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Saturday Alternative Cartoons: October 1, 2016

Saturday, October 1st, 2016


We have just endured yet another week of sickness, madness and everything in between. Frankly, I am surprised we are still here, albeit blindfolded, shackled and walking a tightrope over a chasm of constant danger. This week I offer cartoons on the following: Racism. Obama. Shimon Peres. (Can we add RIH to the list of appropriate funereal responses ~ Rest in Hell?) Pressure cookers. George Soros. Brangelina. Putin. The “chosen” ones. (Always ask, “Chosen by whom?” I can guarantee your answer, if you get one, will not surprise youm but you, dear reader, know by whom they are chosen and for what purpose.) Oh, and for the election junkies (Like me) some on the  so-called debate.

Carry on over to Snippits and Snappits for more. Grab a drink of whatever strikes your fancy en route and enjoy the cartoons.

Saturday Alternative Cartoons

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Enjoy it while you can

Thursday, July 14th, 2016
Congratulations, Leftists, You have won. You have taken over the West and now your worldview is triumphant. Europe, America, and the other former lands of Christendom lie within your grasp.

A little race reality

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016
If you put every negro in America in California or Texas with its present great wealth and infrastructure, those places would turn into uncivilized hell holes in no time at

Obama is “Happy”

Sunday, June 26th, 2016

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Alternative Saturday Cartoons: June 25, 2016

Saturday, June 25th, 2016

The e-merchant of Venice

As always, there is a lot of material to share with you this week, folks. I stumbled across a few great sites for memes covering everything possible so stand forewarned. Of course we could not ignore the Exit of Brexit. You will find a fair bit of Mme. Hillary, and as an interesting treat of sorts, an article at the end on Gary Trudeau and his cartoons predicting and following the rise of Trump starting back 25 years ago. It is not always kind but in retrospect, quite interesting with a few little factoids. I also took the liberty of posting possibly my only ever comment on Sandy Hook via a little finding regarding Adam Lanza. Putin and Angela deserve special mention. And forgive me again but Michelle Obama is on display once more. I hope you enjoy.

You have every right to be offended by anything you find in this post, and chances are very good that you will find something, but that is ok, just so long as it makes you THINK.

Please go to:




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Transgendered bathrooms for everyone!

Friday, May 13th, 2016
Just heard that Emperor Obama will tell all US public school systems that they must allow “transgendered” students to use either the men’s or women’s restroom. Welcome to your brave,

The Collapse of the European Union ~ Return to National Sovereignty and to Happy Europeans

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016


By Peter Koenig


Imagine ~ the European Union were to collapse tomorrow ~ or any day soon for that matter. Europeans would dance in the streets. The EU has become a sheer pothole of fear and terror: Economic sanctions ~ punishment, mounting militarization, the abolition of civil rights for most Europeans. A group of unelected technocrats, representing 28 countries, many of them unfit to serve in their own countries’ political system, but connected well enough to get a plum job in Brussels ~ are deciding the future of Europe. In small groups and often in secret chambers they decide the future of Europe.

Take the TTIP ~ under pressure from their masters in Washington, behind closed doors under utmost secrecy ~ and most likely against their own personal good ~ a small group of European Commission (EC) delegates without scruples, without any respect for their co-citizens, without consideration for their children, grand-children and their children, only interested in the instant laurels and pay-back ~ to be sure ~ from the colonialist, usurper and warrior number One, the United States of Chaos and Killing, they are ready to put 500 million Europeans and their descendants at peril.

It cannot be said enough what horrors the TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) would do to the people of Europe; and that is based on the little we know from the 248 pages ‘leaked’ by Greenpeace Netherlands of the ultra-clandestine negotiations taking place. ‘Negotiations’ is the most unfair term imaginable, since all the rules are imposed by Washington, the same as with the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership, involving 11 Pacific countries and the US ~ but not China and Russia).

Though TPP negotiations are finished, none of the 11 Pacific partners, nor the US Congress have approved the treaty. There is hope that even if ‘negotiations’ by the secret EC traitors and Washington should come to conclusion, at least some of the 28 EU countries may not approve. To be valid, the treaty needs to be approved in unanimity. The new rightwing Austrian front-runner for Austrian’s Presidency, Norbert Hofer, has already said he would not sign the TTIP agreement. Similar remarks have been made by the French Minister for Foreign Trade, Matthias Fekl, who said, “There cannot be an agreement without France and much less against France.”

Under the TTIP, the citizens of Europe would lose out on all fronts. Europeans would become literally subjects of a corporate empire, led by the United States of America. EU countries would stop being sovereign nations, even more so than is already the case under the current Brussels dictate. As the secret TTIP documents reveal, the agreement would be the death knell for Europe. Here is what Susan George, philosopher and political analyst and President of the Planning Committee of the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam has to say

~ The food we import would be chemically treated, would be genetically modified, would have no labels. You wouldn’t know exactly what is in your food. You could buy chicken that has been rinsed in chlorine, you could have beef that was raised with hormones, you could have biosynthetic food made out of one gene of a plant another of an animal, and this would not be labeled.

~ In the area of agriculture again, it is very likely that we would lose a great many farmers, because if we lower the tariffs of agriculture we will have a flood of American [highly subsidized, GMO]-corn and basic grains flooding into Spain and that will ruin a lot of farmers, exactly the way the ”campesinos” in Mexico were ruined by the North American Free Trade Agreement, the NAFTA.

~ ln the area of health, the pharmaceutical companies [want] to get rid of generic drugs. They have already succeeded in forcing the generic drug companies to repeat all of the clinical trials that they have already had to do with the same identical medicine but which has a brand name. To make it a generic drug you have to start all over again: clinical trials, blind tests, and so forth. So medicine would become much more expensive.

But most important:

~ [The TTIP] is about giving corporations the freedom to sue governments if they don’t like a law that the government has passed.
We have a lot of examples now, because in hundreds of bilateral treaties this private judiciary system exists, and for example, the government of Egypt raised the minimum wage and a company, an important company, Veolia, from France, sued them because they would have to pay their workers more. This case has not been decided yet, but one case that has been decided is for example, Ecuador, which refused that an American petroleum company could drill in a particular region. Well, they said this is a protected area and you cannot drill here. And the company said, ah, we will sue you; and they won. And they have a fine on Ecuador of 1.8 billion dollars which is a lot of money for a small and fairly weak country.

This simply means that private corporate courts would be above the laws and courts of sovereign nations. There would be no sovereignty left; not even the little independence Brussels has not yet destroyed. EU nations would all be under the rules of an Anglo-American led corporate empire.

You may read Susan George’s full article here, as well as my recently re-published one

And then there is TiSA, the ‘Trade in Services Agreement’, of which even fewer people are aware. It is also being ‘negotiated’ in secrecy, involving 23 WTO members (Australia, Canada, Chile, Chinese Taipei, Colombia, Costa Rica, the EU (28 countries), Hong Kong China, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Korea, Liechtenstein, Mauritius, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Switzerland, Turkey and the United States). Altogether, we are talking about 50 countries; 49 of them bent to submit to one, the Unites States of Wars, Crimes and Domination. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to realize that, again, Washington is calling the shots. Actually, the TiSA talks, similar to those of the TTIP, are infiltrated by US corporate trolls and lobbyists, making Washington the representative for the US corporate empire and, of course, for Wall Street.

According to WTO, TiSA would be opening up the market for ‘trade in services’, meaning ~ expect privatization of all public and social services, like health care, education, social security systems, pensions, transportation, postal services, telecommunication, water supply and sanitation, solid waste disposal ~ and more would all be subject to buy-outs by transnational corporations. Just look at Greece, trying hard to pay back their ill-begotten debt, selling off her national social capital, or life capital, to the detriment of the poor ~ by now the majority of Greeks ~ who depend on it. Once a country has signed the trade agreements, there is no way back. It has opened its social and public sectors to rent seeking private corporations.

Like with the TTIP, should a government at a later stage realize that privatization of, say water services, did not bring the promised benefits for the people, it cannot go back and re-nationalize, or municipalize this service. Remunicipalization of water services is currently happening in France, of all places, the country with the most privatized public water supply systems. In 2012 the government and municipalities of large cities decided to re-take these vital public services. This is currently ongoing. Under TiSA rules it would not be possible. Worse ~ once TiSA is signed, a country cannot decide to exempt a particular sector included in the list for potential ‘liberalization’, for example, health, education and other vital social services. Corporate arbitration courts, similar to those of the TTIP, would be set up for TiSA. ~ These ‘negotiations’ are taking place in Geneva, under the auspices of WTO ~ in secret ~ and driven by rules, sticks and carrots, imposed by ~ you guessed it ~ Washington.

If the EU were to collapse today, both the TTIP and the TiSA talks would come to a standstill. Anyone of the 28 EU countries, or better even of the 19 Eurozone countries, could bring the EU down. A Grexit, a Brexit, a fiasco emerging from the forthcoming rehash of the Spanish elections ~ or a firm decision by a government to default on its (mostly) troika imposed debt, could bring the house of cards of the dollar pyramid scheme to fall ~ and erase once and for all the enslaving dollar-euro hegemony. Debt could be renegotiated in newly restored national currencies. Remember, the euro is barely 15 years old. So ~ returning to national currencies should not be dramatic, but rather a sigh of relief ~ relief from a debt trap, and relief from Washington’s and Brussels’ boots of oppression.

Imagine what a collapse of the EU and the euro-zone would mean for the Greek people. Though, rumors have it that more than half the Greek are still adamant in hanging on to the destructive euro, I bet, its collapse would have hundreds of thousands dancing in the streets. Syriza could forget the currently negotiated additional €3 billion austerity budget cuts – even less pension and higher taxes for the poor.

To be sure, Greek debt relief will not come from the current EU/EC-troika constellation. To the contrary, the German Minister of Finance, Wolfgang Schaeuble, has ever harsher words for Greece, as if he was threatening pushing Greece out of the EU. An empty threat, as everybody should know by now. Washington, also the masters of Germany, will not allow a Grexit, or a Brexit or an exit by any EU member. Washington needs the EU ‘intact’ to eventually serve as a slave partner in TTIP and TiSA.

What happened and continues to happen to Greece may serve as a (learning) example for other ‘weak’ southern EU countries to follow ~ unless, yes, unless, Greece or another country under EC-troika imposed economic and financial stress and strangulation takes the bull by the horns ~ taking a drastic decision: Exit the EU and the euro-zone, jump-start the local economy with a local currency, and negotiate the illegal and fraudulently imposed debt at their terms. That may bring about the end of the nefarious euro-zone ~ and the US-created European Union.

Be aware, the EU as it exists today, is not the invention of Europeans; it is a construct thought out immediately after WWII by the US, so as to keep Europe under her control ~ and to create a buffer zone vis-à-vis communism, the Soviet Union. It worked so far. This idea still prevails, as we see every day how Russia and her leader is being demonized and slandered by the western media. Let us be frank, if it weren’t for the strategic clear-headedness and foresight of President Putin, we ~ Europe ~ would be for the third time in 100 years enmeshed in a world war. And if we let this Washington imposed trend continue, Europe will become an Anglo-American  slaveland. Just look at TTIP and TiSA.

A true federation of sovereign European countries down the road, perhaps even with a common currency and a real central bank, may be a viable long-term solution for Europe. But ~ and this is the most important BUT, such a Europe will have to be designed by true and honest Europeans ~ am I dreaming? ~  and absolutely without any influence of the United States of America. None.

Anyone of the 28 EU countries could return happiness to the people of Europe; could take the pain, frustration, fear and anxiety away; could reinstate national sovereignty, could bring national pride and local ~ instead of global ~ economy to the fore ~ by exiting the EU, by forfeiting the euro, by taking the reign of their people into the hands of a sovereign, democratic government.

A simple exit by one country ~ Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, the UK, France… you name it, could bring the ferocious debt machine to a grinding halt, opening the opportunity of joining a new, more just and more equal monetary scheme ~ the nascent combined eastern economic space of China, Russia, BRICS, SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) and the EEU (Eurasian Economic Union).

Ein Transparent mit Angela Merkel und Barack Obama und dem Spruch "I want Europe" ist am 10.10.2015 in Berlin bei einer Demonstration gegen das transatlantische Handelsabkommen TTIP (USA) und Ceta (Kanada) zu sehen. Organisiert wird die Protestaktion unter anderem von Umwelt-, Sozial-, Kultur- und Verbraucherverbâ°nden, darunter der BUND und der Deutsche Gewerkschaftsbund (DGB). Foto: JËrg Carstensen/dpa +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++

To be sure, time is important. Not for nothing Obama is pushing for speedy conclusions and signing of the disgraceful TTIP. The signing of these predatory agreements, TTIP, TiSA, TPP, is a key agenda item of Obama’s Presidency; his corporate and military legacy ~ NATO expansion is part of it ~ may depend on it.  Once these treaties are signed, there is no way back. If the TTIP is ratified despite all logic, and if subsequently the EU fell apart ~ each country would still be held accountable to the terms of the agreement. Hence, time for an EU collapse before signing of the TTIP and TiSA is of the essence.

This radical solution may be too much even for staunch EU / Euro opponents. Many of them still seek, hope and dream of a reformed EU. They still live under the illusion that ‘things’ could be worked out.

Believe me ~ they cannot.

The Machiavellian US-invented venture, called European Union with the equally US-invented common currency ~ the Eurozone ~ has run its course. It is about to ram the proverbial iceberg. The EU-Euro vessel is too heavy to veer away from disaster. Europe is better off taking time to regroup; each nation with the objective of regaining political and economic sovereignty ~ and perhaps with an eye a couple of generations down the road envisaging a new United Europe of sovereign federal states, independent, totally de-linked from the diabolical games of the western Anglo-American empire.

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Happy Mothers’ Day, y’all!

Monday, May 9th, 2016
This is from Barack Hussein Obama’s 2016 Mothers’ Day Proclamation. We indeed are living in strange and perverse times. “Regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status, mothers have

Another Jew nominated for the US Supreme Court

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016
Today, President Barack Hussein Obama nominated Merrick Garland, a veteran federal appeals court judge, for the vacancy on the US Supreme Court left open by the recent death of Associate


Tuesday, February 16th, 2016
When Barack Hussein Obama promised to “change America” back in 2008, just what did folks think he meant? To me it was crystal clear. He intended to change America by

Neither discussion nor compliance

Friday, January 8th, 2016
The League of the South’s position on Obama’s gun control measures is simple: There will be neither discussion nor compliance. We are free men and women and the issue has

Observations on the situation in Oregon

Monday, January 4th, 2016
We continue to watch the unfolding situation at the Malheur National Wildlife Reservation near Burns, Oregon, where white men with “assault weapons” continue to occupy a government lodge. Several reports

Still trust the GOP?

Saturday, December 19th, 2015
Since our inception in 1994, The League of the South has made it clear to anyone who would listen that the Republican Party was no friend of the South or

A Statement: the shooting down of a Russian aircraft by Turkey

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015
24 November 2015 Earlier today, Turkish F-16 aircraft shot down a Russian Su-24 bomber. The Turks claimed the Russian warplane was in Turkish airspace; the Russians say it was in

A lawless, godless regime

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015
Kim Davis, the Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk who refused on religious grounds to grant marriage licenses to sodomites, has been arrested by federal agents. The feds wasted no time in

Chattanooga murders

Thursday, July 16th, 2015
According to initial reports, the four U.S. Marines killed in Chattanooga, Tennessee, were gunned down by one Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez (41), a “naturalized citizen” from Kuwait. We are sure that

Why Senator Menendez is in trouble

Sunday, March 8th, 2015


Senator Bob Menendez has been in hot water for over two years, and now the water is coming to a boil.

All of the reasons given for this are camouflage. Menendez is a criminal and a Jew-worshipping slime-ball, but so are most other politicians.

The reason why Obama and his Wall Street handlers are preparing to take Menendez down is that Menendez refuses to get onboard with the Iran Project and the Cuba Project.

Keep one thing in mind as you proceed: all politicians are owned by billionaires, and if one politician (like Menendez) opposes the billionaires, then he will be expelled, and perhaps even imprisoned. It has happened many times before

The global money-powers want to have more normalized relations with Iran and Cuba, so that Iran and Cuba can be reduced to miserable sweat-shops, and both can join the global financial community. (Iran’s nuclear program is trivial and irrelevant.)

International oligarchs and Iranian oligarchs (including President Rouhani) want this very badly. There are billions in profits at stake. (Obama tried to launch a coup to put the Iranian oligarchs in power in 2009, but the coup failed. The media outlets called this the “Green Revolution.”) The Iranian oligarchs have managed to imposed a great deal of neo-liberalism on the Iranian masses, but so far the Revolutionary Guard has denied the oligarchs a total victory. The Iran Project is intended to change that.

Meanwhile US oligarchs want to get into Cuba.

The Iran Project will  be worth billions in profits for the oligarchs inside and outside Iran. And since the Iranian oligarchs are loyal only to profits, the Iran Project will also pull Iran away from Russia, Syria, and Hezbollah.

Meanwhile US oligarchs, if they get control of Cuba, will pull Cuba away from the leftist governments of South America.

Obama explained all this to key congressmen who actually have power. All are onboard except Sen. Menendez, who opposes both projects. Therefore Obama has been gradually turning up the heat on Menendez. I suspect that Obama quietly gave support to the attempt by New Jersey voters to have Menendez recalled in 2010. (Menendez was saved by the New Jersey Supreme Court.)

Menendez has always been a problem for Obama. He has blocked Obama’s nominees to federal judgeships. And Obama has retaliated. In November 2012, Menendez was accused of soliciting underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. This was supposedly a Republican effort, but I suspect that Obama supported it. A month later Menendez was accused of using an interns who was an illegal alien and a registered sex offender.

Still Menendez opposed Obama. Menendez wants more sanctions against Iran and Cuba. Many Congressmen want this, but only Menendez has the power to actually checkmate both projects. Menendez heads the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which is one of the oldest and most powerful in the Senate. It is in charge of approving treaties and international agreements. It also holds confirmation hearings for Obama’s ambassadors, Obama’s judges, and Obama’s appointments to and high-level positions in the State department.  Menendez has sponsored legislation that will let Congress checkmate the Iran Project if it includes any reduction in congressionally issued sanctions.

(Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida also sits on the senate foreign Relations Committee, and he too opposes the Iran Project, and especially the Cuba Project – but Rubio has no power. As for clowns like McCain, Graham, and Ted Cruz, they are nobodies. Netanyahu is screaming about Iran so he can be re-elected next week. His own billionaire sponsors allow this, since the “Iranian threat” is useful for controlling the Israeli peasants. But at this stage, if Netanyahu does something to complicate the Iran Project, such as bomb Gaza again, then his own billionaire sponsors will remove him. The Iran Project is too important, and it is only weeks from being sealed.)

Even though Menendez heads the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Obama has shut him out of almost all foreign policy negotiations, especially those connected with Iran and Cuba.

Obama also said he would veto any new sanctions on Iran or Cuba brought by Menendez or anyone else.

Obama and his billionaire handlers wanted to seal the Iran deal by the end of March, but on 2 March 2015 Menendez told the cheering crowd at the AIPAC meeting that he would never give an inch regarding Iran.

That did it.

Four days later, Obama’s attorney general (Eric Holder) announced that he was preparing criminal corruption charges against Menendez for his role in advocating for the business interests of Florida ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen.

If that sounds strange to you (as in: how is that different from what all politicians do?) you are correct.

Still Menendez refused to get on board. He immediately gave a press conference in which he said the White House is smearing him for his “patriotism.” Ted Cruz agrees, and is trying to defend Menendez — but it is useless. The billionaires want the Iran Deal and the Cuba Deal, since this will bring new billions in profits to the billionaires.

Therefore, within the next two or three weeks at most, one of two things will happen.

[1] Menendez will suddenly do an about-face, and will support the Iran Project and the Cuba Project. His reasons for this will be total bullshit, but the public will believe it, since the public craves bullshit. Eric Holder’s threats of indictments will vanish, and no one will ask why. The Menendez affair will be forgotten by everyone in the USA.

[2] Menendez will continue to put his foot down, in which case he will be quickly destroyed. After he is removed from office, his arch enemy Chris Christie (governor of New Jersey) will take Menendez’s seat in the Senate until a special election can be arranged.

We will know the outcome by the end of this month.

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How Many People Around You Receive Food Stamps?

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Since the turn of the millennium, participation in the food stamp program, known officially as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, has more than doubled to 15 percent of all U.S. residents in January. In some parts of the country, as few as 1 in 20 people receive food stamps. In others, the figure is more than 1 in 3. Low-income households that meet SNAP eligibility requirements receive a payment card that can only be used to buy government-approved essential foods.

Under President Obama’s watch, the value of the benefits distributed by the program each year has more than doubled as more people have fallen below the poverty line and more households have joined the program.  Due to the high unemployment rate, the Obama administration has also waived a 1996 job requirement—a rule that made finding a job or enrolling in job training a prerequisite for receiving SNAP benefits—for 46 states.

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Obama’s America Will Become Detroit

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

President Barack Obama travelled to Michigan this week and made his case for class war in defense of the welfare state.

“Our economic success has never come from the top down,” said Obama. “It comes from the middle out. It comes from the bottom up.”

Obama spoke these words a few miles from Detroit—the reductio ad absurdum of his argument.

If America continues down the road to Obama’s America—a road that began when President Franklin Roosevelt started building a welfare state here—our entire nation will become Detroit.

Obama’s economic and moral vision has played out in that city. What he seeks has been achieved there.

Last week, as reported by the Detroit Free Press, Michigan’s state treasurer told Detroit’s mayor and city council that the state may soon appoint an emergency financial manager for the city. Under Michigan law, the paper said, only such a manager can initiate the steps leading to a bankruptcy filing for the city.

By current calculations, Detroit faces obligations over the next six months that exceed its revenues by $47 million. The city, the Free Press reported, now pays $1.08 in benefits to municipal workers and retirees for every $1.00 it pays in salary.

Traditional two-parent families and the productive taxpaying citizens they produce have fled. In 1950, according the U.S. Census Bureau, Detroit had 1,849,568 people and was the fifth-largest city in the nation. By 2000, its population had dropped to 951,270; by 2010, to 713,777; and by 2011, to 706,585.

What has happened to the people who remain? The Census Bureau estimates there are 563,055 people age 16 or older in the city who could potentially work and be part of the labor force. But only 54.3 percent of these—or 305,479 individuals—actually do participate in the labor force, meaning they either have a job or are looking for one. Another 257,576 of Detroit residents age 16 or older—45.7 percent of that demographic—do not participate in the labor force. {snip}

In fact, these 257,576 people in Detroit who do not have a job and are not looking for one outnumber the 224,846 residents who do have jobs. But of the 224,846 residents who do have jobs, 34,500—or 15.3 percent—have jobs with the government. Thus, this city that boasted 1,849,568 residents in 1950 has only 190,346 private-sector workers today.

There are 264,209 households in Detroit, and 91,204 of them—or 34.5 percent—get food stamps.

Very few of the people who are staying out of the labor force in Detroit are staying out because they are stay-at-home moms with working husbands. Of the 264,209 households in Detroit, only 24,275—or 9.2 percent—are married couple families with children under 18. Another 78,438 households—or 29.7 percent of the total—are “families” headed by women with no husband present. Of these, 43,742 have children under 18.

There were 12,103 babies born in Detroit in the 12 months prior to the Census Bureau survey, and 9,124 of them—or 75.4 percent—were born to unmarried women.

Of the 363,281 housing units in Detroit, 99,072 are vacant. Indeed, vacant houses have become a powerful visual symbol of what advancing socialism has done to the city.

Obama said in Michigan that if the federal government does not take more money away from people who have earned it, the public schools may not be able to buy school books. But the Department of Education says that in the Detroit public schools—which have books—only 7 percent of the eight graders are grade-level proficient in reading and only 4 percent are grade-level proficient in math.

School books are not lacking here. Self-reliance, the spirit of individualism, and the Judeo-Christian values that support marriage and family are.

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Whites Stayed Home and Re-Elected Obama

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Now that all the data is in, the fundamental reason for Romney’s defeat is apparent, if largely unreported. It is not just that blacks, Latinos, and single women showed up in record numbers at the polls. It’s that whites didn’t.

The final numbers suggest that 91.6 million votes were cast by whites—seven million less than the 98.6 million that were cast in 2008! Meanwhile, 16.6 million blacks voted—300,000 more than in 2008; 11 million Latinos voted—1.7 million more votes than were cast by Hispanics in 2008.

We lost because whites stayed home! Particularly among the elderly, the voter turnout was disappointing with seniors casting only 16% of the vote, much less than had been anticipated. (Seniors were the only age group that Obama lost by a significant margin—15 points).

Why didn’t whites vote and why didn’t we all spot it sooner?

The answer lies in the fundamental strategic mistake the Romney campaign and the super PACs made in June and July—of not answering Obama’s Bain Capital attacks.

These withering attacks undermined Romney’s standing among white voters and led directly to their diminished turnout. The Romney campaign and the Super PACs were so wedded to their attack ads that they failed to realize that Bain posed a mortal threat to the credibility of their candidate.

There is a very good story to be told about Bain and it was masterfully captured in an ad produced by Romney media guru Stuart Stevens but was aired for only limited times and there was no follow up. Had that very ad been run more, Romney would, in my opinion, have been elected president!

Whites Stayed Home And Re-Elected Obama

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Assessing How Pivotal the Hispanic Vote Was to Obama’s Victory

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

In the wake of the 2012 presidential election, there has been extensive discussion about the Republican Party’s failure to appeal to Hispanic voters, whether this failure was responsible—at least in part—for Mitt Romney’s defeat, and whether a change in immigration policy would be sufficient to shift the Latino vote rightward in the next election.

Looking at actual vote counts and the exit poll results from the recent election can provide insight into answering two important questions: First, was Mr. Obama’s electoral victory dependent on high Hispanic turnout and support from a large percentage of the Hispanic vote? And second, if the Hispanic vote did prove decisive in the outcome, how easy would it be for a Republican candidate to gain a significantly greater share than Mr. Romney in future elections, assuming the Republicans agree to some type of comprehensive immigration reform?

In states where polling data on the two candidates’ shares of the Hispanic vote were not available, we allocated the national Hispanic support level of 71 percent to Mr. Obama, and the remaining 29 percent to Mr. Romney.

By then removing the number of Hispanic votes from each candidate’s vote total and reallocating them back to the two candidates in order to equalize their total votes, one can determine what percentage of the Hispanic vote Mr. Obama needed to carry each of the key states. For example, in Wisconsin, 3,056,613 votes were cast, of which 4 percent, or 122,264 votes, were cast by Hispanics according to exit polls. Mr. Obama’s margin of victory in Wisconsin was over 200,000 votes—even if all Hispanics had voted for Mr. Romney instead of voting for Mr. Obama by more than two to one, he would have won the state.

Not unexpectedly, the Hispanic vote was also not decisive in Iowa or New Hampshire where Mr. Obama could have carried the states even if he had won none of the Hispanic vote whatsoever.

In Ohio, where the president received an estimated 54 percent of the Hispanic vote, according to exit poll data, we find he could have won the state with as little as 22 percent of the Hispanic vote, and in Virginia, where he received 64 percent of the Hispanic vote, we find that he could have carried the state with just over 33 percent.

It is also worth noting that in states that were not considered battleground territory, Mr. Obama could still have won without a majority of the Hispanic vote. In California, Mr. Obama took the state’s 55 electoral votes with 72 percent of the Hispanic vote, but could have won with as little as 25 percent. And in Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes), where Mr. Obama received an estimated 80 percent of the Hispanic vote, he could have still carried the state with just over 37 percent.

With these five swing states, along with the safe Democratic states that Mr. Obama should have carried regardless of the Hispanic vote, the president would have reached 283 electoral votes, winning the Electoral College without needing to win a majority of the Hispanic vote in each state.

In the remaining swing states—Nevada, Florida and Colorado—along with New Mexico, Mr. Obama did require a majority of the Hispanic votes cast in order to carry those states, although the shares he achieved still exceeded the threshold minimums he needed. In Colorado, where Mr. Obama received an estimated 75 percent of the Hispanic vote, we estimate that he could have won with just over 58 percent, and in Nevada, where he won 71 percent of the Hispanic vote, he could have carried the state with just under 54 percent. In the key battleground of Florida (29 electoral votes), Mr. Obama’s 60 percent share of the Hispanic vote was just above the 58 percent share required for victory in that state.

In New Mexico, Florida, Nevada and Colorado, slightly higher shares (but still less than a majority) of the Hispanic vote could have swung them to Mr. Romney, and this may well put these states in play in the next election if the Republican candidate and platform have broader appeal among Hispanic voters.

The exit poll results suggest that the Republicans’ assertion that Hispanics are socially conservative is not necessarily true.

Two-thirds of Hispanic voters said that abortion should be legal in most or all cases, compared with slightly more than half of white voters, according to exit poll results. Hispanics were also more liberal when it came to same-sex marriage, with 59 percent saying it should be legal in their state, compared with 51 percent of blacks and 47 percent of white voters.

Exit poll results also indicate that Hispanics are not necessarily racing to adopt the Republican platform of smaller government. Nearly 6 in 10 Hispanics said Mr. Obama’s health care law should be expanded or left as is, compared to about a third of white voters. And 57 percent of Hispanics said that government should be doing more to solve the problems of individuals, compared to 36 percent of whites. Hispanics, like the rest of the electorate, were also in favor of raising income taxes in order to reduce the federal deficit.

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Ryan Pins Blame for Republican Ticket’s Loss on ‘Urban’ Voters as It’s Revealed That Romney Did Not Win a Single Vote in 59 Philadelphia Voting Districts

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

In his first post-election interview, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan blamed the loss by the Republican presidential ticket last week on high turnout among ‘urban’ voters.

‘We were surprised at the outcome,’ he told WISC-TV, his home state’s CBS affiliate. ‘We knew this was gonna be a close race. We thought we had a very good chance of winning it.’

‘Losing never feels good,’ he added.

Ryan said he was expecting to get more support from voters in big cities, which generally tend to vote Democratic.

‘I think the surprise was some of the turnout, some of the turnout especially in urban areas, which gave President Obama the big margin to win this race,’ he said. ‘When we watched Virginia and Ohio coming in, and those ones coming in as tight as they were, and looking like we were going to lose them, that’s when it became clear we weren’t going to win.’

Ryan’s liberal critics accused him of suggesting that inner-city minorities were responsible for Obama’s win.

‘FYI, Paul Ryan, the rest of the country has moved on from using “urban” as a euphemism for “black,”‘ wrote Ronan Farrow, an adviser to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on Twitter.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Mitt Romney did not receive a single vote across 59 voting districts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a state where the Romney campaign had made an expensive last-ditch effort to win just before the election.

The voting divisions, which counted 19,605 votes for Obama and zero votes for Romney, are ‘clustered in almost exclusively black sections of West and North Philadelphia,’ according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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Obama Wins the Way His Campaign Predicted, with Big Minority Turnout and Robust Ground Game

Friday, November 9th, 2012

In the end, President Barack Obama won re-election exactly the way his campaign had predicted: running up big margins with women and minorities, mobilizing a sophisticated registration and get-out-the-vote operation, and focusing narrowly on the battleground states that would determine the election.

Even as national polls suggested an exceedingly close race, Obama’s advisers insisted they had the edge in the nine competitive states. By Wednesday, Obama had won seven of them, with Florida still too close to call. Exit polls also backed up the Democratic team’s assertions that the coalition of young people and minorities who supported Obama in 2008 would still vote in big numbers this time around.

Black voters made up 13 percent of the electorate, just as they did in 2008, and Hispanics increased from 9 percent to 10 percent. Obama won more than 70 percent of Hispanics and more than 90 percent of blacks, according to exit polls. He also maintained his advantage with women, defeating Romney by 11 points among female voters.

Even before Romney officially became the nominee, Obama’s team was savaging him on the airwaves. The campaign spent millions of dollars on television advertisements that sought to cut down Romney’s business record, the central tenet of his campaign, and his character, casting the multimillionaire as a secretive protector of the rich.

Interviews with voters leaving polling places on Tuesday showed the president with a 10-point lead over Romney on the question of which candidate is more in touch with people like them. Of those holding that view, 91 percent voted for Obama.

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Romney Won’t Revoke Young Illegal Immigrant Visas

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says he would honor temporary work permits for young illegal immigrants who were allowed to stay in the U.S. because of a decision by President Barack Obama.

Romney told The Denver Post, in an interview appearing in Tuesday’s edition, that people who are able to earn the two-year visas to stay and work wouldn’t see them revoked under a Romney administration.

“The people who have received the special visa that the president has put in place, which is a two-year visa, should expect that the visa would continue to be valid. I’m not going to take something that they’ve purchased,” Romney told the Post, promising to put a comprehensive immigration reform plan into place before those visas expire.

In June, Obama issued a new policy that allows some young illegal immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children to avoid deportation. Romney criticized Obama for circumventing Congress to make the change a few months before the presidential election.

During the Republican presidential primary, Romney said he would veto legislation to provide a path to citizenship for some of the young people who benefited from Obama’s new policy.

The Denver Post interview comes as Romney and Obama are fighting a heated battle for Colorado, whose significant Hispanic population could determine which candidate receives the state’s nine electoral votes.

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Romney to Pledge to Fix Troubled U.S. Immigration System

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will pledge to Hispanics on Monday that if elected he will fix the troubled U.S. immigration system in an appeal to a rising voter bloc that overwhelmingly favors Democratic President Barack Obama.

Romney’s immigration remarks to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will be aimed at shoring up a weakness in his candidacy: the fact that a huge majority of Hispanics support Obama.

Americans may disagree about how to fix our immigration system, but I think we can all agree that it is broken,” Romney will say.

In excerpts of his speech released by his campaign, Romney did not get into the specifics of how he would patch up a deep divide between Democrats and Republicans on the approach to repairing the U.S. immigration system.

After promising during his 2008 campaign to take on the immigration issue, Obama never followed through, leading to disappointment among various Hispanic groups.

Romney will point to Obama’s inability to work on the problem as a failure.

“Candidate Obama said that one of his highest priorities would be to fix immigration in his first year in office. Despite his party having majorities in both houses of Congress, the president never even offered up a bill,” Romney will say.

Romney will vow to “work with Republicans and Democrats to permanently fix our immigration system,” while stressing that any plan must first ensure the integrity of U.S. borders—a problem on which the Obama administration says it has already made progress.

“I believe we can all agree that what we need are fair and enforceable immigration laws that will stem the flow of illegal immigration, while strengthening legal immigration,” Romney will say.

“While national unemployment is 8.1 percent, Hispanic unemployment is over 10 percent. Over two million more Hispanics are living in poverty today than the day President Obama took office,” Romney will say.

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Open Racism? ‘Vote Black’ Buttons at Democratic Convention

Friday, September 7th, 2012

A controversial button making its way around the Democratic convention says that “once you vote black, you never go back,” Jim Hoft reported at the Gateway Pundit on Wednesday.

The button is emblazoned with the familiar Obama logo and reads “Obama 2012.”

According to an article at the Atlantic, the button does not appear to be official merchandise.

“The sentiment is a little controversial—when I tweeted it Monday, some conservative tweeps were up in arms,” David A. Graham wrote at the Atlantic.

“Between booing God and open racism among the delegates, the Democrat Convention is self-destructing in the eyes of the nation, as we speak,” a post at the Baltimore Sun forum notes.

webpage that says it is not affiliated with the Obama campaign sells merchandise with the phrase on it.

The site sells t-shirts, caps, bumper stickers and buttons—all saying the same thing.

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MSNBC Fears Romney has White Appeal

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Fear has set in at MSNBC. Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow are in a state of panic over the idea that Mitt Romney may appeal to white voters and that Obama may not. That Obama is running a campaign based on black racism and exploitation of ethnic divisions in society is of no concern to them.

Citing polling data that blacks and Hispanics are going for Obama, Maddow said on her August 24 show, “Mitt Romney’s only hope now is to win over white voters by a very large margin.” Maddow went on to say that she believes this is why Romney made a joke about Obama’s birth certificate. She made it clear that, in her mind, this was an unacceptable way to campaign and win votes.

Jared Taylor, who runs the organization American Renaissance, comments, “Rachel Maddow wonders whether Mitt Romney is trying to get ‘the white vote.’ What an idea! Everyone tries to cultivate blacks, Hispanics, and even Asians, but wouldn’t it be ‘racist’ to cultivate the white vote? Actually, because they cast 76.3 percent of the votes in the 2008 election, anything that shifts even one or two percent of whites your way is worth doing.”

Taylor told AIM, “Hispanics were only 7.4 percent of the electorate [in 2008], so getting just one percent more of whites to vote for you is like getting 10 percent more Hispanics. If you were Romney, where would you concentrate your efforts?”

The Obama campaign has run a 60-second ad, entitled “We’ve Got Your Back,” appealing to black voters’ nostalgia about the election of the nation’s first African-American president, calling for those voters to “have the President’s back” and stand with Obama again in November.

A black voter commented on the website where the ad is posted: “I am black and I think if Mitt Romney made an ad targeting white people that would be considered racist, but Obama can target blacks and it is not? Ridiculous.”

None of this is worthy of condemnation from the liberal commentators at MSNBC.

Jared Taylor, author of the book, White Identity, has been banned from most programs because he dares to talk about whites as people with special interests of their own, separate from various minority groups. “Only whites must always act as individuals and never as members of a group that promotes shared interests,” he notes in his book, in commenting on the politically correct mindset that prevails on racial matters in America.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, the far-left group that is said to have inspired the violent homosexual to open fire on the Washington office of the Family Research Council, has smeared Taylor as a “white nationalist.”

On her program, Maddow noted that an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showed Romney with zero percent of the African-American electorate and losing to Obama among Latinos by a 35-point margin. These lop-sided margins were not considered in any way racial by Maddow. Instead, she viewed them as an expression of legitimate political interests.

The idea of zero percentage of blacks voting for Romney didn’t strike Maddow as racist in any way.

But the notion that white people would vote for Romney, and that he would try to win their votes, was something that she rejected as improper and completely out of bounds.

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Conservative ads in Spanish tell a different story to Hispanics

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Polls show President Obama holds a clear advantage among Hispanic voters this year, but a new Spanish-language television ad, running in Nevada and sponsored by a conservative group, aims to peel away those supporters by arguing that his administration set records for deporting illegal immigrants.

It’s a message that could backfire if it were in English —deporting illegal immigrants is a popular stance in many conservative communities. But English-speaking voters likely will never see the ad, which is running on two major Spanish-language networks in Las Vegas.

The Hispanic ad market is one of the least-studied but among the most important in politics.

“Our goal was to come up with an ad that would really engage Latino voters and make them think,” said Alfonso Aguilar, executive director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Values, which is affiliated withNevada Hispanics, the group running the ads.

Mr. Aguilar said Mr. Obama has not lived up to campaign promises to sign legislation granting illegal immigrants a path to citizenship. The ad says the president is not interested in Hispanic issues and “only wants our vote.”

Indeed, Mr. Obama has set records for deportations, removing about 400,000 immigrants each year for the past three years. That figure has drawn fierce fire from immigrant rights activists.

But advocates said they hoped Hispanics won’t buy the ads’ message, saying there’s no comparison when the choice is between Mr. Obama and likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

“When a Republican-leaning group runs an ad on immigration that tries to pretend a Republican administration would somehow be different, it just doesn’t pass the laugh test,” said Lynn Tramonte, deputy director ofAmerica’s Voice Education Fund. “If I were them, I wouldn’t keep spending money on this type of advertisement.”

Mr. Obama continues to do well among Hispanic voters, with a 63 percent approval rating in the Gallup tracking poll — nearly 20 points above his national average.

Neither the Obama campaign nor the Romney campaign responded to requests for comment on the campaign’s state of play on Spanish-language airwaves.

Tailoring messages to an audience is common. It’s often a matter of geography — talking corn in Iowa, for example. Other times it’s issues-based, such as when Mr. Obama called for common ground on abortion at Notre Dame University’s graduation ceremony in 2009, or when Mr. Romney spoke to Hispanic leaders in Florida this year and focused on expanding legal immigration.

But language adds another wrinkle because it can send a message to one community without necessarily reaching the broader voting public.

The Spanish-language ads also fall outside of some disclosure requirements, such as the new rule that requires the major networks in the country’s top 50 markets to post all ad contracts online. Those rules don’t apply to Spanish-language networks, even though in cities with large Hispanic audiences such as Los Angeles and Miami, the English-language networks regularly trail their Spanish-speaking counterparts in ratings.

Like the conservative deportation ad, Mr. Obama’s allies are taking advantage of the language barrier by running an ad last month in Spanish that tried to contrast Mr. Romney’s refusal to release more the past two years of his tax returns to his support for state laws requiring immigrants to demonstrate that they are in the country legally.

“He wants us to show him our papers. But he doesn’t show us his,” the ad says in Spanish. “How can we trust Mitt Romney?”

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Idaho Billboard Compares Obama To Aurora Shooting Suspect James Holmes

Monday, July 30th, 2012

An electronic billboard in Caldwell, Idaho that compares President Obama to James Holmes, the 24-year-old man accused of killing 12 people in an Aurora, Colo., movie theater on July 20, has sparked outrage in the community, reports The Idaho Statesman.

The giant sign on Franklin Road and North 21st Avenue features a photo of Holmes with the words, “Kills 12 in a movie theater with assault rifle, everyone freaks out,” written under his picture, juxtaposed to a photo of Obama with the words, “Kills thousands with foreign policy, wins Nobel Peace Prize,” written below.

The billboard often features anti-Obama messages, and is sponsored by The Ralph Smeed Foundation, the supporters of the late activist for libertarian causes in Idaho. Foundation member and former state lawmaker Maurice Clements, told The Idaho Statesman the billboard is a response to Obama’s ‘broken promise’ to bring home the troops.

“We’re all outraged over that killing in Aurora, Colo., but we’re not outraged over the boys killed in Afghanistan,” Clements explained to the paper, and added that he’s not trying to connect Obama to Holmes, he’s just comparing the way society reacts. “We’re not saying that Obama is a lunatic,” he said.

Regardless of what the billboard is really comparing, the message is not going over well with the area’s residents, who are outraged, calling it “offensive,” “abhorrent,” and “pathetic,” reports NBC News.

“This billboard is offensive to all those lives lost and affected by the shooting,” wrote Fabiola G. Monrroy on the Facebook page of KBOI-TV, which first reported the story. “Just pathetic, even if this is their expression of the 1st amendment.”

Most of the messages on the TV station‘s Facebook page echo Monrroy’s sentiment, and Canyon County Democratic Party communications director Judy Ferro, told theIdaho Press-Tribune that she believes that even the late Ralph Smeed would object to it. “There’s no factual basis to it at all … it’s just offensive,” she explained.

idaho billboard compares obama james holmes

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Napolitano in Texas; Border agents told run and hide from armed illegal aliens

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

In what they termed “another nauseating series of Virtual Learning Center brainwashing courses that Border Patrol agents are forced to sit behind a computer for hours and endure,” officials at the Border Patrol union reported their members are taught in an “Active Shooter” course that if agents encounter a shooter in a public place they are to “run away” and “hide.” But on Saturday, while visiting Texas, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano had a different message, according to a government report.

“If we are cornered by such a shooter we are to (only as a last resort) become ‘aggressive’ and ‘throw things’ at him or her. We are then advised to ‘call [local] law enforcement’ and wait for their arrival ,presumably, while more innocent victims are slaughtered,” states the Arizona (Local 2544) Border Patrol web site.

“These types of mandatory brainwashing courses and the idiocy that accompanies them are simply stunning when they are force-fed to law enforcement officers,” state NBPC Local 2544 officials.

“On the one hand, the Obama administration opposes local law enforcement officers being involved in immigration enforcement, and on the other hand the Border Patrol agents are taught to call the local cops when faced with violence being perpetrated by illegal aliens at U.S. borders,” said former NYPD police sergeant James McMahon, now a security consultant and private investigator.

“Are the lunatics now running the asylum? It’s the most asinine instruction I’ve heard since [President Bill] Clinton issued an executive order to CIA agents prohibiting them from using ‘unsavory characters’ as informants back in the 1990’s,” McMahon told the Law Enforcement Examiner.

“It is always comforting to know that for those of us who carry a weapon when we are off-duty, if we should encounter such a situation, stop a shooter and save countless lives, we can look forward to being disciplined or fired by the Border Patrol because we should have run away to hide and then maybe thrown objects at the deranged killer instead of taking action and stopping him with a firearm,” the Local 2544 web site states.

Meanwhile, on the heels of giving over 800,000 illegal aliens non-deportation privileges, the three top Obama immigration enforcement officials visited one of the nation’s Southwest border states on Saturday in what was described as a ‘dog and pony show’ by several law enforcement officers.

Secretary Janet Napolitano, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director John Morton and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (U.S. Border Patrol) Acting Commissioner David V. Aguilar arrived in Dallas, TX, on Saturday to participate in the Annual National Latino Peace Officers Association’s (NLPOA) Training Conference, according to a press statement.

Secretary Napolitano told conference participants that DHS is committed to working with federal, state, local, tribal and territorial law enforcement to combat evolving threats and protect our nation’s communities.

However, Napolitano made no mention of her nor President Barack Obama’s punitive actions against the law enforcement community in Texas’ neighbor, Arizona, according to law enforcement officials.

Without hesitation, she stripped Arizona law enforcement officials of their authority to participate in combating illegal immigration through ICE’s 287g program, which enables local police officers and sheriff’s deputies to enforce immigration law in cooperation with federal law enforcement,” said former NYPD police detective Iris Aquino, a former member of NLPOA.

In fact, there’s talk within the nation’s capital of ending 287galtogether, according to members of the news media.

“This administration is not serious about illegal immigration, drug enforcement or homeland security. It’s just one ‘dog and pony show’ after another. Napolitano’s visit to Texas was just more pandering and empty promises to the Latino voters,” said Aquino, herself a Latino law enforcement veteran.

What surprised many observers was when during the conference Secretary Napolitano and ICE Director Morton presented the NLPOA Officer of the Year Award posthumously to the family of ICE Special Agent Jaime Zapata. The ICE agent was assassinated in Mexico by members of Los Zetas drug cartel with at least one of the weapons allegedly linked to the Operation Fast and Furious debacle, although Napolitano and Morton made no mention of the gun-walking scandal.

“I noticed that Napolitano and Aguilar never mentionedBorder Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who was murdered by a Mexican illegal alien using a Fast and Furious gun,” said police lieutenant Stephen Ritter of the New York State Division of Housing Public Safety Department.

“These political people have no shame… no shame whatsoever,” Ritter added.

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Supreme Court Arizona Immigration Ruling: Justices Clear Key Part

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

The Supreme Court on Monday rejected a constitutional challenge to a central provision of Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law, clearing the path for similar legislation to take effect in other states and potentially angering Latinos in a way that could give President Barack Obama an added boost from Hispanic voters in November.

That provision, requiring police to conduct immigration checks on individuals they arrest or merely stop for questioning whom they suspect are in the U.S. illegally, does not appear to violate the Constitution by intruding on the federal government’s powers to control immigration, the court said.

All eight justices who ruled on the case voted to allow the mandatory immigration-check requirement to go into effect. They split on three other disputed provisions of the law, with a majority of the justices ruling that each of those parts of the law could not be enforced because they intruded improperly into a policy sphere reserved to the federal government. Justice Elena Kagan did not participate in the ruling.

The justices said further legal challenges to the mandatory immigration check provision can go forward after that part of the law takes effect.

The ruling Monday is far from a definitive verdict on the Arizona law known as SB 1070, since the case that the court decided did not address the most contentious charge about the legislation: that it will lead to racial profiling of Latinos.

Gov. Jan Brewer (R-Ariz.), who championed the law and rode a wave of political popularity off of its passage, hailed the court’s ruling allowing the enforcement of what she called “the heart” of the immigration crackdown measure.

“Today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court is a victory for the rule of law,” Brewer said in a statement. “After more than two years of legal challenges, the heart of SB 1070 can now be implemented in accordance with the U.S. Constitution.”

Chief Justice Roberts joined with Kennedy and the court’s liberals to strike, 5-3, two other provisions of the Arizona law: a section making it a crime to apply for or hold a job in Arizona without legal work authority and another section allowing a police officer to arrest someone if the officer believes that he has committed a crime that could cause him to be deported, no matter where the crime took place.

In dissent, Justice Antonin Scalia said the court had run roughshod over Arizona’s right to enforce order within its own borders.

“Arizona has moved to protect its sovereignty—not in contradiction of federal law, but in complete compliance with it,” Scalia wrote. “The laws under challenge here do not extend or revise federal immigration restrictions, but merely enforce those restrictions more effectively. If securing its territory in this fashion is not within the power of Arizona, we should cease referring to it as a sovereign State.”

The Supreme Court’s ruling comes just over a week after Obama announced a major change in immigration policy, pledging not to deport most young people who came to the U.S. illegally as children. {snip}

Scalia directly invoked Obama’s recent move, saying Arizona should not have to step back to allow the president leeway to not enforce immigration law.

“The president said at a news conference that the new program is ‘the right thing to do’ in light of Congress’s failure to pass” immigration reform legislation, Scalia said in a portion of his dissent he summarized from the bench. “Perhaps it is, though Arizona may not think so. But to say, as the Court does, that Arizona contradicts federal law by enforcing applications of the Immigration Act that the president declines to enforce boggles the mind.”

However, presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney issued a statement Monday faulting Obama for failing to push for a federal immigration reform bill.

“Today’s decision underscores the need for a President who will lead on this critical issue and work in a bipartisan fashion to pursue a national immigration strategy. President Obama has failed to provide any leadership on immigration. This represents yet another broken promise by this President,” Romney said, noting that Obama pledged during the 2008 campaign to put forward an immigration initiative during his first year in office.

Romney has refused to take a clear position on the controversial Arizona law or its provisions. However, he opposed the federal effort to block Arizona’s law—a position he articulated again Monday.

“I believe that each state has the duty—and the right—to secure our borders and preserve the rule of law, particularly when the federal government has failed to meet its responsibilities,” Romney said.

The part of Monday’s ruling that prevented Arizona from making it a crime for foreigners to be in the state without valid immigration papers appears to preclude local police from stopping people solely because they are suspected of being in the country illegally. However, Kennedy said explicitly that the court was leaving for another day whether concerns about immigration status could justify prolonging the detention of individuals stopped for other reasons.

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Mid Day Riot ~ Racist Obama T-Shirt Ignites Assault/Lawsuit

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

A 25 year old Manhatton graduate student was assaulted Tuesday evening for wearing an Obama T-Shirt.  The tee that she chose to sport on the streets of New York not only created hostility, but caused her to get her “A” beat down! The shirt (shown above worn by the designer) is a crudly constructed t-shirt with the words “Obama is My Slave” on the front and was sold for $69.  Anyway this dumb broad is now trying to sue the designer over the incident.  I don’t know who to root for in this situation…the racist fool who wore that mess on her chest or the ignorant azz designer, an israeli born imigrant who feels that most americans see Obama as a slave because they are not ready for a Black president. Ignorance versus Stupidity…what a lawsuit! :-? Sad thing is…the designer (who gets no shine over here…at all!) is probably protected by the First Amendment.




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Obama Bucks

Monday, May 28th, 2012

A video by Alexandra Pelosi showing people lining up outside a New York welfare office to get their “Obama bucks”

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High school teacher tells student he can be arrested for criticizing Obama

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

After criticizing Mitt Romney, a North Carolina high school teacher yelled at a student for asking a question about Barack Obama, telling him that he could be arrested for criticizing Barack Obama.

Sarah Campbell wrote at the Salisbury Post Saturday that the heated exchange began “with a classroom conversation about a recent news story detailing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney allegedly bullying a classmate in prep school. It turns into a heated, sometimes confrontational debate.”

“Didn’t Obama bully someone though,” one student asked, referring to an incident in Obama’s memoir, “Dreams from My Father,” in which Obama admitted pushing a girl when other students called him her boyfriend.

“Stop, no, because there is no comparison,” the teacher said.

According to the teacher, Romney is “running for president,” and therefore does not deserve the same respect as Obama, who “is the president.”

“Listen, let me tell you something, you will not disrespect the president of the United States in this classroom,” she said.

She went on to tell the student that he “will not” say what he wants about Obama, and asserted that it was a crime to “slander” the President.  The student responded by recalling that many spoke ill of George W. Bush while he was President, and such arrests would violate the Constitutional right to free speech.

The teacher asked: “Do you realize that people were arrested for saying things bad about Bush?”

But Michael Bitzer, a political science professor at Catawba College, told the Post he had “no idea” what the teacher was talking about when she claimed people “were arrested for saying bad things about Bush.”

“I have never heard of anyone arrested for saying derogatory things about George W. Bush, which I am assuming she is referring to,” he said. “Her belief that if one slanders the president is not very accurate — if you ‘threaten’ the president, that is another story, and that is a criminal offense.”

Bitzer went on to say the student was more correct than the teacher.

“Her point about not being able to say anything ‘disrespectful’ about the president does fly in the face of the First Amendment, and while she may wish to enforce that edict about ‘respecting’ the president, the issue seems to have gotten personal on her part,” he added, saying that her attempt to make a point seems to have been overshadowed by her personal feelings toward Obama.

“Granted, she apparently tried to ensure that a respectful conversation was had about the president, but she seems to have taken things a bit too personally — and it appears the student was set on making a confrontation in the guise of raising a question about ‘who bullied who — both Romney and Obama’,” he wrote.

Bitzer said the teacher was a “bit overboard in being rude towards the student,” but added that the student “was also trying to pick a fight.”

The school system said it could not comment on the incident publicly, but said the social studies teacher – who was not identified – is still working for the district.

“The Rowan-Salisbury School System expects all students and employees to be respectful in the school environment and for all teachers to maintain their professionalism in the classroom. This incident should serve as an education for all teachers to stop and reflect on their interaction with students,” the district told the Post in an email.

A video of the confrontation was uploaded to YouTube and had over 3,400 views as of this writing.  The video appears to have been taken with a camera phone pointing to the ceiling and does not show the teacher or any of the students.

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Barak Hussein Obama Declares War on White America from the Oval Office

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Here is the latest Obama Video from his campaign intended to motivate
and recruit African Americans. It may seem friendly and innocent, but he
uses code words such as: Do you you want to see a small but
shrinking group of Americans doing really well, or playing by the same
rules and everyone gets in”, Or: “If it was not for certain people struggling
for our people, I would not be here”. He also plays
the race and slavery card in the video.

In other words is an explicit attack on Whites advocating affirmative
action and the “small but vanishing group” are whites. And the video shows the
hypocrisy of this PC society in that there would be such outrage if someone
made a video to motivate White American voters, but here we have the
tax payer funded president doing this for Black voters. Even on his
website there is no place for White americans,
only everyone else other races and LGBT..

He the president also blocked all critical comments on his tax payer funded
website. I hope we don’t have another
Mugabe style Genocide of Whites on the Horizon.

Obama campaign about racial terrorism against Whites”

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Obama Campaign Website Yanks BET Videos Following The DC’s Reporting

Sunday, April 8th, 2012

President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign website has removed several videos that pitched alarmist messages to African-American voters, following reporting by The Daily Caller and the Fox News Channel.

In one video that the campaign yanked from the “African-Americans for Obama” section of its website Tuesday, actress Tatyana Ali seemed to predict that a second Obama term would bring a host of benefits to African-Americans once the president no longer had to concern himself with campaigning.

“What really excites me … is that a U.S. president has only two terms,” a laughing Ali said in the footage that the Obama campaign scrubbed from its website Tuesday. “In the second term, ‘it’s on,’ because we don’t have to worry about re-election.”

The video series, titled “Leading Women Defined,” focuses on African-American women, including Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s longtime aide and a former Chicago government official. It was produced by Black Entertainment Television and is still available on that that network’s website.

“We’re encouraging people to come out and vote to, as we say, vote like your life depended on it,” BET CEO Debra Lee said in one of the videos.

BET’s top managers are sympathetic to the Democratic Party and to Obama. Lee, for example, has donated almost $100,000 to Democratic politicians and allies’ causes since 2008.


Obama’s deputies are running an under-the-radar campaign intended to scare African-Americans to the polls, said Jeffrey Bell, a veteran GOP strategist.

His campaign advisers are confident that “he’s going to get 95 percent [of the African-American bloc], but they’re worried about turnout,” he added.

The result is that the campaign will broadcast the message—often outside the view of the established media—that “any opposition to Obama is based on race, and it is open season [on African-Americans] if he loses,” Bell said.

The BET videos include a raft of black-targeted messaging, including a reminder that Obama has delivered $1 billion dollars to historically black colleges and universities and $3 billion in contracts and loans to African-Americans entrepreneurs.


“The person of him is so jarring to certain people that it has caused people to step into the way back machine and want to be in the ‘50s,” Joy-Ann Reid, an African-American journalist and talk radio personality, said in another . “I think there is a sense of panic that’s developing in part of the majority culture.”

One of the BET videos that the Obama For America website previously hosted touched on the contentious issues surrounding the Feb. 26 Trayvon Martin shooting.

“Trayvon Martin’s death sparks outrage,” Kim Keenan, the NAACP’s counsel, said in a video carried on Obama’s campaign website until Tuesday afternoon.

“These kinds of things are happening in communities all over America, but it takes something like this to finally get a camera on it, and that’s what we need to change.”

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Death penalty trial due for 5 accused of planning 9/11

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

The Pentagon on Wednesday cleared the way for a death penalty trial for five Guantanamo Bay captives charged with engineering the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Retired Vice Adm. Bruce E. MacDonald, who is in charge of military commissions, signed off on the capital trial against alleged mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, 46, and four accused co-conspirators.

The men face charges of terrorism, hijacking aircraft, conspiracy and murder in violation of the law of war, among other charges, in the system set up by President George W. Bush within months of the attack, and then modified by President Obama in 2009.

If convicted, they could be sentenced to death using a method to be decided by Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta or his successor.

The charges accuse the five of organizing the attacks — including funding and training the 19 men who hijacked four commercial airliners on 9/11 and crashed them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Shanksville, Pa., killing 2,976 people.

The lead trial attorneys are retired Army Col. Robert Swann and federal prosecutor Edward Ryan — the same two men designated by the Bush administration to prosecute the case.

Obama halted the previous trial, and Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. was initially determined to prosecute the five in Manhattan, not far from the site of the World Trade Center. But Holder reversed course a year ago after members of Congress raised a variety of protests — arguing that a federal prosecution would put an even larger al-Qaida bull’s-eye on New York, would snarl traffic or would risk acquittal if a civilian judge or jury concluded that the evidence against them was obtained through torture.

Pentagon prosecutors have been preparing their case since then.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said the decision to go forward with the trial at Guantanamo Bay did not diminish Obama’s desire to close the military prison there.

“There have obviously been obstacles in achieving that. But he remains committed to doing that,” said Carney. “In the meantime, we have to ensure that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and others who are accused of these heinous crimes are brought to justice. And a procedure is now under way to ensure that that happens.”

The decision drew a rebuke from the American Civil Liberties Union.

The Obama administration “is making a terrible mistake by prosecuting the most important terrorism trials of our time in a second-tier system of justice,” said Anthony Romero, the group’s executive director. He said the war court was “set up to achieve easy convictions and hide the reality of torture, not to provide a fair trial.”

“Whatever verdict comes out of the Guantanamo military commissions will be tainted by an unfair process and the politics that wrongly pulled these cases from federal courts, which have safely and successfully handled hundreds of terrorism trials,” he said.

All five men were interrogated by the CIA in secret overseas prisons — Mohammed was water-boarded 183 times, according to declassified CIA documents — before their 2006 transfer to Guantanamo. Once in Cuba, he bragged to a panel of U.S. military officers that he was responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks “from A to Z.”

The chief prosecutor, Army Brig. Gen. Mark S. Martins, has said that by law no evidence derived through torture can be used at a Guantanamo trial.

The other four men who could face the death penalty if convicted in the joint trial are Waleed bin Attash, 33, and Ramzi Binalshibh, 39, both Yemenites; Mustafa Ahmad al-Hawsawi, 43, a Saudi; and Ali Abd al-Aziz Ali, 34, a Pakistani who is Mohammed’s nephew and also known as Ammar al Baluchi.

The Pentagon’s war court witness advocate, Karen Loftus, sent an email to Sept. 11 victims’ families Wednesday advising them of the development. Some survivors and victims of the 9/11 attacks, selected through a lottery, will be invited to watch the proceedings at Guantanamo. Most will be directed to remote viewing sites being set up in New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Maryland that will show closed-circuit broadcasts of the proceedings.

Loftus also described the military jury that will hear the mass murder trial as “a panel of at least 12 members, whose function is analogous to jurors in a federal or state court. The case was also referred to as a joint trial, meaning that all five of the accused will be tried together, unless the military judge later determines that any or all of the accused should be tried separately.”

A Pentagon-paid defense lawyer for Ali, accused of wiring money to the 9/11 hijackers, has argued his client should not face a capital trial because he isn’t alleged to have killed or plotted to kill anyone.

“Mr. Ali would not be eligible for the death penalty if this case were tried in federal court,” said attorney James Connell.

Under the reformed system of military commissions, prosecutors cannot use as evidence any statement that resulted from torture or cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment. But attorneys for the accused are nonetheless likely to make their treatment a central plank of any defense against the death penalty.

An arraignment will be held at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, next month, and all of the pretrial issues that surfaced in the earlier case will have to be litigated again, including the issue of self-representation and the mental health and capacity of Binalshibh and Hawsawi.

Each of the defendants is entitled to a military attorney and “learned counsel,” a lawyer with experience in death penalty cases.

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Hannity Doubles Down On Using 1990 Breitbart Video To Make Racial Attacks On Obama

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

Sean Hannity‘s race-based attacks on President Obama – over a hug he gave to a “radical” Harvard law professor in 1990 – has been widely ridiculed, including a devastating send up by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. Hannity’s own colleague, Geraldo Rivera, called it a “sign of desperation.” Butsegregation-supporting Hannity isn’t giving up on his efforts. In fact, last night, he spent most of his Fox News show doubling (or was it tripling?) down on his efforts to “prove” President Obama is a racist.

Although Hannity camouflages his attacks by purporting to focus on Obama’s “radical” associates, throughout this segment, he repeatedly makes a racial context and prompts his guest to make racial attacks.

It’s no surprise that a guy like Hannity who  palled around with a white supremacist, and has a very disturbing record on race would insist on pursuing this bogus attack. But what’s Fox News’ excuse?

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Obama, Jay-Z and Black On White Racism

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

No matter from which angle you look at it, racism is reprehensible and should never be condoned. Period!

Yes, racism was endemic decades ago, most notably against blacks and Jews. Though it will never entirely disappear because of human nature, only a very small percentage of Americans adhere to such hatred. However, you would never know it if you listened to the newscasts of the “mainstream” media where it still sounds like an epidemic.

What they also absolutely refuse to acknowledge yet seemingly condone as being understandable is the far more prevalent, increasing and vitriolic black on white or Hispanic racism. Do you hear many newscasts excoriating famous and influential black athletes, actors and actresses, music stars or even politicians spewing racial hatred against Whites? Of course not! But if there was one mentally deranged white person walking around in Podunk, Idaho wearing the KKK garb it would saturate the news.

We vehemently and resolutely feel that a major impetus for the rise is due to Obama and his election to the Presidency, his racially charged attitudes and the atmosphere of black entitlement at the expense of other races. How could have he attended sat in his Black nationalist church for 20 years and accept the racist, hateful rantings of Reverend Wright and others unless he agreed? Or exalt and revere the contemptuous, despicable Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam?

Many blacks ignorantly and contemptuously parrot their mantra “It’s our time now!”

Really? We don’t think so. No one should have priority over anyone else based on race, religion, etc. (We will save our polemic against affirmative action for another time which distilled to its essence is government facilitated and condoned racism of black over white.)

The following articles illustrate this continued pattern but even more insidiously, it yet again reveals our American President, Obama, not denouncing such behavior of this black on white racism.  Reverend Wright made sure that he stayed the course and remained a faithful black nationalist.

What is this all about? Though we know little of Jay-Z, he recently and unequivocally revealed himself to be a racist, refusing any white people entrance to his reception though blacks were freely admitted. Apparently, he and Obama are friends and he has been to the White House on several occasions.

Have you heard any denunciations of this behavior by Obama? Of course not! Zero. Yet, he had no problem last year insinuating himself in a Cambridge, Mass police matter, claiming racism, when his belligerent, disorderly black professor friend was appropriately arrested by a white police officer.

Obama’s silence on this matter once again speaks volumes on his racist underpinnings, continues to reveal his ineptness and lack of impartiality and prudence and why he really isn’t the President for all Americans.

The following two articles will further elucidate this situation.

Jay-Z bash ignites race controversy

Rapper Jay-Z has been caught up in a race scandal following allegations security at his BRIT Awards afterparty on Tuesday banned white people from entering the VIP area.

The 99 Problems superstar threw a lavish bash at Merah nightclub in London following his Best International Male Solo win at the ceremony.

But the night descended into chaos after fights broke out amid people scrambling to get close to the star.

And the atmosphere turned even nastier after security personnel working on the doors of the VIP room allegedly refused to allow any white people into the area, while letting black partygoers straight through, according to Britain’s Daily Star newspaper.

The publication’s music reporter Kim Dawson writes, “I’ve been to countless showbiz bashes but never have I met meatheads like those at the Jay-Z do (party). Jay-Z is a megastar and yet it was clear white people were not welcome in his VIP area. While the red rope was lifted for black guests to breeze through, let’s just say it stayed down if your face didn’t fit. I have never felt so intimidated. It left me feeling like a mauled dog.”

Meanwhile, black pop star Alesha Dixon, who attended the party, was also left disgusted at the way the bash was organized.

She reportedly told the newspaper at the party, “My friends have been getting knocked about and no-one seems to care. I need to get out of here. What a horrible end to the night. I was having a blast at my record label party and now the mood is soured. I wish I’d never come.”

The publication claims the rapper’s representative insisted the security was hired by the club, but the venue’s bosses state they had no idea of any problems.


Jay-Z: President Obama Was Playing The Blueprint When I Called Him
‘I’ve been invited to the White House a couple of times,’ Hov tells the BBC.

By Jayson Rodriguez

Jay-Z has dropped Barack Obama’s name in his rhymes, and Obama referenced Jay’s lyrics when he dusted his shoulder off during a campaign appearance before he ascended to the White House. But it turns out the pair have more than just a passing appreciation for rhetorical flourishes.

In an interview with Jonathan Ross airing on the BBC Friday (February 19), Jay-Z revealed that the president has invited the rapper to the White House a number of times since Obama’s inauguration.

“I’ve been invited to the White House a couple of times,” Hov told Ross, although he said he hasn’t taken up the president on the offer just yet. “Hopefully we’ll keep him in for eight years, so I’ll have time to get there.”

The Brooklyn MC was an avid supporter of Obama during the presidential campaign and referenced him in a series of lyrics, most notably for Young Jeezy’s hit “My President.”

“Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk/ Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could run/ Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly,” he raps on the track. “So I’mma spread my wings/ You could meet me in the sky.”

“It’s just the progression. … You sat, you walked, you ran, you ran to fly,” Jay told MTV News about his Obama rhyme last year on the eve of the inauguration. “You know, just the progression and how far we’ve come as a nation. It feels good to say that, ’cause I never had that type of feeling to say ‘as a nation,’ like I was part of the American dream. And I believe a lot of people didn’t feel like a part of the American process for so long.”

Although Obama has professed a love for an eclectic playlist of music that includes Stevie Wonder and Bob Dylan, he also said he is a fan of Jay-Z.

Jay-Z confirmed Obama’s admiration when he told Ross the president was playing one of the rapper’s albums when answered a phone call from Hov.

“Barack loves hip-hop,” Jay said. “When I called him he was playing [The] Blueprint in the gym.”

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