Hillary is the Most Dangerous Presidential Aspirant in US History

May 30th, 2016


GLOBAL RESEARCH – The Bill and Hillary crime family long ago should have been held accountable for high crimes against peace and numerous others. Hillary is the most recklessly dangerous presidential aspirant in US history, supporting endless imperial wars and state terror, once saying “(w)hat do we have NATO for if not to defend our way of life.” She endorses first-strike nuclear weapons use, calling them peacekeeping deterrents, mindless of their power to destroy life on earth.  


Gambian president tells UN to ‘go to hell’

May 30th, 2016


DAILY MAIL – Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has slammed UN chief Ban Ki-moon and Amnesty International for demanding an investigation into the death in custody of an opposition activist, the Jeune Afrique weekly reported Sunday.

“Ban Ki-moon and Amnesty International can go to hell! Who are they to demand that?” said Jammeh, who has ruled Gambia with a rod of iron since 1994.


FRANCE – American charged with attempted murder in attack on Paris police car

May 30th, 2016

agent provocateur

A 27-year-old American man has been given preliminary charges of attempted murder in an exceptionally violent attack on police in their patrol car that drew national attention, the Paris prosecutor’s office said Sunday. The suspect is among five people given various preliminary charges in the incident, in which masked protesters were caught on video smashing and torching the car while two officers were inside. It symbolized tensions between police and protesters amid months of demonstrations against a bill weakening worker protections



UK to Stockpile Tanks, Heavy Equipment on Russia’s Border

May 30th, 2016


ZERO HEDGE – Following the May 12 launch of “Aegis Ashore”, the operational name of Washington’s European missile defense system based in Romania, which overnight swept away the tentative European nuclear arms race balance of power as it removed a Russian “first strike threat” thereby pressuring Russia to implement further nuclear offensive and defensive measures, Putin was livid, and as we reported yesterday, during his press conference with Greek PM Tsipras, the Russian president explicitly warned Poland and Romania that they are now in Russian first-strike crosshairs, and that Russia’s most likely response would be the deployment of SS-26 nuclear-capable tactical missiles.


Ex-NATO Chief Appointed Poroshenko’s Presidential Aide

May 30th, 2016

russia vs nato

EU OBSERVER – Russian politicians have mocked Ukraine’s decision to appoint a former Nato chief, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, as an aide to president Petro Poroshenko. Sergei Zhigarev, a Russian MP who is deputy head of the Duma’s defence committee, told Russian media it showed Poroshenko “does not trust his own citizens”. Konstantin Kosachev, the head of the foreign affairs committee called it “buffoonery” that is designed “to keep Ukraine in the centre of attention with its Western partners”.


Al-Qaeda Linked Leader Visits US – To Lobby US Government!

May 30th, 2016


RON PAUL INSTITUTE – Most Americans would think that after 9/11 and the four trillion dollar, 15 year “war on terror” that followed, the US government might actually wish to prevent individuals from visiting the country who are affiliated with al-Qaeda. Sadly, they would be wrong. The McClatchy News Service reports that Labib al Nahhas, an official in the al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamist fighting group Ahrar al Sham, was granted a visa to enter the US for a brief visit.


The Frankfurt School in Your Child’s Classroom

May 30th, 2016

GayingChildren-wOne of the main ideas of the Frankfurt School was to exploit Freud’s idea of ‘pansexualism’ ~ the search for pleasure, the exploitation of the differences between the sexes, the overthrowing of traditional relationships between men and women.  But you, dear reader, are already well aware of that fact.

If you have not yet read it, I point you to Frankfurt School: Conspiracy to Corrupt. In this piece every aspect of the assault of the Frankfurt perversions upon America and its once Christian populace is covered in depth with clear insight into the insidious war on human decency we are dealing with today. 

In this article we explore the implementation of Frankfurt corruption into the minds of young children.

Read More: Snippit and Snappits: The Frankfurt School in Your Child’s Classroom

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Austrian neo-Nazi wanted to ‘kill all asylum-seekers’

May 30th, 2016

neo nazi

Police arrest suspect in raid, find weapons, ammunition, Nazi memorabilia

ed note–the predictable reaction/response within certain neighborhoods in this ‘movement’ will of course be to cry ‘set-up, hoax, false flag’, etc, but this is more than likely not the case.

Having known these white nationalist/neo-nazi types for not just years, but decades, I know first hand how unstable and prone to violence many of them are. I remember one in particular, years ago, who announced to me personally that he had finally–after  many  months of cajoling and haranguing on his part–convinced his new bride to go along with his directives that if he were killed/captured by the feds in any upcoming confrontation, she was to shoot her 2 children (from a previous marriage) and then turn the gun on herself.

This is why I/we warn people in this movement away from any association with  individuals/groups such as these. Besides the fact that they do a large part of the Jews’ dirty work in painting all Gentile opposition to them with the same brush, these types are–as underscored in this news piece, ticking time bombs who can go off at any moment and where any one in their nearby environs is going to catch the heat and the shrapnel.

It is also the reason why the out-of-proportion emphasis on rehabilitating Hitler, the 3rd Reich, and hyper-focusing on debating the forensics of the Hollerco$t is–in terms of strategy in waking up the Gentile masses to the nature of the problems we face as a result of organized Jewish interests-an absolute exercise in futility. That is a battle that was lost a long time ago, and despite the fact there may be a handful of people around the globe who can be exorcized of the demons of false historical narrative, the fact is that we will never–repeat, NEVER–bring the kinds of large conversion numbers we need on that issue in order to deal with the problem of organized Jewish interests practically and successfully. All the lies concerning Hitler, WWII, the Hollerco$t and the rest will be ironed out after the vampire’s fangs are off of our collective neck, but in the meantime, activists need to focus on what works, which is appealing to the here-and-now, visceral, up-close-and-personal growing discontent amongst Gentiles in terms of their ability to earn a living, live their lives peaceably in freedom and prosperity and how the absence of any ‘quality of life’ is due entirely to the stranglehold that organized Jewish interests maintain over the economic, political and cultural systems of the West. 

Times of Israel

Austrian police commandos have arrested a suspected neo-Nazi who allegedly threatened to massacre asylum-seekers, recovering several weapons and ammunition at his home, police said Sunday.

The 20-year-old repeatedly told friends that he wanted to ‘shoot dead all asylum-seekers with his shotgun at a refugee center’, police in Upper Austria state said in a statement.

The man also used neo-Nazi language and sent a friend two text messages that included “National Socialist ideology,” police said.

In a raid on his home in the Linz-Land district on Thursday, police also found wartime Nazi memorabilia. Elite “Cobra” commandos arrested him near his home in the early hours on Friday.

Austria last year received some 90,000 asylum requests, the second highest per capita in the European Union, and saw around 10 times that number pass through towards Germany and Scandinavia.

The influx has boosted the far-right Freedom Party (FPOe) — which says it rejects all violence — but Austria has largely been spared the attacks against refugees seen in neighboring Germany.

Last Sunday a man with neo-Nazi links opened fire with a Kalashnikov assault rifle at a concert in Vorarlberg state in western Austria, killing two people and injuring 12 before shooting himself.

Police said the man, who until 2013 was active in the local skinhead scene, had several assault convictions and was banned from owning weapons, had had an argument with his girlfriend shortly beforehand.

On Friday evening some 1,500 motorbikes — the concert was organized by local biker gang “The Lords” — drove in a huge convoy past the venue in memory of those killed and against violence.

NATO, Israel’s personal Gentile army, mobilizing for war along Russia’s borders

May 30th, 2016


ed note–please send along a good word to Stas, the editor of the linked website, for all the good work he does.

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Meet Shmuley Boteach, the Right-Wing Reality Show ‘Rabbi’ Hustling His Way Into the Trump Campaign

May 30th, 2016


ed note–everyone remember the infamous case of Rabbi David Kaye, caught in a pedophile sting, and how suddenly he melted away when his entire world was crashing down before his eyes, brick by brick?

Listen (at time mark 3.30) to what he is saying, as well as his paralyzed-with-fear demeanor–‘This is not good…This is not good…I’m in trouble…’ followed by his complete meltdown when the cameramen emerge from their hiding places.

This is identical to what powerful Jews and Jewish interests are doing now in their attempt at courting Trump. Based upon what they know about him from having dealt with him for many years in the business world, coupled with things he has said as of late–irrespective of the necessary pandering he has done in the interests of neutralizing their charges that he is ‘anti-Israel’–they are in panic mode that a new Pharaoh/Caesar is about to come to power who has ‘different plans’ from that of his predecessors.

Remember as well, that this ‘keep your friends close, but your enemies closer’ posture is exactly what gangsters do when planning to kill someone who is a threat to their operations and why Trump needs to keep as much distance between himself and these elements as he would a brood of poisonous vipers.

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Lest We Forget…

May 30th, 2016

West itself is to blame for refugee crisis

May 30th, 2016


LEST WE FORGET – 8-10 million Iranians died over Great Famine caused by the British in late 1910s

May 30th, 2016

britain england america israel axis of evil

KHAMENEI.IR – One of the little-known chapters of history was the widespread famine in Iran during World War I, caused by the British presence in Iran. After the Russian Revolution of 1917, Britain became the main foreign power in Iran and this famine or–more accurately–‘genocide’ was committed by the British. The document in the American Archives, reporting the widespread famine and spread of epidemic disease in Iran, estimates the number of the deceased due to the famine to be about 8-10 million during 1917-19, making this the greatest genocide of the 20th century and Iran the biggest victim of World War I.


Will Americans wake up before they are dead?

May 30th, 2016

Sabba – If America had any chance of winning a war against China & Russia, if a war against China & Russia was like a ‘war’ against Granada, Panama, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, etc., would that then make it ok? …


PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS – The Saker reports that Russia is preparing for World War III, not because Russia intends to initiate aggression but because Russia is alarmed by the hubris and arrogance of the West, by the demonization of Russia, by provocative military actions by the West, by American interference in the Russian province of Chechnya and in former Russian provinces of Ukraine and Georgia, and by the absence of any restraint from Western Europe on Washington’s ability to foment war.

Like Steven Starr, Stephen Cohen, myself, and a small number of others, the Saker understands the reckless irresponsibility of convincing Russia that the United States intends to attack her.

It is extraordinary to see the confidence that many Americans place in their military’s ability. After 15 years the US has been unable to defeat a few lightly armed Taliban, and after 13 years the situation in Iraq remains out of control. This is not very reassuring for the prospect of taking on Russia, much less the strategic alliance between Russia and China. The US could not even defeat China, a Third World country at the time, in Korea 60 years ago.

Americans need to pay attention to the fact that “their” government is a collection of crazed stupid fools likely to bring vaporization to the United States and all of Europe.

Russian weapons systems are far superior to American ones. American weapons are produced by private companies for the purpose of making vast profits. The capability of the weapons is not the main concern. There are endless cost overruns that raise the price of US weapons into outer space. The F-35 fighter, which is less capable than the F-15 it is supposed to replace, costs between $148 million and $337 million per fighter, depending on whether it is an Air Force, Marine Corps, or Navy model.

A helmet for a F-35 pilot costs $400,000, more than a high end Ferrari.

(Washington forces or bribes hapless Denmark into purchasing useless and costly F-35.)

It is entirely possible that the world is being led to destruction by nothing more than the greed of the US military-security complex. Delighted that the reckless and stupid Obama regime has resurrected the Cold War, thus providing a more convincing “enemy” than the hoax terrorist one, the “Russian threat” has been restored to its 20th century role of providing a justification for bleeding the American taxpayer, social services, and the US economy dry in behalf of profits for armament manufacturers.

However, this time Washington’s rhetoric accompanying the revived Cold War is far more reckless and dangerous, as are Washington’s actions, than during the real Cold War. Previous US presidents worked to defuse tensions. The Obama regime has inflated tensions with lies and reckless provocations, which makes it far more likely that the new Cold War will turn hot. If Killary gains the White House, the world is unlikely to survive her first term.

All of America’s wars except the first — the war for independence — were wars for Empire. Keep that fact in mind as you hear the Memorial Day bloviations about the brave men and women who served our country in its times of peril. The United States has never been in peril, but Washington has delivered peril to numerous other countries in its pursuit of hegemony over others.

Today for the first time in its history the US faces peril as a result of Washington’s attempts to assert hegemony over Russia and China.

Russia and China are not impressed by Washington’s arrogance, hubris, and stupidity. Moreover, these two countries are not the native American Plains Indians, who were starved into submission by the Union Army’s slaughter of the buffalo.

They are not the tired Spain of 1898 from whom Washington stole Cuba and the Philippines and called the theft a “liberation.”

They are not small Japan whose limited resources were spread over the vastness of the Pacific and Asia.

They are not Germany already defeated by the Red Army before Washington came to the war.

They are not Granada, Panama, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, or the various Latin American countries that General Smedley Butler said the US Marines made safe for “the United Fruit Company” and “some lousy bank investment.”

An insouciant American population preoccupied with selfies and delusions of military prowess, while its crazed government picks a fight with Russia and China, has no future. 


Exceptional America: Daughters for Sale: How Young American Girls Are Being Sold Online

May 30th, 2016


ABC NEWS – In an old home movie, young Natalie is laughing and running around with a soccer ball. She’s around 12 years old, and she looks at the camera and says, “When I grow up, I would like to be a doctor.”

But a few years later, that laughing, carefree young girl was sold for sex allegedly through the website, Backpage.com. She estimates she was paid for sex over 100 times, and she firmly believes that the site made it possible for her pimp to post ads offering her for sex over and over again. 


American exceptionalism defined

May 30th, 2016


THE SAKER – On the surface, American exceptionalism appears to represent a boldly-stated concept but when contrasted to the subtleties of personal experience, the lessons and flow of history and individual geographically-rooted place, horribly small-minded and delusional, conceivable only as a statement by a crazed, power-hungry overlord to an underling.


Memorial Day Music: Light Up Ya Lighter

May 29th, 2016

For a very long time, this has been my favourite anti-war song. Please enjoy and check the lyrics. They are powerful.

“Light Up Ya Lighter”

It never makes no sense
It never makes no sense
Fire, fire, fire, light up ya lighter, fire, fire, fire

Armageddon is a deadly day
Armageddon is a deadly way
They comin for you everyday
While senators on holiday

The army recruiters in the parking lot
Hustling kids there jugglin pot
Listen, young man, listen to my plan
Gonna make you money, gonna make you a man
Bom bom here’s what you get… an M-16 and a kevlar vest
You might come home with one less leg but this thing will surely keep a bullet out your chest

So, come on, come on, sign up, come on
This one’s nothing like Vietnam
Except for the bullets, except for the bombs, except for the youth that’s gone

So we keep it on ’til ya comin’ home
Higher and higher
Fire, fire, fire, light up ya lighter, fire, fire, fire

So we keep it on ’til ya comin’ home
Higher and higher
Fire, fire, fire, light up ya lighter, fire, fire, fire

Tell me, President, tell me if you will
How many people does a smart bomb kill?
How many of ’em do you think we got?
The general says we never miss a shot
And we never ever ever keep a body count
We killin so efficiently, we can’t keep count
In the Afghan hills, the rebels still fightin
Opium fields keep providin

The best heroin that money can buy and
Nobody knows where Osama been hidin
The press confrences keep on lyin
Like we don’t know

So we keep it on ’til ya comin’ home
Higher and higher
Fire, fire, fire, light up ya lighter, fire, fire, fire

So we keep it on ’til ya comin’ home
Higher and higher
Fire, fire, fire, light up ya lighter, fire, fire, fire

Some say engine, engine number nine
Machine guns on a New York transit line
The war for oil is a war for the beast
The war on terror is a war on peace
Tellin you they’re gonna protect you and
Tellin you that they support the troops

And don’t let them fool you with their milk and honey
No, they only want your money

One step forward and two steps back
One step forward and two steps back
Why do veterans get no respect
PTSD and a broken back

Take a look at where your money’s gone seen
Take a look at what they spend it on
No excuses, no illusions
Light up ya lighter, bring it home

So we keep it on ’til ya comin’ home
Higher and higher
Fire, fire, fire, light up ya lighter, fire, fire, fire

So we keep it on ’til ya comin’ home
Higher and higher
Fire, fire, fire, light up ya lighter, fire, fire, fire

So we keep it on ’til ya comin’ home
Higher and higher
Fire, fire, fire, light up ya lighter, fire, fire, fire

So we keep it on ’til ya comin’ home
Higher and higher
Fire, fire, fire, light up ya lighter, fire, fire, fire

Fire, fire, fire, yeah, you know, so light up ya lighter
Fire, fire, fire, fire, no, light up ya lighter


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Memorial Day: Celebrate the Horrors of War with 10 Must-See War Films

May 29th, 2016

“You can’t show war as it really is on the screen, with all the blood and gore. Perhaps it would be better if you could fire real shots over the audience’s head every night, you know, and have actual casualties in the theater.” ~ Sam Fuller, film director and author

Nearly 71 years ago, the United States unleashed atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing more than 200,000 individuals, many of whom were civilians.

Fast forward to the present day, and President Obama ~ the antiwar candidate and Nobel Peace Prize winner who has waged war longer than any American president and whose legacy includes targeted-drone killings and at least 1.3 million lives lost to the US-led war on terror ~ is paying lip service to the victims of America’s nuclear carnage, all the while continuing to feed the war machine.

America has long had a penchant for endless wars that empty our national coffers while fattening those of the military industrial complex. Since 9/11, we’ve spent more than $1.6 trillion to wage wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Adding in our military efforts in Pakistan, as well as the lifetime price of health care for disabled veterans and interest on the national debt, that cost rises to $4.4 trillion. Even now, the war drums are sounding as Obama prepares to deploy US troops on a long-term mission to Libya and continues to police the rest of the world with more than 1.3 million US troops being stationed at roughly 1000 military bases in over 150 countries.

To this end, as I point out in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, Americans are fed a steady diet of pro-war propaganda that keeps them content to wave flags with patriotic fervor and less inclined to look too closely at the mounting body counts, the ruined lives, the ravaged countries, the blowback arising from ill-advised targeted-drone killings and bombing campaigns in foreign lands, and the transformation of our own homeland into a warzone.

Nowhere is this double-edged irony more apparent than during military holidays such as Memorial Day, when we get treated to a generous serving of praise and grandstanding by politicians, corporations and others with similarly self-serving motives eager to go on record as being pro-military.

ED Noor: When was the last time you saw a war to celebrate the military that featured the horrifically disfigured? A few missing limbs, etc, but where are those who lost their faces, the scarred beyond all recognition?

Yet war is a grisly business, a horror of epic proportions. In terms of human carnage alone, war’s devastation is staggering. For example, it is estimated that approximately 231 million people died worldwide during the wars of the 20th century. This figure does not take into account the walking wounded—both physically and psychologically—who “survive” war.

War drives the American police state. The military-industrial complex is the world’s largest employer. War sustains our way of life while killing us at the same time. As Pulitzer Prize-winning war correspondent and author Chris Hedges observes:

War is like a poison. And just as a cancer patient must at times ingest a poison to fight off a disease, so there are times in a society when we must ingest the poison of war to survive. But what we must understand is that just as the disease can kill us, so can the poison. If we don’t understand what war is, how it perverts us, how it corrupts us, how it dehumanizes us, how it ultimately invites us to our own self-annihilation, then we can become the victim of war itself.

War also entertains us with its carnage, its killing fields, its thrills and chills and bloodied battles set to music and memorialized in books, on television, in video games, and in superhero films and blockbuster Hollywood movies financed in part by the military.

ED Noor: See how it is sold to the world. HOLLYWOOD AND THE PENTAGON ~ A love affair from Hades

War has become a centerpiece of American entertainment culture, most prevalent in war movies.

War movies deal in the extremes of human behavior. The best films address not only destruction on a vast scale but also plumb the depths of humanity’s response to the grotesque horror of war. They present human conflict in its most bizarre conditions—where men and women caught in the perilous straits of death perform feats of noble sacrifice or dig into the dark battalions of cowardice.

War films also provide viewers with a way to vicariously experience combat, but the great ones are not merely vehicles for escapism. Instead, they provide a source of inspiration, while touching upon the fundamental issues at work in wartime scenarios.

While there are many films to choose from, the following 10 war films touch on modern warfare (from the First World War onward) and run the gamut of conflicts and human emotions and center on the core issues often at work in the nasty business of war.

p20aThe Third Man (1949). Carol Reed’s The Third Man, which deals primarily with the after-effects of the ravages of war, is a great film by anyone’s standards. Set in postwar Europe, this bleak film (written by Graham Greene) sets forth the proposition that the corruption inherent in humanity means that the ranks of war are never closed. There are many fine performances in this film, including Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten and Alida Valli.

Paths of Glory (1957). This Stanley Kubrick film is an antiwar masterpiece. The setting is 1916, when two years of trench warfare have arrived at a stalemate. And while nothing of importance is occurring in the war, thousands of lives are being lost. But the masters of war pull the puppet strings, and the blood continues to flow. This film is packed with good performances, especially from Kirk Douglas and George Macready.

The Manchurian Candidate (1962). John Frankenheimer’s classic focuses on the psychological effects of war and its transmutation into mind control and political assassination. All the lines of intrigue converge to form a prophetic vision of what occurred the year after the film’s release with the assassination of John F. Kennedy. This chilling film is well written (co-written by Frankenheimer and George Axelrod) and acted. Frank Sinatra, Laurence Harvey and Angela Lansbury head a fine cast.

Dr. Strangelove, Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb (1964). One of the great films of all time, Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove burst onto the cinematic landscape and cast a cynical eye on the entire business of war. Strange and surreal, this film is packed full of amazing images and great performances. Peter Sellers should have walked off with the Oscar for best actor (but he didn’t). Sterling Hayden and George C. Scott are excellent in support.

The Deer Hunter (1978). Michael Cimino’s Academy Award-winning film is one of the most emotion-invoking films ever made. This story of a group of Pennsylvania steel mill workers who endure excruciating ordeals in the Vietnam War is one film that makes its point clear—war is the horror of all horrors. Robert DeNiro is fine, and Christopher Walken, who won a best supporting actor Oscar, is superb.

Apocalypse Now (1979). I consider this Francis Ford Coppola’s best film. Based on Joseph Conrad’s novella, The Heart of Darkness, Captain Willard (Martin Sheen) treks to the Cambodian jungle to assassinate renegade, manic Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando). This antiwar epic is a great visual experience with fine performances from its ensemble cast.

45854a6b48cbec75d07cae94ef1763f9Platoon (1986). This is not Oliver Stone’s best film, but it is one helluva war movie. Set before and during the Tet Offensive of January 1968, this is a gritty view of the Vietnam War by one who served there. Indeed, when Stone is not filling the screen with explosions, he makes the jungle seem all too real ~ a wet place for bugs, leeches and snakes, but not for people. Fine performances by Willem Dafoe and Tom Berenger.

Full Metal Jacket (1987). Stanley Kubrick’s take on Vietnam is one of the most powerful and psychological dramas ever made. Focusing on the schizophrenic nature of the human psyche ~ the duality of man ~ Kubrick takes us through a hell-like Parris Island boot camp and into the bowels of a surreal Vietnam through the eyes of Joker (Matthew Modine). Every facet of this film, as in all of Kubrick’s work, is top notch.

Jacob’s Ladder (1990). Adrian Lyne’s thriller hits the psyche like a thunderbolt. A man (Tim Robbins) struggles with what he saw while serving in Vietnam. Back home, he gradually becomes unable to separate “reality” from the surreal, psychotic world that intermittently intervenes in his existence. This bizarre film touches on the sordid nature of war and the corruption of those who manipulate and experiment on us while we fight on their behalf. Good cast (especially Elizabeth Peña), an excellent screenplay (Bruce Joel Rubin) and adept directing make this film one nice trip.

Jarhead (2005). Sam Mendes’ film follows a Marine recruit (Jake Gyllenhaal) through Marine boot camp to service in Operation Desert Storm, winding up at the Highway of Death. But what Mendes serves up is war as a phallic obsession in the oil-drenched sands of Kuwait and Iraq. Here soldiers fight not for causes but to survive in the nihilistic pursuit of destruction. Fine performance by Jamie Foxx as Sergeant Sykes.

As these films illustrate, war is indeed hell.

What we must decide is whether we’re stuck with war as a necessity of the world in which we live, as President Obama suggested in his Nobel Peace Prize speech, or whether we’re prepared to do as Martin Luther King suggested 45 years earlier in his Nobel Peace Prize lecture and find an alternative to war.

Speaking in Oslo in 1964, King declared:

Man’s proneness to engage in war is still a fact. But wisdom born of experience should tell us that war is obsolete. There may have been a time when war served as a negative good by preventing the spread and growth of an evil force, but the destructive power of modern weapons eliminated even the possibility that war may serve as a negative good. If we assume that life is worth living and that man has a right to survive, then we must find an alternative to war.

MEMORIAL_DAYED Noor: Please add your favourite war films to the list! I know this is very incomplete but quite good. The link to Hollywood and the Pentagon lists many more films and their direct link to government sources.

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Israeli Propagandists Threaten Destruction of Europe as Punishment for Boycotting Israel

May 29th, 2016


ALTERNET – A new video released by a pro-Israel public relations group has a startling message for Europeans: their continent is about to be obliterated by Islamic armies, and if they don’t stop the movement to boycott Israel, Jerusalem will permit the catastrophe to occur. The video was released yesterday on the Facebook social network by Hallelu, a little-known PR outfit dedicated to improving the international image of the State of Israel, and has already racked up over five thousand video views.


UK – Britain is the most corrupt country in the world, claims mafia expert

May 29th, 2016


ORRAZZ – Britain is the most corrupt country in the world, claims mafia expert Roberto Saviano: ‘It’s not the bureaucracy, it’s not the police, it’s not the politics but what is corrupt is the financial capital’


UK – Supreme Court in London: A Jewish Closed Shop

May 29th, 2016


Old article but worth (re-)reading

ESTABLISHMENT WATCH – There is a temptation to see the UK as a country under Jewish occupation.  When one looks at the over-representation of Jews in Finance, Government, the Media etc, it does appear that the Ruling Class of the UK is not only socio-economically dominant over the rest of the population, it is also ethnically distinct.


UK – Tony Blair ‘will not be investigated for breaking international law’ in the Iraq War inquiry

May 29th, 2016

tony blair

THE INDEPENDENT – Tony Blair will not be investigated for breaking any laws in the Iraq War inquiry report, despite claims the intervention was illegal. Sources close to the inquiry, also known as the Chilcot Report, said it would “not seek to determine the guilt of innocence of anybody on trial”, according to The Sunday Telegraph.


FRANCE – CRIF’s new president: French Jews’ situation worst since 1945

May 29th, 2016


JTA – French Jews are experiencing the most difficult situation they have encountered since the end of World War II, the newly-elected president of France’s umbrella of Jewish communities said.

Francis Kalifat, 64, said Sunday that his first priority as president of CRIF is to fight against the anti-Semitism that he said was responsible for the situation he described.

“The fight against anti-Semitism is our main cause because French Jews are in the most difficult situation they have experience since World War II,” Kalifat said during an interview with Radio J shortly after his unanimous election to succeed Roger Cukierman as president.

Kalifat, who was born in Algeria and is the first Sephardic Jew to hold the position since CRIF’s establishment in 1944, was the only candidate running this election.

His presidency, which will become effective next month, comes at a time of record emigration by Jews from France, partly because of anti-Semitic violence that included hundreds of anti-Semitic incidents annually in recent years, and dozens of physical assaults. Since 2012, attacks on Jewish targets by French Islamists in France and Belgium claimed the lives of 12 people. Last year, roughly 8,000 French Jews left for Israel — the highest number on record for any year, which made France for the second year straight Israel’s largest provider of newcomers.

“I think all of our force needs to be united to fight against this anti-Semitism in all its forms, because we see this new anti-Semitism advancing under the guise of anti-Zionism,” added Kalifat, a businessman and longtime activist for Zionist and Jewish causes who is CRIF’s 11th president.

Fulfilling a role similar to Britain’s Board of Deputies of British Jews, CRIF is widely considered to be the main representative political body of French Jews, hosting French presidents and prime minister at events and gala dinners several times a year. The CRIF presidential election takes place every three years.

France’s Jewish community in predominantly Sephardic, with Ashkenazi Jews estimated to constitute a minority of 30 percent of the community. Roughly half of French Jews were murdered in the Holocaust. Hundreds of thousands of Jews later immigrated to France from North Africa, replenishing the community’s ranks. Yet CRIF has had a succession of Ashkenazi presidents, in what some critics said reflected a disconnect between the organization’s constituents and its leadership.

Following his election by the CRIF executive council, Kalifat delivered a speech that he began by recalling his parents.

“My mother, a real Jewish mother, was always understanding, warm and tolerant,” he said. “My father was a police official who loyally served our country and taught me humbleness, patience and respect for others but above all — a sense of duty.”

‘French’ jewish criminal claims he paid one million euros towards Bibi election campaign

May 29th, 2016


THE JEWISH CHRONICLE – Arnaud Mimran, the Jewish tycoon accused of stealing millions from the French government, has claimed during his trial that he paid one million euros towards an election campaign run by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, far above the cap set by Israeli law.

Mr Mimran made the statement on Thursday in a Paris court, where he stands accused of stealing at least 282 million euros from the French Finance Ministry by rolling over value-added tax in deals relating to carbon dioxide capping.

The businessman’s close relations with Benjamin Netanyahu came up during a court discussion about whether senior figures have protected him from prosecution.

Under Israeli law, a Knesset candidate is entitled to accept donations from any individual totalling no more than NIS 11,480 ($2,970). In elections for leadership of a party or in internal party primaries, in which there are more than 50,000 voters, a candidate can accept individual donations of up to NIS 45,880 ($11,870).

A joint investigation by Haaretz and the French website Mediapart, published last month, alleged that Mr Mimran financed vacations for Netanyahu and his family in the Alps and on the French Riviera.

In addition to these expenses, Mr Mimran has now testified that he signed a cheque for financing an earlier Netanyahu election campaign, in 2001, as far as he remembered. “I financed him to the tune of about one million euros,” he said.

Mr Netanyahu vehemently denied Mr Mimran’s claims.

Israeli police recommend indicting Sara Netanyahu over ‘irregularities in the running of the prime minister’s households’

May 29th, 2016
Sara Netanyahu

Sara Netanyahu and her Miss Piggy doppelgänger

THE JEWISH CHRONICLE – Israeli Police have recommended indicting Sara Netanyahu, wife of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, over “irregularities in the running of the prime minister’s households” according to Haaretz.

Mrs Netanyahu was questioned under caution in December 2015 by Israel Police’s Lahav 433 fraud investigation unit. She was asked to detail her involvement in the running of the prime minister’s residence in Jerusalem and to explain whether state funds were used at their private residence in Caesarea.

According to Haaretz, the probe, based on a state comptroller’s report issued in February 2015 on major overspending at Benjamin Netanyahu’s official residence,focusses on three main issues.

The issues covered include is the employment of electrician Avi Fahima, a former Likud Central Committee member and the allegedly a fraudulent contract awarded him.’

The second issue related to refunds on recycled bottles, with it being reported that Sara Netanyahu allegedly made thousands of shekels from recycling refunds between 2009 and 2013; funds which should have gone to the Israeli government.

The third issue claims that garden furniture supposedly bought for the prime minister’s official residence was actually installed in the Netanyahu’s private home in Caesarea.

Extra evidence is said to have been supplied by Meni Naftali, the former chief caretaker at the official residence in Jerusalem, who earlier this year won a legal case against Sara Netanyahu.

The Israeli state was ordered to pay over NIS 170,000 (£30,000) when the Jerusalem Region Labour Court found that Meny Naftali had suffered abuse while working for the Israeli prime minister and his wife.

Netanyahu’s government may be near collapse, report says

May 29th, 2016


JTA – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government may be on the verge of collapse according to Israel’s Channel 10. In a report Friday night, the TV station quoted unnamed “party leaders” saying that Netanyahu’s surprise move to bring the right-wing Yisrael Beiteinu party into the coalition may be backfiring on him.

In the past eight days, two ministers have resigned: Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, of Likud, following reports that he would be replaced with the hawkish Avigdor Liberman, and Environmental Minister Avi Gabai of Kulanu. Both harshly criticized Netanyahu in their resignation announcements.

Gabai, who resigned Friday, said Israel’s increasingly “extremist” government was leading Israel on a path to destruction and that he “found it difficult” to be part of Netanyahu’s government for several reasons, including how it “totally upset the relationship with the world’s most important power – the one safeguarding our security interests,” referring to the United States.”

According to the Times of Israel, the pro-settler Jewish Home party is vowing not to approve Liberman and his party’s inclusion into the coalition when it is voted for in the Knesset next week. The Channel 10 report said relations between Likud and Jewish Home are “in real crisis.”

The report also said Finance Minister and Kulanu leader Moshe Kahlon is working to persuade the center-left Zionist Union to renew talks with Netanyahu about joining the coalition, while Yaalon “has already begun preparing the organizational infrastructure” for a potential return to politics.

Americans Consume 10 Hours Of T.V “Programming” A Day

May 29th, 2016


ZERO HEDGE – If you allow someone to pump hours of “programming” into your mind every single day, it is inevitable that it is eventually going to have a major impact on how you view the world.  In America today, the average person consumes approximately 10 hours of information, news and entertainment a day, and there are 6 giant media corporations that overwhelmingly dominate that market.  In fact, it has been estimated that somewhere around 90 percent of the “programming” that we constantly feed our minds comes from them, and of course they are ultimately controlled by the elite of the world.  So is there any hope for our country as long as the vast majority of the population is continually plugging themselves into this enormous “propaganda matrix”?


Jonathan Azaziah–What if there was no Hizbullah?

May 29th, 2016


continue reading

America’s Wars of Aggression against Africa under the Disguise of the “War on Terrorism”

May 28th, 2016


GLOBAL RESEARCH – In February of 2008 under the administration of President George W. Bush, Jr., the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) was officially launched with its base in Stuttgart, Germany. 

The reasoning behind the creation of AFRICOM has evolved over the last eight years from being a necessary security measure to protect vital American interests on the continent to a mechanism designed to assist post-colonial African states to enhance their national security apparatuses in light of the so-called “war on terrorism”, by then in full operation some four to five years after the invasion of Iraq and Haiti, and six-and-a-half years after the Pentagon occupation of Afghanistan.


WATCH – Liberal Left MSNBC Calls Clinton a Liar

May 28th, 2016


Turkey turns blind eye to Israeli weapons flow into Azerbaijan

May 28th, 2016

turkey and israel 2560

AL MONITOR – In early April, as renewed fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region made headlines in Turkey, there was little talk of the crucial role of Israeli weapons in the clashes. Only the daily Hurriyet reported on Azerbaijan’s use of the Israeli Harop armed drone, which generated Armenian protests.


Architects, planners and supporters of Iraqi genocide still at large

May 28th, 2016

MIDDLE EAST israel iraq syria

RT – Bombs going off in Iraq? Well, it happens all the time – what’s there to see? Let’s all move along shall we? On Thursday, at least 13 people were killed in a ISIS attack on a café in Baghdad for the ‘crime’ of watching a football match. The day before at least 88 people were killed in three explosions across Baghdad; scores were injured. Yes, these events got some coverage on Western news channels, but they weren’t the main stories.


US Soldier in Syria – ‘Kill ’em All!’ (VIDEO)

May 28th, 2016


RON PAUL INSTITUTE – After continued Pentagon denials that US Special Forces in Syria equals “boots on the ground” in Syria, new video has just emerged of a US soldier standing next to what looks like an armored personnel carrier with Kurdish militia “YPG” spray-painted on it. It appears he is asked some kind of question and he turns to the camera with a menacing smirk and says:
“Let me tell you something. I”m from the United States of America and I say kill ’em all!”


The truth about Syria: A manufactured war against an independent country

May 28th, 2016


MINT PRESS NEWS – The people of the world should ask Western leaders and their allies: Why are you prolonging this war? Why do you continue funding and enabling the terrorists? Isn’t five years of civil war enough? Is overthrowing the Syrian government really worth so much suffering and death?
In late April, President Barack Obama announced that 250 U.S. special operations troops are being deployed to Syria. Unlike the Russian and Iranian forces aiding anti-terrorism efforts in the country, the U.S. military personnel have entered Syria against the wishes of the internationally recognized government.


Syrian General Staff officer: The U.S “massive offensive” on Raqqa is pure propaganda

May 28th, 2016


FORT RUSS – Over the past few days, a sensation spread across the world as American mercenaries, Kurds, and even US Marines were supposedly on the offensive towards ISIS’ “capital” and preparing for a decisive assault on Raqqa.

The Pentagon was clearly the author of this sensation. It was reported that, specifically for the effectiveness of this mass-scale assault, on May 21st the head of the Central Command of the Armed Forces of the USA, General Joseph Votel, secretly visited Syria and discussed plans for the liberation of Raqqa from the terrorists with the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF). This was followed by a statement that the militia’s offensive would be actively supported by the US-led coalition’s airstrikes.


UK – Guardian admits its reporter fabricated interviews

May 28th, 2016


RT – Britain’s center-left Guardian newspaper has apologized after it emerged one of its reporters had been fabricating interviews and falsely claiming to have been at events he wrote about. Joseph Mayton, a California-based freelancer who has been writing for the paper since 2009, was accused of making up quotes in some stories and filing interviews with people who later said they had never spoken to him. 


Before and After: The Amazing Restoration of Russia’s Churches and Cultural Heritage

May 28th, 2016




The Best of Maria Zakharova: A Compilation of Her Taking Down Anti-Russia Propagandists on TV! (Video)

May 28th, 2016


RUSSIA INSIDER –  If you wish to comprehend the phenomenon of RF Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, you ought to read these quotes from articles published in RI.

Dmitry Mikheev A former Soviet political refuge and a Reagan era senior researcher at the neocon Hudson Institute who re-emigrated to Russia:  

“I believe our leaders are too polite. In public appearances they must express themselves more sharply; they mustn’t hesitate to get personal. I would suggest watching more American westerns. Remember Clint Eastwood? This is the style of communication that Americans understand and respect. This style is inherent in their cultural code regardless of their social origin, color or religion.”

Charles Bausman, RI Editor:

“I say to you Russia, speak up!, do not hide behind diplomatic niceties – call things by their true name with a loud and confident voice.”  

Apparently, this advice from RI was heard and Maria Zakharova was appointed  to officially speak the languge the West understand!

And she does this very well. Her message is not only forceful but it is a MESSAGE. Whatever she speaks about – as in this video selection –  be it her lessons to the Ukrainian interlocutors on how to love their country or recital of her own experience of the ‘wild 90s’ explaining to Western propagandists and decision makers why it is impossible to scare Russians into submission by sanctions – it is well argued,  fact based and eloquent.

How many top civil servants in the Western world do you know who challenge the media to argue with them? And win the arguments?

Bravo, Maria!

Shotgun Wrestles With Kinism

May 28th, 2016
There’s no doubt Kinism is an outgrowth of the now-defunct Christian Reconstruction movement, so to understand Kinism, one has to have a grasp on CR and why it imploded. But to properly understand CR, one has to take a step … Continue reading

Former child actor Corey Feldman says he was molested, friend raped in Hollywood

May 28th, 2016

jews run hollywood so what

ed note–several things worth noting here–

1. All can rest assured that those doing the raping/molesting were neither Irish Cat-licks nor Muslims named Mohammed.

2. Interesting that of all the places where there is a statute of limitations on rape/sexual molestation, Hollywood and its ‘vipers’ (as described by Feldman) enjoy legal protection from the long arm of justice.

3. And finally, just as Jews are traumatized at birth by the backwards and barbaric ideas/practices making up their Judaism–in all its forms–as a conditioning agent to turning them into an army of the walking dead, whereby they then go out into the world and repeat that trauma–millions and billions of times over–in the fields of finance, politics, academia, war, etc, etc, etc, likewise the same method is used on Hollywood’s most prized assets–its actors–who, after suffering the soul-destroying trauma of rape/sexual molestation, then develop an ‘anything goes’ mentality vis a’ vis the various scripts and roles they are handed without any consideration or concern being paid as to what this ‘art’ will do to the collective well-being of society at large that in the process, is reduced to a herd of mooing cows, bleating sheep and braying donkeys whose only reason for existence is to further the demands/agenda of Judaism and its beneficiaries, just as former Israeli Sephardic rabbi Ovadiah Yosef stated. 


Amid reports on pedophilia rings in Hollywood, former child-actor Corey Feldman said he and another boy were molested in their youth by people in show business.

Feldman, star of such iconic 1980s movies as “The Goonies,” “Stand by Me” and “The Lost Boys,” said this during an interview published Wednesday with The Hollywood Reporter.

“With me, there were some molestations, and it did come from several hands, so to speak,” said Feldman, who is Jewish. But with his friend, Corey Haim, a Canadian-Jewish teen star who died in 2010 at the age 38 after years of drug addiction, it “was direct rape, whereas mine was not actual rape,” said Feldman.

Haim was just 11 when, Feldman says, a producer raped him on a movie set.

Feldman said he would “love to name names” but, as the alleged crimes in question all passed California’s statute of limitations, “if I were to go and mention anybody’s name I would be the one that would be in legal problems and I’m the one that would be sued,” Feldman said. He also said that Hollywood had a pedophilia problem, with several rings of people who prey on children.

“We should be talking to the district attorneys and the lawmakers in California, especially because this is where the entertainment industry is and this is a place where adults have more direct and inappropriate connection with children than probably anywhere else in the world,“ he said.

Feldman’s comments follow statements on the same subject made by Elijah Wood during a recent interview with the Sunday Times.

Wood was talking about Jimmy Savile, a late British television star who was allowed to sexually abuse 72 victims, including children, even though some BBC employees knew of his actions, when he said Hollywood also had a problem with pedophilia.

“Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood. It was all organized. There are a lot of vipers in this industry, people who only have their own interests in mind. There is darkness in the underbelly,” Wood continued. “If you can imagine it, it’s probably happened.”

Wood later said he has had “no firsthand experience or observation of the topic.”