial increments and other benefits received in 1945 by the Americans is called into question. Would Washington agree with this statement? Or are these amateur actions of diplomats on the ground?

Let’s talk about the destructive and senseless bombings in effect. Let’s look at the actions of the American and British aircraft in World War II. Certainly the United States and Great Britain have no business blaming the Soviet Union for a disproportionate use of force. The consequences of their attacks on the civilian population have been much more disastrous.

Let’s start with “Operation Gomorrah”, held by the United States and Britain in July-August of 1943. Then the largest port in Germany, Hamburg, was subject to a series of air strikes. On the night of July 25, 791 aircraft dropped 2,400 tons of bombs on the city. The strongest attack happened on the night of July 28. As a result of the actions of 783 aircraft the asphalt flared up, and people burned alive because of the high temperature. In one night, 40,000 people were killed. The raids continued until August 3, 1943.

Nine thousand tons of bombs were dropped on the second-largest German city. If during the Soviet bombing the vast majority of older buildings in Tallinn had survived, Hamburg then lost 74 percent of all city buildings. 250,000 buildings were destroyed. 50,000 people were killed, 200,000 injured, millions became homeless. By the end of the war Hamburg was bombed another 69 times.

On February 13, 1945 the Anglo-American bombing of Dresden began. In terms of impact on Germany, it had no sense as the defeat of the Germans was a foregone conclusion. The only purpose of it could be deterring the onset of the Red Army to the east. In any case, the violence was unprecedented. Only during the first attack on the city 796 aircraft dropped 1,478 tons of high explosive and 1,182 tons of incendiary bombs. The raids continued until April 17.

One of the most beautiful cities in Germany was virtually gone. Dresden had to be rebuilt anew. 80 percent of the buildings were destroyed. Historians still argue about the number of victims. They are difficult to calculate, since at the time the city had tens of thousands of refugees. According to various estimates, between 25,000 and 250,000 people were killed. In any case, this is ten times more than during the Soviet bombing of Tallinn that the Americans are so upset about. In 1939 the population of Dresden was over 600 thousand people. Even today this number has not been restored.

Let’s see what the U.S. Air Force was doing during the Pacific War against Japan. By 1945, the destiny of Japan was decided. However, 334 aircraft of the U.S. Air Force on the night of March 10, 1945 carried out bombing of Tokyo. At least 80,000 people have suffered, and nearly 40 percent of buildings were destroyed. The temperature of the napalm was so high that people’s clothes would catch on fire.

The atomic bombings of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the American aviation on August 6 and 9, 1945 are another story. Nearly 400 thousand people have suffered, and the effects were felt for decades. So far, no U.S. president has visited these cities to publicly honor the memory of the innocent victims. However, the bombing could easily be considered a crime against the humanity.

Lamenting the “Estonian freedom fighters” and the victims of the bombing, the U.S. Embassy in Tallinn was trying to kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, to support allied Estonia, on the other, whitewash its own actions during the war. But the facts remain, and in this case they are clearly not in favor of the Americans.

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Rally for Religious Freedom at Independence Hall

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia announced today that a Rally for Religious Freedom is scheduled for Friday, March 23 at Independence Hall from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM.

In response to the recent HHS mandate requiring virtually all private health care plans to cover sterilization, abortifacients, and contraception, the rally seeks to underscore that the lack of an exemption based on religious beliefs is not solely a Catholic issue, but a national issue.

The church has been roundly criticized for their opposition to this mandate citing that many Catholic women choose to use artificial contraception; that it’s a matter of public health; that women should have artificial contraception available to them no matter who they work for; and that the church’s views on contraception are generally outdated.

Those arguments are, however, irrelevant to the core issue, which is whether or not the HHS mandate violates the First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

The difficult thing about protecting rights, especially those outlined in the First Amendment, is recognizing that sometimes the opinions or practices of those protected are not always popular.

There are numerous examples of the Supreme Court upholding First Amendment rights of free speech even though a majority of citizens might find the message repugnant. As was noted in the case of Collin v Smith (7th Circuit 1978) concerning a march planned by a white supremacist group,  “The conflict underlying this litigation has commanded substantial public attention, and engendered considerable and understandable emotion.  We would hopefully surprise no one by confessing personal views that NSPA‘s beliefs and goals are repugnant to the core values held generally by residents of this country, and, indeed, to much of what we cherish in civilization.  As judges sworn to defend the Constitution, however, we cannot decide this or any case on that basis.  Ideological tyranny, no matter how worthy its motivation, is forbidden as much to appointed judges as to elected legislators.”

The litmus test for matters of conscience can be no less stringent. Any legislation that ignores the rights of conscience, or any right, will always be a double-edged sword. The federal government is not unbiased, nor impartial, and is subject to the whims of the ideology of the prevailing party. What may seem today to be the “sensible” thing to do could tomorrow be the “ideological tyranny” mentioned above, which is precisely the purpose of having a Bill of Rights at all.

There are many reasons to be concerned about the HHS mandate that have nothing at all to do with religion or conscience (the fact that it does not pertain to federal employers, federal money or funding, but concentrates on private employers and private insurance companies is but one example), but protecting the rights of religion and conscience strikes at the very core of this nation’s identity as a free country unencumbered by the varying whims of its leaders.

Just as there was opposition to the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act, the Keep Our Communities Safe Act, and other recent legislation proposed from both sides of the aisle for their potential for violating constitutional rights, so too does the HHS mandate requiring private employers and insurance companies to provide a particular set of products and services, without allowing for religious beliefs or conscience, deserve a thorough review.

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