Trevor LaBonte on Press TV: Donald Trump now sole Republican nominee

May 5th, 2016

Dante Ardenz Broadcast May 4, 2016

May 5th, 2016

Victory ! Despite the power of the power of the Left/Right Matrix, Donald Trump has defied the odds and is now the defacto nominee of the Republican Party for President in 2016.

The entire Judaized ‘conservative’ system has been broken by Trump, and Judea now finds itself in sheer panic–shell shocked, shaken, and melting away in fear as their champion Cruz has quit on them, and all because of 3 words–

‘Lee Harvey Oswald’

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Israeli Man Seeks Restraining Order Against… God

May 4th, 2016




Glenn Beck: ‘You Will Never Have Another Republican President Ever Again’

May 4th, 2016

ed note {tony}…I thought he was moving to Israel???

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There Will Be An Organized Effort By Clinton To Grab The Republican Foreign Policy Establishment

May 4th, 2016

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UK – Jews: 8 times over-represented in parliament

May 4th, 2016


Sabba – This article is from 2010 but is as relevant now as it was then, if not more.


Israeli minister: Criticizing Israel is the new ‘anti-Semitism’

May 4th, 2016

ed note {tony}…Remember, the Jews are Not anti-Arab. They are anti-gentile. If the population of this little experiment on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean were to be transferred to the state of Indiana, she would be at war with the people of Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, and Ohio……..{her neighbors].

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The Real 911 decoded by Mike Piper and John le Carré.

May 4th, 2016

false flags

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May 4th, 2016

Lest We Forget–ABC News 20/20 preview: 9/11 Dancing Israelis and Urban Moving Systems, June 21, 2002

May 4th, 2016


Were Israelis Detained on Sept. 11 Spies?

ed note–Remember as well that Jewish espionage groups, including the ADL and AIPAC, have bald-facedly denied over and over that the events described in this video ever took place.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse–Israel confirms upgraded NATO ties as Turkey said to end veto

May 4th, 2016


Jewish state gets permanent office at alliance’s HQ, in what expert says is ‘confidence-building measure’ with Ankara

ed note–besides the obvious problems associated with Israel having an office within NATO that will afford her the ability to spy on the military activities of 28 Western militaries, the other obvious problem is that it also affords the Jewish state an open door towards influence.

And remember, the reason for NATO’s creation can be summed up with 3 words–‘War with Russia’, and we all know how Israel feels about Russia’s ever-increasing standing in the world and her relationships with countries such as Iran, Syria, etc.

Times of Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed on Wednesday that Israel would upgrade its ties with the 28-member NATO military alliance by opening a permanent mission to its Brussels headquarters. The move comes as NATO member Turkey reportedly agreed to end its objection to closer links to the Jewish state.

“I announce that Israel will accept the invitation; we will open an office soon,” he said at the start of a cabinet meeting.

“I think that this is also an important expression of Israel’s standing in the world. The countries of the world are looking to cooperate with us due to – inter alia – our determined fight against terrorism, our technological know-how and our intelligence services,” Netanyahu added, according to a translation released by his office.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement late Tuesday that NATO had invited the Jewish state to “open an office at NATO headquarters in Brussels and complete the process of accrediting its representatives to NATO.”

On Wednesday, NATO issued a statement averring that “the North Atlantic Council has agreed ‎to accept the request that an official Israeli Mission be established at NATO headquarters. The Ambassador of Israel to Belgium will therefore be the head of the mission of Israel to NATO.

“Israel is a very active partner of the Alliance as a member of NATO’s Mediterranean Dialogue, established in December 1994,” the statement continued. “NATO has invited all partners to open diplomatic missions to the Headquarters of the Atlantic Alliance in Brussels.”

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon corrected the NATO statement, telling The Times of Israel that Israel’s Ambassador to the EU David Walzer, and not its envoy to Belgium, Simona Frankel, would head the mission to NATO.

An Israeli expert told AFP that the invitation was a result of pressure by other NATO members on Turkey, which joined in 1952, to drop its veto on closer alliance ties with its former ally.

“It’s a Turkish confidence-building measure vis-a-vis Israel,” said Tommy Steiner, an expert on NATO-Israel ties at the Institute for Policy and Strategy near Tel Aviv.

“Since the introduction of the new [NATO] partnership policy in 2014 Israel was formally invited,” he said. “But Israel never did that because there was a Turkish veto on such a measure.”

Turkey was a key regional ally of Israel until the rise of the Islamic AKP party of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Already chilly ties were all but severed between the countries in 2010 over clashes between Israeli commandos and passengers aboard the blockade-busting Mavi Marmara, a Turkish ship bound for Gaza, which left 10 Turkish activists dead and several IDF soldiers wounded.

After years of acrimony, the two sides began secret talks in December on a rapprochement, with another round taking place in February in Geneva.

Steiner said that the geographically and politically diverse NATO alliance would not invite Israel into a full-fledged mutual-defense pact.

“Israel is not going to be a full member, it’s not on the cards,” he said. “Israel will be officially accredited to NATO, it will have a permanent mission at NATO headquarters as a partner.”

Israel already participates in military exercises with NATO members other than Turkey, notably the United States.

One Jewish Fingernail

May 4th, 2016

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There has been only one Shoah (Holocaust) in the history of mankind

May 4th, 2016


ed note–as we say here often, one cannot understand the state of the world today without understanding the nature of Jewish power, and one cannot understand the nature of Jewish power until one understands the nature of Jewish thinking.

And, as with all things, this requires going back to the beginning, back to that ‘prime mover’ that set the whole ball a-rolling. As it pertains to the world today and how Jewish power is the product of Jewish thinking, the ‘spark’ that began the inferno that now threatens to engulf the entirety of God’s green earth is manifested in 2 portions of the ‘holy of holies’ as far as ‘Jewish literature’ is concerned, to wit–

‘And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curse thee, and in thee shall all peoples of the earth be blessed…Genesis 12:3

‘When the LORD your God brings you into the land you are to possess and casts out the many peoples living there, you shall then slaughter them all and utterly destroy them…You shall save nothing alive that breathes…You shall make no agreements with them nor show them any mercy. You shall destroy their altars, break down their images, cut down their groves and burn their graven images with fire. For you are a holy people unto the LORD thy God and He has chosen you to be a special people above all others upon the face of the earth…”–Book of Deuteronomy

And while it is true that there are many, many other passages within said ‘literature’ that contribute greatly towards Jewish thinking that is then manifested in Jewish power, it is these 2 passages in particular that ‘set the stage’ for everything else, in that they represent the notion of self-worship, self-adulation, and unbridled narcissism, which–once it works its way into the bone marrow of a person or a group of people, then becomes a green light for every conceivable act of depravity, criminality, and aberrant behavior, a ‘condition’ which Jesus Himself addressed the last few days of his life when he cursed the Pharisees saying–

‘Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are…You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside, but on the inside are full of dead men’s bones and every impurity…In the same way, you appear to be righteous on the outside, but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.…’

Remember, to a self-worshipping person/people, no one else counts. Only their suffering, their pain, and inconvenience matters, and even if it is nothing more than a stubbed toe. Gentiles don’t count, because–as the rabbis teach, they are ‘mere donkeys in human form,’ created by Yahweh to make the lives of Jews better. In the Judaic paradigm, it could be a million Gentiles, 6 million, a billion or all 7 billion of them slaughtered like sheep, but comparatively, it doesn’t even begin to add up to ‘one Jewish fingernail’, and for proof that indeed this is the case, one need look no further than what is taking place in the world right now, where every life hangs in the balance over one tiny, seemingly insignificant group of people who have forced the entire world to focus their energy, time, resources, and attention on maintaining their needs and ceding to their demands.

Bat-Zion Susskind-Sacks, Times of Israel

As Jews in Yisrael prepare to commemorate the Shoah, AKA the “Holocaust,” I keep pondering about a very sad trend that we are witnessing. It is the growing disparagement of this most horrific chapter in human history, the one perpetrated against the Jews.

My sentiments were seconded by a person who is an expert on the subject, Amir Ben Dror. Amir conducted a tour and workshop, which I attended along with other teachers, in Yerushalayim recently. I spoke to him last night. This article is the product of that conversation.

Amir and I wish to make one point very clear lest some of the readers here may take offence with our stance. We are not proud that our Jewish people were the target of such heinous crimes as committed by the Nazis and their collaborators. We do, however, believe that the growing number of groups religious, ethnic and other, who adopt the term “Holocaust” in order to describe crimes carried out against them, is unmerited and somewhat disrespectful towards the facts.

Of course Amir and I are aware that millions of others who suffered and died unjustly in the hands of tyrants and butchers carry deep scars as a result of them. Such actions, though, might have been categorized as genocides but they cannot be called a “Holocaust” or “Shoah.”

The term “Holocaust,” according to Lucy S. Dawidowicz (The War Against The Jews), “is the term that Jews themselves have chosen to describe their fate during World War II. ……its etymological substratum interposes a specifically Jewish interpretation. The word derives from the Greek holokauston, the Septuagint’s translation for the Hebrew Olah, literally ‘what is brought up,’ rendered in English as ‘an offering made by fire unto the Lord,’ ‘burnt offering,’ or ‘whole burnt offering.’”

Why then was the word “Holocaust” selected to describe what was done to the Jews? According to Amir, it is precisely because of its unique nature. It was not just “another” genocide in the timeline of history, past present and future.

According to Amir, other genocides, the Armenian, (1915-1918), the Tutsi-Hutu in Rwanda in 1994 or the attempt to bring about genocide in Bosnia (1992-1995) to name a few, all occurred as a result of a conflict, political, religious or other. Not the Holocaust! The Holocaust, he claims, was carried out on the Jews for the mere fact that they were born. In Germany, where the Holocaust started and in Europe where it resumed, the Jews were in conflict with no one. They were never a threat to anyone. Hence there was a need to create a new term to describe such systematic massive killings which stemmed from pure, sheer hatred.

Personally, I am not in favor of the choice of term. The reason is twofold. The first is that I do not see the Jewish victims of the Nazi killing machine as a “sacrifice”, or a “burnt offering.” Sacrifice for what? Burnt offering for what? I am still searching for the answer.

Secondly, as before, I keep wondering why we, Jews, need to choose Hellenistic/heathen terms to describe what is unique to us only. For me, therefore, there is only one word to describe that ghastly episode in my people’s history. It is the Hebrew word “Shoah.”

It captures the pain, the suffering, the stories and the essence of the very distinctive nature of the event.

Finally, Amir and I realize that one cannot discuss the Shoah and not mention those who saved Jews during that gruesome period, The Righteous Gentiles to whose memory a whole section is dedicated at Yad Vashem. We fear that like the term “Holocaust”, the use of “Righteous Gentile,” is being denigrated and overused nowadays. To earn the title “Righteous Gentile,” Amir asserts, “one has to fulfill three conditions. The first, one has to save Jews. The second, one has to risk his or her own life or the lives of their relatives in order to save Jews. Finally,” he adds, “One has to act against one’s own interests.”

We are grateful to all of them and will continue to express a hope that no one will ever again have to be put to the task.

NATO & Israel: NATO Okays Israel Office in Its Brussels Headquarters

May 4th, 2016


Sabba – This makes sense as NATO is nothing more than the military arm of the Judeo-protestant/Anglo-Saxon-jewish alliance. This signals that she will soon be a full member of NATO. And the consequences for the region and the planet will be even more catastrophic. Israel always provokes the Palestinians, Hezbollah, Syria, Iran etc., she always provokes wars while she manages to never look like the aggressor. We have all heard 6 million times: she is only defending herself.

Once she is a full member of NATO, she will become even more bloodthirsty, her belligerence will know no limit as she will be backed by ALL other NATO states.

Israel part of NATO… imagine what the world will be like if we have Clinton in the White House…


HAARETZ – After years of delays, Israel may open offices in its Brussels headquarters, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization advised Jerusalem on Tuesday, and may complete the process of credentials for its representatives, the Foreign Ministry stated.
The move was enabled after Turkey rescinded the veto it had imposed in recent years on any Israeli activity with NATO, a top official in Jerusalem said.

Israel is not a member of NATO but is a country with which the international alliance has close ties. According to NATO’s rules for collaborating with unaffiliated countries, unanimous consent of the member nations is necessary.

After the Mavi Marmara flotilla incident in May 2010, in which nine Turkish civilians on the ship trying to break the Gaza blockade were killed, Turkey instituted sanctions against Israel, one of which was to constrain Israeli activity with NATO.

Turkey, a member of NATO, announced shortly after the flotilla incident that it opposed any collaboration between NATO and Israel, especially in military matters.
Consequently, moves to open an Israeli representation in NATO’s headquarters were suspended, as were joint projects between Israel and the organization. Israel’s participation in joint exercises was also frozen. Turkey rejected heavy pressure from the U.S. and other countries to soften its position.

Jerusalem interprets Turkey’s decision to lift the veto as another sign of Ankara’s desire to reconcile with Israel and normalize relations, a senior Israeli source said. Just last week, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu made upbeat comments regarding reconciliation with Israel.

Another round of talks between Israel and Turkey, which is expected to be critical, is slated to take place in mid-May. Most of the disputes have been resolved, including the issue of scaling back the blockade of Gaza.

Israel agreed to enable Turkey to execute a number of projects in Gaza, such as building a power station in collaboration with Germany, and building a desalination plant. The main outstanding dispute is activity by Hamas offices in Turkey. Israel claims these offices engage in planning and financing terrorism in the West Bank.

Obama: We Live In “A Brave New World”

May 4th, 2016


Sabba – Some say that we live in an Orwellian world. Others say that we live in a Brave New World. I think we are in both. Politically, it is Orwellian but sociologically, the people of the west are definitely as those described in by Huxley. We have become a people ‘with an infinite appetite for distractions’, people who love nothing more than our servitude, for as long as we are kept entertained.


UK Labour politician says Israelis ‘drink Gaza’s blood’

May 4th, 2016


Sabba – Corbyn is doing what none had dared do before him: cleaning up the Labor party from anyone who has a ‘muslim’ background, and make the party 100% certified kosher, with only jews, crypto-jews & British obedient, servile white shabbos goyim.

Because as far as these ‘muslim’ labor politicians are from Islam, they always stand with the Palestinians.  

I think we can now call this by its name: a purge.


ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS – Yet another UK Labour Party politician has been suspended after it was revealed he posted virulently anti-Semitic material online, in the latest of a series of anti-Semitism scandals to rock Britain’s leading left-wing opposition party.

Ilyas Aziz is a Labour councilor in Nottingham, northern England, and is a die-hard supporter of party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

While his most recent posts on his Facebook account have concentrated on denying any anti-Semitism within his party, in earlier posts Aziz ironically echoes many of the very hateful messages several fellow Labour members have been suspended for in recent days and weeks.

In one post in particular he issues a near-identical message to that of MP Naz Shah, who was suspended from Labour after calling to forcibly deport Israeli Jews to America. Aziz’s own posts were exposed by the Guido Fawkes political blog:

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 23.25.20

Aziz’s Facebook post – published at around the same time as Shah’s in 2014 – suggested: “Perhaps it would have been wiser to create Israel in America it’s big enough. They could relocate even now.”

In another post, from August of that year, he appeared to echo the notorious anti-Semitic blood libels, implying that Israelis were “drinking the blood” of Arabs in Gaza:

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 23.14.14


The above posts are just a few of the anti-Semitic statuses posted by Aziz during the summer of 2014 – when anti-Semitism peaked as anti-Israel groups rallied in support of Hamas during its war with Israel that year.

Unsurprisingly given those views, Arutz Sheva found Aziz also is a strong supporter of the extremist Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which has a long history of hosting anti-Semites and homophobes at its events, as well as the anti-Israel BDS boycott movement.


Arutz Sheva also found evidence that Aziz had attended an event by the Hamas fundraising charity Interpal, which is also supported by Jeremy Corbyn.

In October of 2014 – and again in November – he advertised an Interpal event hosting Islamist Taliban-supporter Yvonne Ridley.

The Labour Party took only a few hours to respond to the latest revelations, with a party spokesman announcing his immediate suspension. “Ilyas Aziz has been suspended from the Labour Party pending an investigation,” the statement read.

This latest revelation will further up the pressure on embattled leader Jeremy Corbyn to deal with anti-Semitism in his party.

GERMANY – US Demands Obedience from Its German Clients in Conflict With Russia

May 4th, 2016


Sabba – Germany is a 100% occupied territory, a country with no constitution (like Israel…), a country with zero sovereignty. Germans and most people are fooled by the economic success of Germany, fooled by their high standard of living, fooled by their passport which gives them the illusion of independence.

Germany has been rebuilt by the Anglo-Saxon/Judeo-protestant powers because they needed her to further their plan of world domination. They wanted her to be the driving force behind a united continental Europe, a united Europe built on the German model (Länder) but with Anglo-Saxon/Judeo-protestants rules and principles. Many see Germany as THE pillar of the EU, and she is, but she is not its brain. She is only the second in command, taking orders from her masters who take their orders from International Jewish Power.

They are getting Germany to do their dirty work in the destruction of European nation states and in the implementation of the Trans-Atlantic treaty, so that all the fingers point to her, so that all anger is directed against her – again – while they remain in the shadows, pulling the strings.

Germany will always do as she is told and when she appears not to go along the US agenda, it is only theatrics. She may have declined to join the US coalition against Iraq on Purim day 2003, but it was her spies who did all the preparation work to allow for the invasion, by providing the US with all the maps with location of all the targets to be hit etc.

And if she ever dares to show only signs of rebellion, they already have all the pawns needed to destroy her from within and without.


GERMANY pushes for European army

May 4th, 2016

Otto Dix, Metropolis (1928). Berlin in the heyday of the Weimar Republic

 “The jews have pimped Germany out like a $3 hooker”. Jonathan Azaziah. 


GERMANY – World Jewish Congress slams YouTube over neo-Nazi videos

May 4th, 2016


THE LOCAL – The World Jewish Congress (WJC) sent Philipp Justus, the managing director of the German unit of YouTube parent company Google, a letter demanding more decisive action to take down illegal material praising (??!?!) the Holocaust and Adolf Hitler.


Obama Jokes About The “End Of The Republic” At White House Correspondents’ Gala

May 4th, 2016


“It is an honor to be here at my last — and perhaps the last White House Correspondents’ dinner (…) You all look great. The end of the republic has never looked better  (…) If this material works well, I’m gonna use it at Goldman Sachs next year.” 


AUSTRIA – Surprise, Surprise! Jewish Man Carves Swastika On To His Own Body & Cries Antisemitism

May 4th, 2016

jews nazi germany

THE LOCAL – An Austrian who claimed attackers carved swastikas on to his chest and forehead is now being investigated for carrying out the carvings on himself as part of a bizarre revenge plot on his neighbour.

A relation of his neighbour even spent three months in pre-trial detention after he was accused of the attack, which police now believe was carried out by Austrian Robert T. on himself.

The 52-year-old had first claimed in September that he was attacked as he cycled home one night by three masked men, who pinned him down and carved a swastika into his forehead.

In February this year he then claimed he was attacked a second time when he said a young man waved him down and asked for help, saying his girlfriend was trapped in the car but when the he went to their aid he was hit in the back of the head and passed out.

He said when he regained consciousness, he was lying partly submerged in an ice cold stream with his hands tied behind his back when one of his attackers leaned over him and scratched a swastika into his chest with a knife.

Both incidents were being investigated in relation to a long ongoing dispute between T. and his neighbours where he lives in Bad Fischau near Wiener Neustadt.

In February police chief Inspector Leopold Etz said they believe that the suspects live in the same neighbourhood as the victim and have been trying to force him and his family to move out of their home in a dispute which goes back years.

The neighbour’s son-in-law was even arrested last year following the first attack but later acquitted after three months in pre-trial custody due to a lack of evidence. T. had then claimed that his attackers said the second incident was revenge for accusing their relative.

Now police say it appears T., who had told newspapers he had been afraid to leave the house following the attacks, made the whole thing up and carved the swastikas onto his own body to try and frame his neighbours.

Police became suspicious about some of the statements provided by T., including there being no injury to his head despite saying he was hit there hard enough to be knocked out in the second attack.

He was reported on Monday for providing false testimony, slander and falsely claiming an offence took place. His wife is also being investigated for providing false testimony.

Spokesperson for state prosecutors Erich Habitzl confirmed to the Kurier that they will soon decide on what charges to bring against the man, who denies any wrongdoing.


SYRIA – 4 Reasons Why Assad MUST Win The War

May 4th, 2016


RETURN OF THE KINGS – Besides the US election, this year’s most important event that will change the course of world history is the Syrian war. As of now, the Syrian Arab Army, or SAA, is pushing forward to retake the country’s second city, Aleppo, while there are also reports that they’re making plans to assault Raqqah itself. And despite all Western efforts to destroy the country as they did with Libya, and all the media’s propaganda work to demonize him, Assad is the only legitimate power in Syria who has the capacity to both win the war and bring stability to the country. Anything less than his victory would mean that the country will become yet another failed state in the Middle East serving as a hotbed for radical Islamic terrorists.


Christianity, The Root Of All Evil?!?

May 4th, 2016

judaism jewish values

“A lecturer at the 2016 White Privilege Conference (?!?) made the bold claim that almost every dysfunction in society, from racism and sexism to global warming and a weak economy, is united by the ideology of “Christian hegemony.”

Activist and author Paul Kivel may share his name with a great Christian saint and evangelist, but that’s about it. According to Kivel, just about everything bad in the world can be traced to the core ideas of Christianity, which “colonize our mind.”


UK – Israeli Labor considers break with UK party over anti-Semitism, despite own accusations of racism

May 4th, 2016


How many even knew that the UK Labor Party was married to its israeli counterpart?


UK – Blood money: How Britain’s ex-diplomats are profiting from global conflict zones

May 4th, 2016

RT – Former UK diplomats are cashing in on their contacts and experience and advising despots, venture capitalists and Gulf regimes, according to a new investigation.

Britain’s ex-ambassadors to Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, as well as former MPs, are legally profiting from conflict zones and poor countries in the Global South, according to the Daily Mail.



Is The UK At War?

May 4th, 2016


RT – British special forces are to be parachuted into Syria, it has emerged, as Defence Secretary Michael Fallon claims coalition airstrikes have killed 25,000 Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) fighters since bombing began.

Syria’s not the only place seeing new troops from Britain. A detachment of UK personnel has arrived in Somalia to lead a training mission. However, they probably won’t need the anti-chemical warfare tanks that are now being brought back into service.



Lawsuit accuses Connecticut rabbi of sexual abuse

May 4th, 2016


HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A Connecticut rabbi is accused of raping and molesting a teenage boy hundreds of times when the boy was a student at a Jewish boarding school in New Haven from 2001 to 2005, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court.

The former student, Eliyahu Mirlis, now 28, of New Jersey, accuses Rabbi Daniel Greer, principal of the Yeshiva of New Haven school, of sexual abuse. The Associated Press generally does not name people who allege sexual assault, but Mirlis wanted to come forward, said his lawyer, Antonio Ponvert.

Greer did not return messages seeking comment Monday and Tuesday. His lawyer, William Ward, said the rabbi denies the allegations and is now forced to prove they are false. Ward asked the public to demand evidence before rushing to judgment.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages. It also names as defendants Yeshiva of New Haven, which is an all-boys high school, and The Gan School, an elementary school for boys and girls that Greer also leads. The lawsuit accuses the schools of allowing the sexual abuse to continue for years.

The lawsuit also alleges Greer, now 75, sexually abused at least one other boy at the school.

Ponvert says Mirlis hasn’t sought criminal charges but would cooperate in any ensuing criminal probe.

The region’s top prosecutor, New Haven State’s Attorney Michael Dearington, declined to comment on the allegations Tuesday. Officer David Hartfman, a spokesman for New Haven police, said police officials plan to speak with Ponvert, but they can’t investigate unless Mirlis files a criminal complaint.

“Rabbi Greer was in his sixties when he forced the minor Eli to engage in acts of sex with him, including forced fellatio, anal sex, fondling and masturbation,” the lawsuit says. “Rabbi Greer frequently gave Eli alcohol at the time he raped and assaulted his child victim. Rabbi Greer showed Eli pornographic films.”

The lawsuit also says that Greer sexually assaulted Mirlis on school property, in the bedroom of Greer’s home, at motels in Branford, Connecticut, and in Paoli and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, on land in Hamden, Connecticut, and at rental properties in New Haven owned and managed by Yeshiva of New Haven and The Gan School.

“Greer has never been criminally punished. He has never taken responsibility,” Ponvert said. “This lawsuit will force him to answer for his crimes.”

Greer’s lawyer questioned why Mirlis was coming forward with the allegations now.

“Ask yourself why the plaintiff would wait 14 years,” Ward said. “Ask yourself why Mr. Mirlis, well into his adulthood, repeatedly honored the man he now accuses. Ask yourself why Mr. Mirlis, an Orthodox Jew, would not seek redress from a rabbinical arbitration court. Ask yourself why Mr. Mirlis’ first stop was his lawyer’s office to seek money.”

Ward added, “It only takes a moment to make allegations with despicable indifference to the consequences to the damage they would cause to my client and his family and his reputation that he spent a lifetime building in his community. This is a difficult time for my client and his family.”

Greer is a graduate of Princeton and Yale Law School who has testified before the state legislature several times on a variety of issues, including opposing same-sex unions in 2002 before the state approved same-sex marriage. He also is a former member of the New Haven police commissioners’ board and a past chairman of the New Haven Redevelopment Agency.

He also led efforts to improve New Haven’s Edgewood neighborhood.

Greer’s daughter was among a group of Orthodox Jewish students who sued Yale University in the late 1990s, claiming the school’s requirement that they live in coed dorms violated their constitutional rights. A federal judge disagreed and dismissed the lawsuit.



May 4th, 2016


“Assistant U.S. Attorney Marc Anton said the FBI learned in March that Medina – a Muslim planned to bomb the center by placing a device under a car or throwing it over a wall. An FBI undercover operative was used to provide Medina with a fake bomb.” 

CBS NEWS – MIAMI — A man’s planned explosive attack on a South Florida Jewish center was thwarted by the FBI through an undercover operation involving a dummy bomb, authorities said Monday.

James Medina, 40, made his initial appearance in federal court Monday following his arrest last week in the alleged plot against the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center, which includes a synagogue, school and meeting halls. Medina is charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, which carries a potential life prison sentence.

Medina has had other run-ins with law enforcement. He reportedly was arrested in Coral Springs, accused of stalking by sending texts threatening gun and bomb violence against a family.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Marc Anton said the FBI learned in March that Medina – a Muslim convert who said in court he also goes by James Muhammad – planned to bomb the center by placing a device under a car or throwing it over a wall. An FBI undercover operative was used to provide Medina with a fake bomb.

In preparation for the proposed attack, Medina studied the synagogue property to assess its vulnerabilities. On April 29, 2016, Medina took possession of the fake explosive device and was arrested while approaching the synagogue.

A judge appointed a public defender for Medina, who began his court appearance by announcing “I got a few words of my own.” U.S. Magistrate Judge William C. Turnoff told Medina he might want to keep his mouth shut.

“I urge you to understand that anything you say can be used against you,” Turnoff said.

A bail hearing was scheduled for Thursday.

U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., who represents many of the Jewish center’s 800 congregant families, suggested that Medina may have been motivated by anti-Jewish bias. The plot would have struck during the synagogue’s Passover celebration last week.

“This attempted attack is a harsh reminder that there are many in our community who are motivated by bigotry and violence,” she said in an email statement. “As a community and a nation we must work together to confront this kind of hatred.”

A 17-page FBI affidavit unsealed Monday includes numerous comments allegedly made by Medina about his plan, which initially envisioned use of AK-47-style weapons to shoot up the Jewish center. Several of these conversations were recorded by an informant identified only as a “confidential human source” in the document.

According to the FBI, Medina wanted to create a leaflet to be left at the scene in which he would claim the attack was traced to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terror group. There’s no evidence the group was actually linked to Medina, but he told the informant that leaflet would “make it look like it’s ISIS (Islamic State) here in America. Just like that.”

The plot, Medina said in one conversation, would be to “strike back at the Jews, by going to a synagogue and just spraying everybody … It’s a war man and it’s, like, it’s time to strike back here in America.” Later, Medina called the plan “my call of duty.”

Medina does not appear to be of sound mental health and quickly bounces from wanting to be a martyr to wanting to live and see all the news coverage of his carnage.

“When I’m doing this, I feel that I’m doing it for a good cause for Allah,” he is quoted as saying.

Another undercover FBI employee several times asked Medina whether he really wanted to go through with the plot, which might include killing women and children.

“I’m up for it. I really am. This is no joke. This is serious, dog,” Medina said on an FBI recording.

The Aventura center’s Rabbi Jonathan Berkun and Executive Director Elliott Karp released a statement on the center’s Facebook page saying the FBI stepped in before any harm could be done. Berkun and Karp said they had been briefed on the case by law enforcement officials.

“They assured us that the synagogue and school were never at risk at any time during the investigation and arrest, and that there are no credible threats directed against us at the present time,” their statement said.

Medina said in court he is unemployed, divorced and has no assets. He has been arrested several previous times on relatively minor state charges, including a 2012 stalking case in which he was accused of threatening a Coral Springs family and their church with violence. The charges were later dropped.

Is Israel In The Process Of Joining The EU? (must read)

May 3rd, 2016


COUNTER PUNCH – Likud Becomes a Regional Member of the European Parliament

Although Israel is geographically located in Asia, the self-described “Jewish state” has emphasized its Europeanness whenever it has suited it to do so. It has been allowed to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest since 1973, as the Israeli Broadcasting Authority has been a member of the European Broadcasting Union since 1957. Israeli soccer clubs began playing in European competitions in 1991 and Israel became a member of UEFA in 1994. Even more importantly, in the political sphere, Tel Aviv’s recent major political step towards realizing its apparent desire of becoming a fully-fledged European state has passed under the radar of the media.

In March, a delegation from the Likud visited Strasbourg at the invitation of the European Conservatives and Reformists faction in the European Parliament. According to the Jerusalem Post, the delegation explained the Likud’s policies to a group of 15 ECR members of Parliament. The Likud reached an agreement with the ECR that enables it to become one of the ECR’s “regional members,” which allows Likud representatives to attend ECR faction meetings and influence its policies.

Within a year, the Likud will become a regional party ally of the European Conservatives and Reformists faction in the European Parliament. The move is likely to boost relations between Israel’s ruling party and Europe. The ECR decided the Likud could already become observers in the faction and that a delegation of ECR members would be hosted by the Likud in Israel in October.

Eli Hazan, the Likud’s deputy director-general for public and foreign relations, said he would take the parliament members to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial, the Menachem Begin Heritage Center, the Likud’s Tel Aviv headquarters, and “communities in Samaria,” using the Israeli term for part of the occupied Palestinian West Bank.

“This is a significant step, because at a time of boycotts of Israel, the Likud will be added to a group in Europe that has power,” Hazan said.

“When anti-Israel motions are debated in the European Parliament, we will now be able to send Likud MKs to defend Israel to members of the parliament in an official capacity,” Hazan added.

Hazan led the delegation, which included mayors, city council members and advisers to Likud leaders. MKs weren’t part of the group, because in a 61-member coalition, they were all needed in the 120-seat Knesset.

Founded by members of the British Conservative Party, the ECR has 75 MEPs from 17 EU countries, making it the third-largest group in the European Parliament.

It has alliances with the ruling Turkish AKP, with the U.S. Republican Party and parties in Australia, Canada, Morocco and New Zealand.

The most recent alliance emerged from Hazan’s efforts to build relations between the Likud and Center-Right parties across Europe.

The meeting with the ECR arose out of Hazan’s success in reaching out to party officials on a recent trip to London.

It is hardly a coincidence that the rapprochement began in the British capital. According to the 2009 television program “Dispatches: Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby,” up to 80 percent of the Conservative Party are members of the Conservative Friends of Israel. “The pro-Israeli lobby in this country is the most powerful lobby; there’s nothing to touch them,” one British politician told the investigative television program.

Before last year’s election, Ha’aretz published an article that posed the question “Is David Cameron the Most pro-Israel British PM Ever?” As the Israeli daily observed, “The United Kingdom may no longer be a major player on the world stage, but its prime minister has still been able to work quietly in support of the Jewish State.”

During a visit to Israel the previous year, Cameron told the Knesset in a speech about his great-great-grandfather, a Jewish banker who emigrated from Germany.

The link gave Mr. Cameron “some sense of connection” to the Israeli people, he said, as he hailed their “extraordinary journey” and history of persecution.

In the address he vowed to stand “shoulder-to-shoulder” with what he described as a “vulnerable” state against terrorism, despite the fact that Israel is the region’s preeminent military power and its sole possessor of nuclear weapons. “We are with you,” the prime minister then said in Hebrew.

“My Jewish ancestry is relatively limited but I do feel just some sense of connection. From the lexicon of my great, great grandfather Emile Levita, a Jewish man who came from Germany to Britain 150 years ago to the story of my forefather Elijah Levita who wrote what is thought to have been the first ever Yiddish novel,” he said.

While the British Prime Minister’s Jewish ancestry may be “relatively limited,” his party’s behind-the-scenes service to the Zionist state may yet have a significant impact on its mixed relations with the European Union. Notwithstanding the newsworthiness of this development, the only media to date to report this story has been The Jerusalem Post. Given the media’s apparent lack of interest in Likud becoming a regional member of the European Parliament, Israel remains free to counter the increasingly unlikely threat of a EU boycott.



Gatekeepers and deceivers: So much for the mythical “good jew”…

May 3rd, 2016
ISRAEL IDF PALESTINE Jewish Holy War Manis-Friedman

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The Israel Lobby Manufactured Labour Party’s Anti-Semitism Crisis

May 3rd, 2016


ED Noor:

Goodness, I have posted that same graphic or ones similar for years! This one went up just four days ago in my weekly collection. Me bad!

As we have often said, it is anti semitic for a Jew to say a Jew is Jewish! So what chance to we gentiles have? There is always a hidden tribalist nearby to read your lips, deem you an existential threat, and call their favourite kvetch group. What is going on is obviously a lynch mob scene out of the feudal ages… with electronics.

This is, once again, Jewish power flexing its Master muscles over the British people and their institutions and lying to the international community as they do so. It seems the British people are now too cowed to see through this… The Rothschilds and Windsors own the place.

Simply by destroying the traditional English pub they removed much of the social scene that kept the people talking amongst themselves.

If you ain’t tribal, you don’t matter. Below is the image in discussion in the article.


As the Labor party’s scandal of suspension continues, the Telegraph reported that the party has secretly suspended 50 of its members for criticizing the apartheid “Israeli” entity.

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May 3rd, 2016


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A Palestinian view on the antisemitism row

May 3rd, 2016



Israel Holding 10 Palestinian Journalists, Six of Them Without Charges

May 3rd, 2016


Six of the journalists are being held in administrative detention; Shin Bet says all are suspected of involvement in terrorist activity or organizations.

ed note–remember that ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘freedom of the press’ is only a one-way street when it comes to Israel, Jews, and organized Jewish interests. Like any gangster who knows that an honest, full-disclosure ‘discussion’ of his ‘business activities’ will reveal him for what he truly is, likewise the Jewish state–in applying the genocidal commandments that encompass the teachings of the Torah and Talmud–understands that her entire existence is predicated upon the full-court press application of the motto of Israel’s Mossad–by way of deception, we shall do war’.

Having said this, it should be Kristol clear to anyone with 3 functioning brain cells why there can be no ‘freedom of the press’ when it comes to Israel and her activities, because–like pictures of fully-developed aborted children that underscore the absolute inanity of the claim that said victims are not ‘human beings’, likewise as soon as what remains of the civilized world comes to terms with the Ugly Truth of what Israel was, is, and always will be, thus begins the moment that America and the West turn off the spigot in terms of money and political support for this great experiment in Judaic hegemony in the Middle East.


The Palestinian Authority accuses Israel of persecuting journalists in order to intimidate them. It noted that six of those detained are being held in administrative detention, without charges, and said it’s not even clear what they are suspected of.
But the Shin Bet security service said all the detained journalists were arrested not for their journalistic activity, but for involvement in terrorist activity or terrorist organizations.

Over the past few days, the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate has asked journalists’ associations worldwide to pressure Israel to release the detainees.

“Israel has adopted the approach that everything that’s happening is due to incitement, not to the occupation and its injustices,” said Dr. Mohammed Khalifa, head of the PA’s Information Ministry. “Therefore an attempt has been made to turn all Palestinian journalists into inciters and harm those who bring the Palestinian story to local or world attention. … This is another way for the occupation to intimidate the Palestinians.”

One of those detained is Omar Nazzal, a member of the board of the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate, who was arrested on April 23 at the Allenby Bridge crossing between Israel and Jordan. From Jordan, he had intended to fly to Sarajevo to attend the General Meeting of the European Federation of Journalists. On Monday, he was put into administrative detention for three and a half months due to his “involvement in a terrorist organization,” according to the Shin Bet.

The Shin Bet said Nazzal was recently named head of the Hamas-affiliated television station Falastin Al-Yawm and is also involved in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. But Nazzal’s acquaintances denied this. They said he left Falastin Al-Yawm long ago and now freelances for several different West Bank media outfits.

Nazzal’s attorney, Mahmoud Hassan of the Addameer prisoners’ support organization, implied that Nazzal may have been arrested because of recent articles in which he claimed that Israel had assassinated Omar Nayef Zayed, a PFLP member who died in Bulgaria in February.

Jerusalem journalist Sameh Dweik was arrested on April 6. Two weeks ago, she was indicted for inciting to violence on her Facebook page. The indictment said she systematically called for violence against Israelis while praising those who committed terror attacks. She denies the charges.

The fact that Israel was detaining Palestinian journalists first gained widespread attention with the arrest of Mohammed al-Qiq last November. Qiq, who works for a Saudi television station, launched a hunger strike that lasted three months until Israel promised to release him in June.

But last month’s arrests of Nazzal and Dweik brought the issue to the fore again. Last Friday, Palestinian journalists from Jerusalem protested their detention outside the office of the International Committee of the Red Cross mission in East Jerusalem.
“Freedom of expression and expressing an opinion have become grounds for arrest for Israel,” charged Diyala Jawikan, one of the protesters. “The Palestinian journalist is in any case very limited in his freedom of work and movement, and now they’re limiting him even more.”

Both the European and the international journalists’ federations have issued statements demanding Nazzal’s release.

“It was shocking to hear that a participant to a congress for journalists from all over Europe has been arrested by the Israeli authorities on his way to attend and banged in Etzion prison without any reason being given,” said Jim Boumelha, president of the International Federation of Journalists, in one such statement. “The 100 delegates representing over 320,000 journalists in 51 unions from all over Europe will be demanding that their colleague is released forthwith.”

Aside from Nazzal and Qiq, four other journalists are in administrative detention: Sami al-Sa’i of Tulkarm, who works for the local station Al-Fajr, was arrested almost two months ago. Musab Kafisheh of Hebron, a freelancer and journalism student, was arrested on March 29. Mohammed Hassan Kaddoumi of Ramallah, another freelancer, was arrested on January 14. Ali Alawiwi of Hebron, an announcer on the Arabah radio station, was put into six months of administrative detention last November.

The Shin Bet said Sa’i was arrested for running a Facebook page that praises terrorists and urges Palestinians to carry out attacks. It said Kafisheh was detained because he is active in Hamas, a terrorist organization, while Alawiwi is also suspected of being active in Hamas. Kaddoumi is suspected of involvement in Hakatala Islamiya, a Hamas-affiliated organization at Al-Quds University in Abu Dis.

Mujahid Saadi, another reporter for Falastin Al-Yawm, which Israel has since shut down, was indicted for belonging to Islamic Jihad, a terrorist organization. His trial is underway. Samer Abu Aisha of Jerusalem, a freelancer, was arrested in January on suspicion of inciting via Facebook, involvement in the PFLP and visiting an enemy country – in this case, Lebanon.

Hazem Nasser of Nablus, a photographer for TransMedia, was arrested on April 11; a friend said it’s not yet clear what he is suspected of. But the Shin Bet said he was arrested on suspicion of planning and transferring funds for terror attacks and being in contact with Hamas operatives.

The Shin Bet said the suspicions detailed in the above list, some of which have resulted in indictments, prove its contention that the journalists were arrested for suspected terrorist activity, “and their arrest has nothing to do with their being journalists.”

Musa Alshaer, who also sits on the board of the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate and knows many of the detained journalists, charged that Israel had attacked and raided many media outlets since last October in an effort to intimidate journalists, and is now taking action against individual journalists as the next step in this intimidation campaign.
He said most of the detainees are freelancers or employees of Palestinian media outlets; employees of foreign media outlets have generally been left alone. That is why his organization decided to appeal to international organizations for help.
“I very much hope international pressure will succeed in stopping this persecution and bring about their release,” he said.

The PA has vocally criticized these arrests. Nevertheless, Palestinian journalists and lawyers told Haaretz it’s no accident that most of the detainees are identified with Hamas or Islamic Jihad rather than Fatah, the PA’s ruling party, and that many have publicly criticized the PA.

A Palestinian journalist identified with Hamas told Haaretz that Palestinian journalists “are generally very involved in what’s going on around them, and therefore it’s no accident that for many, given the situation in which they work, the line between journalistic work and nationalist activity has been blurred.” He charged that Israeli journalists, too, become “patriots” and incite against Palestinians during times of tension, but “nobody holds them to account.”

Khalifa similarly charged that Israeli media outlets often incite against Palestinians, but “nobody dreams of arresting an Israeli journalist or preventing his coverage or his freedom of movement.”

The Palestinian Prisoners Society, noting that Tuesday is World Press Freedom Day, charged that even though this day is marked in Israel as well, Israel continues to persecute Palestinian journalists. It called on international bodies to intervene to protect them.

Conservative Jewry nullifies all discriminatory laws against non-Jews

May 3rd, 2016

judaism rabbi

JERUSALEM POST – The Conservative Movement approved on Monday a responsum by its Rabbinical Assembly nullifying any provisions in Jewish civil law that discriminate against non- Jews.

The movement said its halachic position statement specifically rejects the teachings of controversial works written by far-right rabbis in Israel in recent years which permit killing non-Jews and discriminating against them.

The responsum is the product of approximately 18 months of deliberations by the Rabbinical Assembly’s Committee on Jewish Law and Standards.

Rabbi Reuven Hammer, the founder of the Masorti (Conservative) Movement in Israel and a member of the committee was given the responsibility to write the responsum, which was approved unanimously by the committee.

Hammer wrote that the status of non-Jews in biblical texts regarding civil law is generally favorable, citing exhortations by the Torah to treat non-Jewish residents of the Land of Israel compassionately and justly.

The rabbi also pointed to positive attitudes to non- Jews in rabbinic literature, and argued that statements in such religious texts allowing for discrimination against non-Jews appeared in the historical context of persecution of Jews by non-Jewish foreign powers.

Hammer pointed out several instances in the Talmud when leading rabbis of the era overturned discriminatory laws against non-Jews.

He cited, for example, an incident recorded in the Jerusalem Talmud in which Rabban Gamliel II, the president of the Sanhedrin in the first century CE, when questioned about specific discriminatory provisions of Jewish law by Roman civil officials, decreed that it is forbidden to steal from a non-Jew since it would desecrate Gods name.

Hammer wrote that this story indicates that even in the Talmudic era, “prominent religious authorities took it upon themselves to cancel discriminatory laws in our tradition when they called Judaism into question.”

He also cited the position of the famed Talmudic sage Rabbi Akiva who he said ruled that stealing from a non-Jew was prohibited not just due to the desecration of Gods name but by the Torah itself, along with other such rulings in the Talmud.

The responum argues that laws espoused in some codes of Jewish law and statements that discriminate against non- Jews should be considered no longer authoritative, similar to the manner in which Rabban Gamliel II issued his decree overturning what was previously held to be a precept of Jewish law.

“We must deal honestly with the sources, admit that different attitudes have existed over the course of the development of Judaism, and candidly criticize and reject certain parts of the tradition while embracing others as representing the Judaism we wish to promulgate and which we believe represents the true core of Jewish belief beginning with the Torah itself,” said Hammer.

““In view of the terrible suffering brought upon our people and others in the 20th century by doctrines of racial superiority, any teachings that espouse that in any way must be thoroughly rejected.”

According to the responsum, it is a positive commandment to treat non-Jews justly and lovingly by dint of the entreaties of the Torah to treat Jews in this manner, which the responsum says applies equally to all people.

The document specifically rejects the teachings of the book Torat Hamelech, authored by two far-right rabbis of the Od Yosef Hai Yeshiva in the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar, which says that Arab infants can be killed on the presumption they will grow up to harm Jews in the future.

Hammer wrote that such a position “has no basis in Jewish Law or ethics,” and that the rulings in the book “are a distortion of traditional Jewish beliefs which do not consider Jews to be superior to non-Jews, do not claim that the Jewish soul is superior to that of the non-Jew and would never claim that all Arabs can be killed because they are all ‘pursuers.’” The responsum argues that such positions are based on a minority of opinions, such as those of the Talmudic sage Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, and expressed in the Zohar and Tanya, two works of Jewish mysticism.

The halachic statement also noted that some Jewish laws discriminating against non- Jews related to idol worshipers, and pointed to the medieval Jewish scholar known as the Meiri, “who ruled that all statements in the Mishna, Talmud and other rabbinic works referring to non-Jews in a negative way did not apply to gentiles of his day who are not idolaters but follow religious and ethical norms, even if the religion they practice is far from what Judaism teaches.”

The Conservative Movement said that its responsum “declare[s] our belief that all humans share a common ancestry and are equally created in the divine image,” and that “Following the rulings of Rabban Gamliel, Rabbi Akiva and the later teachings of the Meiri, we declare that all rules discriminating against gentiles in matters of a civil nature and moral actions are no longer to be considered authoritative in Judaism.”

OVADIA YOSSEF deuteronomy judaism rabbi

UK – The Glasgow primary without a SINGLE Scottish pupil

May 3rd, 2016

england britain

Sabba – I bet most people outside the UK never heard of the other side of the UK migrant crisis, namely, the invasion of  Britain by eastern Europeans as soon as they joined the EU.

The first tsunami of migrants happened back in 2004 when Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary entered the EU. An absolute tsunami. The second round happened when the 2 most despised countries of Europe joined the EU: Bulgaria and Romania.

The UK was literally flooded with this new migrants who are changing the face and what is left of British culture.  Crime, theft, degradation of public places, mafia-like activities, beggars etc. have been in the increase in the UK (and France) ever since Bulgarians and Romanians have joined the EU ‘family’.   

The Calais Jungle has received a lot of headlines since 2015 but none of the newspaper ever mention that the Calais Jungle was set up back in the late 1990s, by Eastern European migrants who wanted to get to the UK, when their countries were still not part of the EU. And it was as bad then as it is now.

Nicolas Sarkozy, as a Home Office Minister between 2002-2004, had deported thousands of Romanians/Bulgarians/Hungarians,  even giving them money to leave. Most took the money only to come back the year after. 

Many pro-Brexit British people give the ‘migrant crisis’ as one of their main reason for wanting to leave the EU. And the ‘migrants’ they are referring to are mainly eastern European people whom they do not see as being part of their culture, whom they see as ‘stealing’ their jobs (they work for much cheaper), whom they see are unwilling to assimilate.

Polish is now the second most spoken language in Britain.



UK – Writer Howard Jacobson: European Opposition to Zionism Amounts to ‘Chutzpah With Blood In It’

May 3rd, 2016


THE ALGEMEINER – European opposition to the right of Jewish people to live in Israel amounts to “chutzpah with blood in it,” an award-winning British journalist and novelist declared in a recent BBC interview.

In conversation with correspondent Chris Cook for a “Newsnight” film on anti-Zionism, antisemitism and Israel — which aired April 29 — Jacobson condemned the continued audacity of certain Europeans in telling Jews they have no claims or rights to Israel.

Jacobson said:

When I hear people in European cultures attacking Zionism, I think, ‘What a nerve.’ We [Europe] kick you out, we say, ‘Go to hell and we don’t care where you go.’ And you’re lucky if you’re kicked out. You’re lucky if you get out. And then we [Jews] go somewhere. We go to what for a long time was considered home and what in the Jewish imagination has been home for a few thousands years. And this begs many questions I accept about the indigenous population [in Israel]. I accept all that. But the idea that we [Europe] would then say to the Jews, ‘Get the hell out of here,’ and now we’re going to tell you where you can go? I mean there’s a Jewish word for that. That’s chutzpah. That’s chutzpah with blood in it.

During the interview, Jacobson explained his understanding of Zionism and said that the Left in Britain must reeducate itself on core Zionist ideology. “Zionism was a liberation movement. It wasn’t a movement of oppression. It wasn’t a movement of colonialism,” he said. “It was the beginning of a Europe-wide movement of liberation of the Jews from themselves…and some of the [European] countries.” This movement of liberation among Jews began “long before the Holocaust” and “the Holocaust just then confirmed the need for that,” Jacobson said.

Commenting on the antisemitism scandal currently plaguing Britain’s Labour party — specifically comments made by Labour MP Naz Shah calling for Israel to be relocated to America — Jacobson said he would like to hear more officials renounce antisemitic views and reeducate themselves. Remarks like those of Shah, Jacobson said, remind Jews of the importance of Zionism.

“The reason why Jews get so upset when they hear Zionism denounced is because for a Jew, for most Jews, it still is a liberation movement and not only in the mind,” he stated. Reflecting on 1930s Europe, Jacobson said, “Where were Jews going to go? They were being kicked out everywhere… ‘Go to your own country,’ they were told. Okay. And now they’re in their own country and now get out of that. And now Naz Shah says, ‘Get out of your own country and go to America.’ Not only do we remember Zionism for the liberation movement it was, it’s a liberation movement still.”

While Jacobson readily admitted he wasn’t brought up a Zionist, he said, “I was just brought up to believe whatever you think about Israel, don’t forget you might need it one day. There isn’t a Jew living — no, there are very few Jews living — that won’t feel in some way or another that they might need it one day.”

UK – Labour Antisemitism Crisis Has Crossed Red Line, Says Israeli Ambassador & Child Killer Mark Regev

May 3rd, 2016

britain england uk

THE JEWISH CHRONICLE – Mark Regev, Israel’s ambassador to Britain, has said the antisemitism crisis engulfing the Labour party has “crossed a red line”. In his first television interview since arriving in London, Mr Regev told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show that modern antisemites were targeting “the collective Jew”.

He was speaking as pressure over the party’s antisemitism crisis threatened Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

The ambassador said he would “love” to meet Mr Corbyn to discuss the issue.

A series of Labour members have been suspended from the party for attacks on Israel and allegations of Jew-hate.

Mr Regev said: “We’ve seen definitely some language over the last few weeks which is very concerning.

“If you’re saying…the Jewish people don’t have that right…to sovereignty and independence, you have to ask why you are holding Jews to a different standard. And there is a word for that.

“Of course they have the right to criticise the government of Israel. Israeli people do that every day. It’s not about criticising Israel. It’s about demonising the Jewish state.

“The comments of the past few weeks are demonising, a vilification of my country and its very right to exist. There’s a difference between legitimate criticism and hate speech. Hating Jews is a red line that cannot be crossed.”

Asked by Mr Marr whether the line had been crossed in recent weeks, Mr Regev said: “Definitely.”

He said modern antisemites target “the collective Jew”.

Mr Regev also attacked progressive politicians who had “embraced Hamas”.

“There has to be an unequivocal message from leadership saying there is no solidarity with antisemites. It is crucial leaders say this is unacceptable. Why can you share a platform with someone who is antisemitic?”

Speaking on the same programme, Shadow International Development Secretary Diane Abbott claimed it was “something of a smear to ordinary Labour party members to say Labour has a problem with antisemitism. Antisemitism is a problem right across Europe”.

Ms Abbott said she took antisemitism seriously because of the large Charedi community in her Hackney constituency.

Mr Marr said: “Something has gone wrong, the Board of Deputies thinks something has gone wrong, the Jewish Chronicle thinks something has gone wrong, the ambassador thinks something has gone wrong, and your party has set up an inquiry.”

Yesterday, Isaac Herzog, leader of the Israeli Labour Party, invited his UK counterpart to visit Israel and its Yad Vashem Holocaust museum to learn about antisemitism and Holocaust denial.

The fall-out to the weeks of party Labour suspensions – the latest being Ken Livingstone, former London mayor – has seen rumours of MPs, unions and donors allegedly preparing the way for a serious challenge to Mr Corbyn, who has been leader of the party since September last year.

A so-called dossier put together by the Telegraph contained examples of what the newspaper called “antisemitic attitudes among party activists and leading members”.

It included a series of cases linked to Mr Corbyn which have previously been reported in the JC, including Mr Corbyn’s opposition to an antisemitic mural being removed from a property in east London, and details of his links to Holocaust denier Paul Eisen.

The Telegraph said Mr Corbyn had attended an event organised by Mr Eisen in April 2013, years after Mr Eisen had written an essay describing Shoah revisionists as “amongst the bravest people on the planet”.

A Labour council leader apologised on Saturday after he was shown to have shared a Facebook post which compared Israel to I.S.I.S.

The party announced an independent inquiry into antisemitism and other forms of racism within the party on Friday.

Sadiq Khan, Labour’s candidate in Thursday’s London mayoral election, told the Observer he believed the row over Jew-hate could cost him the chance to lead City Hall.

“I accept that the comments that Ken Livingstone has made makes it difficult for Londoners of Jewish faith to feel that the Labour party is a place for them,” Mr Khan said.

Mr Livingstone refused more than 20 times on an LBC radio show on Saturday to apologise for his Hitler remarks.

He referenced the row over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s comments last October about Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in the 1930s.

UK – 3rd British city councilman suspended in one day for anti-Semitic posts

May 3rd, 2016

israel britain england

JTA – A third British city councilman was suspended by the Labour Party on Monday for tweeting anti-Semitic comments.

Shah Hussain, a member of the Burnley Borough Council in Lancashire, was suspended hours after the two other lawmakers who had made anti-Israel statements on social media.

An investigation will be launched into tweets Hussain sent to the Israeli soccer player Yossi Benayoun in 2014, the Labour Party announced Monday evening.

One of the tweets, from July of that year during the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza, read “you and your country doing the same thing that hitler did to ur race in ww2.” Another tweet, which uses the hashtag #FreePalestine, tells Benayoun: “Yossi, ur an idiot” and expresses sadness that a competing player “didn’t kick you hard enough in the head.”

Also Monday, Ilyas Aziz, a lawmaker in Nottingham in north-central England, was suspended hours after the Guido Fawkes British political watchdog website posted screenshots of his Facebook posts, including one from July 2014 calling for the relocation of Israeli Jews.

Other of Aziz’s posts shown on Guido Fawkes included one comparing Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians to the Nazis’ treatment of Jews and another perpetuating the blood libel myth that reads “Stop drinking Gaza’s blood.” Another post shows an Israeli flag with the words “God didn’t give you the land – the UK did … Illegally” superimposed on it.

The former mayor of Blackburn, also in Lancashire, Salim Mulla, was suspended less than an hour after his anti-Israel posts were outed, also by Guido Fawkes.

Mulla, whose Twitter profile said he was born in India, charged in an August 2015 Facebook post that Israel is behind ISIS. A month earlier he posted a conspiracy theory video blaming Israel for the Sandy Hook elementary school murders in Connecticut, adding his own comment that “He is talking facts.” A June 2015 post reads ”Zionist Jews are a disgrace to humanity.”

The suspensions come days after Labour suspended a British Parliament member, Naz Shah, for a 2014 Facebook post calling for relocating the entire State of Israel to the United States.

On Thursday, the party suspended former London Mayor Ken Livingstone for saying that Adolf Hitler was a Zionist for advocating in 1932 a policy of moving Europe’s Jews to Israel.

The following day, Labour said it would launch an investigation into anti-Semitism in the party. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn also said in a statement that he would propose a new party code of conduct that would “make explicitly clear for the first time that Labour will not tolerate any form of racism, including anti-Semitism, in the party.”

Corbyn, a harsh critic of Israel who has called Hezbollah and Hamas activists “friends,” has been criticized for not doing enough to curb the rising anti-Semitic rhetoric in his party.

Saudi (yehudi) cleric: ‘Homosexuality not a deviation from Islam, should not be punished’

May 3rd, 2016


Sabba – I have run of adjectives to describe the zionist kingdom of yehudi Arabia. I just can not wait to see the destruction of the house of saud and the liberation of the Arabian Peninsula.

JERUSALEM POST – Challenging the view on homosexuality, a Saudi religious preacher has argued that although homosexuality is a sin, it should not be punishable by law, the Saudi daily Eilaph reported Saturday, citing an interview in a Swedish newspaper.

In the interview, Salman Odah stated that “even though homosexuality is considered a sin in all the Semitic holy books, it does not require any punishment in this world. It is a sin that will accompany its committer in the life after death.”

“Homosexuals are not deviating from Islam. Homosexuality is a grave sin, but those who say that homosexuals deviate from Islam are the real deviators. By condemning homosexuals to death they are committing a graver sin than homosexuality itself,” Odah further said.

“Even though homosexuality does not distance oneself from Islam, the Islam does not encourage individuals who have same-sex attraction to show their feelings in public,” Odah added.

The Saudi cleric’s remarks aroused fiery reactions on Arab social media networks, where a campaign under the hashtag “Odah permits homosexuality” was launched.

“According to Sharia law, homosexuals should be killed. How can you say homosexuality should not be punishable, Sheikh?” Fadi Matiri, a Saudi citizen commented on Twitter.

A Twitter user named “Saudi rights activist” suggested that Odah’s remarks are a result of an American outcry over LGBT rights in the Saudi Kingdom.

“Five days ago a delegation of the American Congress signed a document against gays’ execution in Saudi Arabia. What is your explanation?” he asked Odah.

Sixty-year-old Odah is a prominent supporter of the Saudi regime, who was “rehabilitated” in the 1990’s after inciting the opposition against the regime.