Cartoons from the SS Weekly

Cartoon Title: “The Business in Death.”

Caption: FDR is reading the casualty list. Eleanor Roosevelt asks: “Have we lost many dollars, Delano?” His reply: “don’t worry, Eleanor, we are paying only in human lives.” (#48/1943, 2 December 1943)

Cartoon Title: “US Navy.”

Caption: “Hey Jim, what does Radio Boston have to say?”

“Tha-tha-that the Japanese will get cold feet at Bougainville…” (#49/1943, 9 December 1943)

Cartoon Title: “The Trumpeters of Jericho”

Explanation: Allied trumpeters are blasting tunes like “Desert your leadership,” “Lay down your weapons!” and “Give up!” at Nazi Germany, obviously without effect. (#51/1943, 23 December 1943)

Cartoon Title: “From the Land of the Lynchers”

Caption: “It is a good thing for us Negroes that no Americans live here!”

Cartoon Title: “The Pilot of a ‘Flying Fortress’”

Caption: “Why are you so quiet, Johnny? Have you joined a Trappist monastery?”

“Ever since I began spending my nights in a flying coffin.”

Cartoon Title: “The American Century”

Caption: “Isn’t that the famous terror bomber who bombed Rome, Florence, and the Monastery at Cassino?”

“Yes, but I think he’s a cultural vandal — He recently sat on my best Swing record!” (#13/1944, 30 March 1944)


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